Pontianak in UITM Arau

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This story is contributed by an ex-colleague of mine who happened to tell me this story after I kept pestering her for hours.

This happened to my brother during his studies at UITM in Arau. It was during one of those exam period in UITM Arau when most of the students were busy studying and burning midnight oil. My brother was nonetheless, one of those last minute UITM Arau students who prefered to study under the examination pressure. He claimed that he saw a pontianak with long hair 3 days in a row just right before his examinations.

You see, his desk was facing the outside window where the view were tress and grasses. At around midnight, he suddenly saw something that caught his eye and looked up from his books. It was a pontianak “crusing” past his window but it seemed to him that the pontiank could not see him. He immediately did a double take and looked behind at his roommate who was fast asleep. My brother turned back towards the window and of course, there was nothing but the calm and dark night scenery. Why was my brother so sure that he saw a pontianak? Well, one thing’s for sure is that whatever that was, it was no human because he was on the 3rd floor of UITM Arau’s campus.

One the second night, he decided to burn midnight oil again. It seemed to me that the incident the night before did not deter him from his determination. Around the same time again, something caught his eye and his immediate reaction was to look out of the window. It was the same pontiank “crusing” past his window slowly. At first, it seemed that the pontianak could not see him but then as sudden as it appeared it suddenly turned towards my brother as it was passing by. My brother was, of course, shock and decided call it a night off. Although he was still shaking, he had no problem dozing off after a while because of the intense study during the day.

On the third night (the last night before his exams), the same thing happened again. You might again ask me why is my brother so brave after 2 scary nights but all I can say is I guess my brother’s afraid of failure more than pontianaks! This time, as the pontianak was slowly “crusing” by the window, it was staring right at my brother’s face for at least 5 minutes. She had a really, really long hair with pale skin and bloodshot eyes. The most scariest part was that she had red stains around her mouth which was pretty striking considering her pale translucent skin. My brother could not really remember what happened next but he did not manage to sit for his exams either because he ran high fever for the following days for a week.

“Pontianak – also known as the vampire where it is belief that they are usually ladies dressed in white seeking for revenge. The pontianak is said to be the spirit of a woman died of childbirth. Most of the time, they can look very beautiful but if you look closely, she would have razor sharp teeth. They usually comes out after the sun sets searching for men or pregnant women (apparently, it is said that she could not bear the thought of other women being able to enjoy motherhood) to suck blood. Sometimes, they even eat the flesh of babies ripped out from their mother’s womb.” Source

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25 Responses to “Pontianak in UITM Arau”

  1. pisang Says:

    salute to him .
    if i were him I sure not too studies the following night or at least at a friend to studies together.

  2. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    And your brother stared at her for 5 mins???? Gosh!!

  3. yeowyeow Says:

    what happened to yr brother later on? what did he said after fever??? did he pass his exam on second try? did he try to see that ghost again?

  4. Kenny Ng Says:

    I stayed at UiTM Arau for few days before during my ex-company annual sports day in Perlis. The surrounding area is quite isolate and I never felt comfortable especially at night.

  5. red Says:

    ur brOther was so brave.if it was me,i wont study at all. so scary!!

  6. ImranS Says:

    wow if i was ure brother i would be scared out of my wits. i mean for all u know that pontianak could be targeting u next if she was staring at u for like 5 mins.

  7. Nancyew251 Says:

    What a brave brother you have. I would have freaked out. Well, when I was small, my parents and I stayed in Perlis in a Malay house. I used to hear voices calling my name. I would answer thinking that it was my mother. But my mother scolded me. She said we should not answer if we are not sure who is calling us. The house we stayed in was haunted. I saw a lady with long white hair wearing a lacy baju panjang and blue checked sarong standing still at the door of my room. Her face was blur. I heard that ghost should not show us their face clearly as they would get into trouble if we described them to the deities.

    As for pontianak, I was told that if you go to a Malay house long ago, you will see that bones of fishes being hung at the door way and those who went out at night would be carrying an iron nail in their purses. These kept the pontianaks at bay.

  8. dayrelled Says:

    wow…you’re brother is so so brave…..imagine that..that things staring at him..i will pengsan if i were him.

  9. leeya_ Says:

    well, i’ve heard of this story before and 1 of my fren even experience it herself. as usual during exam time we (3 of us) always stay up to study, and as alwez i’m the first to fall asleep..later that nite my fren A is the only 1 left.then suddently some1 knock our window, she opened the window and saw the guard asked her to sleep as its already 3am. she said ok and closed the window back.the next morning i ask her what time she sleep and she told me a guard asked her to sleep..my jaw dropped and i told her didnt u realize our room is on th 6th floor? she when silent..pale.

    the other story that i’ve heard is at one of the female student hostel in uitm arau there’s 1 room closed and there’s a rope falling down from the room ceiling..i didnt give a damn but my fren told me a siswi had hung herself there a few years back because she got pregnant & her bf didnt want her to have the baby..didnt know whether its a true story or not..but i did c the rope..eeeeeuuuwww!!

  10. anonymous Says:

    this is really scared me!!! but how the pontianaks eat the babies flesh in even in their mother`s womb?

  11. loveghostbutscared Says:

    erm..scary..i never had any ghost experiance b4.. my best fren faced it million times..i x know y these creatures love her so mush..even i was the w her..they didnt cum to me..bt dis is d most scary experianced she had 2 days ago..she went back fr work abt 2am .it was drizzling raining dat nite.she wanted to tapau sum fud near at her place..in bukit antarabangsa.n she saw sumtinng on d tree..she calmed herself not to belive wat she jus saw..n she went closer to d tree..w her own eyes..she saw a pontianak was standing on d tree..looking at her..but of cos u cant see her face..its always dark on her face..she cud see it clearly her white dress w her leg widely open…n long hair..she drove back home like chicken wout head..no tapau ..n no turning back..

  12. Farith Rezza Says:

    Ehh..UiTM Arau memang tempat yang kinda gives u the creeps..especially at night! seram!! I was a student for a year, stay kat kolej (nama kayu dh x igt).. There was this one time, my 2 friends at night la, was on their way to makan with us all kat kedai makan (we called it Oren), depan masjid tu…on the way, from kolej yang color pink tu (x igt nama)…separuh jalan they claimed to “feel” benda tu la.. lalu je bawah satu pokok besar, bunga color putih banyak jatuh dari atas pokok…mula2 buat x tau, sekejap lepas tu cabut la lari..

    banyak lagi cite cik han ni kat uitm arau…seram!!

  13. safwan Says:

    the pink college is named ‘kempas’.it is true there is a story about that tree including the water tank near it..Im the new student and like to hang out there..you know during last week something happen near that place..one of the girl student got possesed and shout loudly at night..its about 12 a.m early in the morning…many of ‘Kempas ‘ resident got shocked…Im stayed at the nearest college named resak just afew metre from the place..so we can hear that sound..Luckily there are ‘ustaz’ help to calm that possesed girl….about that place story..I’m quite creepy to tell..just wait for my incoming comment….just to make surprise..xD

  14. Farith Rezza Says:

    Really ka safwan? Cepat la cerita… i know the story about the tangki air near Kulat tu kan..seram kan? ;P Tapi kat padang depan Kolej Pulai tu mmg berhan* kan… ada pokok2 pisang, org ckp rumah cik han*, betul ke?? Hehe blh melawat skali skala ;P Tell us more about stories u wanna tell okay! no suprise suprise laa…benda lain dtg plak nanti dtg suprise u mlm2..main cak2 kt tingkap! Btw, ada lagi x makcik jual karipap kat tingkat 4 kolej?? XD

  15. I Says:

    i studied in uitm arau and also stay in kempas for the last 3 years..my room is on the third floor to be specific..I dont think there is any ghost there..i never encountered any..i use 2 sleep at 4am..my room is facing one of the siswi’s college and no strange happening occured..all i can say is that u all are only making ghost stories here..got nothing better to do is it?

  16. roses Says:

    cool ;D !!! wanna it more! cik pontianak tibam..tibam~~~~

  17. k!Ng_c0bR@9! Says:

    waaa…so many han le….me new student at uitm arau…me part 2 in this sem….all kolej edi change name,its cengal…but my old kolej name is nyatoh…my room in third floor n facing pulai…pulai in this same hv no citizen,so its empty..me always sleep at 3 am 2 play DOTA,but i really feel something weird around me…plizz tell more about han in kolej2 at uitm arau…i tell u all the old name all of kolej in uitm arau..for boy,nyatoh,resak,kempas,jati,cendana, n damak…for girl,dahlia,mayang,cengal

  18. perlisian Says:

    hello all… im perlisian… i want to make a correction to the term of pontianak that used by the author of the story… as long as i known… there are no pontianak in Perlis… but the creature that author’s brother see maybe a banshee or in Perlis language langsiaq or in standard Bahasa Malaysia “langsuir”… the langsuir sometimes can be seen by the “fortunate” people at the hilly area in Perlis and the area that i known langsuir can be found was at Kaki Bukit, often at orchard area, “dusun durian”… give me an apology if i was mistaken… but as long as i know… there are no pontianak in perlis… it must be a langsuir if the story if true… wallahualam

    to the new UITM student Arau Campus… welcome to Perlis!

  19. Pontianak Gua Musang Says:

    Whats the difference? Langsuir is my cousin sister!

  20. fndrocka Says:

    I was uitm arau student for 5 years (dip n degree)..usually i will stay in college during semester break forr about one week alone..yes ALONE.at night and day..but nothing happen.im at peace.

  21. angahsmart Says:

    salam..i’m currently in semester 5 student in UiTM Perlis and there are some story i would like to share regarding the spooky stuff..back when i was in semester 1, i stayed in college Cendana (now known as Cengal 7 i think) if i’m not mistaken and there were 2 rooms claimed to be haunted..the first one was room 328 where at that time somebody encountered a flaming head without body wandering on cupboard. i thought it was a joke and i say to the room mate that happened to be my friend that it was a Ghostrider lol. But seriously, night after that incident happened the room mates would take their chair and studied in front of the room as they were so scared. I also happened to accidently saw a pair of eyes shining from the same room as i went to the bathroom to take my “wudhu”.

  22. stifana Says:

    hye everyone!
    i’m future degree students in uitm perlis..
    tonite would be my unluckly nite as i found this website..
    telling ghost stories abt the place where i will stay for 2 years..
    but however, the stories are *** dont know wat to say yah! myb knowledgble to me??
    thnx 4 sharing, coincdently, i’ve read alll of it..
    big thanks to fndrocka n ‘I’..as u calm me down 😉

  23. unsightly Says:

    I used to stay in this college too. I ain’t gonna tell u where tot coz if I did, u wld want to move there.

    Anyway. my room was on the 8th floor. Like all normal homo sapiens, the thought of walking down 8 flights of steps for food or anything else is pure lunacy. Thankfully for modern age, I have a mobile phone. So, whenever, I needed something, I would call this number given to me by my seniors.

    For example, if I wanted MacD, I would call the number given & guess what, whella! the food would be delivered at my window in less than 5 minutes while the nearest MacD outlet was like 30 to 45 mins away. However, the service offered is limited to certain places only i.e. that particular MacD & a few gerais near the college. For the service offered, I have to make sure I have the right money to burn for the “delivery person” to use. I think there are 3 “delivery persons” but then again, could only also be just one which would keep changing the looks.

    Anyway, one of the “delivery person” is pretty friendly and had red eyes, smiley red lips, two fangs & pointy fingernails. It took my advice to wear sunglasses, use pink lipsticks, saw the fangs as well as cut its nails every once a while so as not to scare other customers.

    We should have more of such services, firstly it provides job opportunities to these”beings” rather than they go wandering about doing nothing or senseless things. Secondly, its environmentally friendly, no delivery guys on smoky motorbikes. Thirdly & more importantly, efficiency. Where else can you get food delivered to you in less than 5 mins. The number is 06-666 6666 (sorry no toll free, just burn some money after calling). Give it try!

  24. Perlis Alumni Fella Says:

    Aiyyaa got pontianak eh? Why our pak guard never catch one? I thought girls cannot walk or fly around boys college and pontianaks are no exception…and This perverted pontianak staring at boys window some more…

  25. Suhada Samsudin Says:

    I have been in Arau since Dec 09 and next semester would be my last. UiTM Arau is very an isolated place one could ever be. I’ve been a college students for 5 semesters. There is very creepy stuff ongoing at nights. I am not one of those who can see things, because I am badass people and ghosts don’t prefer me. Most of the time, it is.

    But last semester I was in Siding. And ping. I saw banshee. It was 2 AM during study week and I was freak out. We were giggling and laughing like how a badass could be until we’ve heard the annoying shh sounds from nerrdy who study at nights, I mean come on, it’s study week. Make it whole loads of holidays. Exam is still way ahead. HAHA. Continue. I got this one call from a friend so I went outside. And pung. I SAW A BANSHEE. I’m not kidding. I went freeze and my teeth clenched. I feel deadly inhuman, I want to run back to the room but this banshee was a real smack. It frightened me!

    It has a long white dress. A baggy outfits. More like kain kapan. It has long long freaking hair and it flew on the air. Anyone knew Mayang Cafe? Surau at back is real creepy rite? And there is an unoccupied corner at the cafe up front the surau. Dang, I’ve heard the story about it, but less do I believe until it hit me. Later on, I went inside, everyone looked at me seeing me in pale before I told them everything and we put our game cards aside. Yeah, and went bed. Can’t actually sleep.

    Wrap up, every landmark has it’s own story anyway. So I keep my faith strong.

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