Unpeaceful Soul

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Author’s Note : Warning! This story has a bit of unbelieveable pieces here and there that some might find it hard to believe even for myself. Although the story teller swears by the truth that he witnessed the incident with his own pair of eyes, but I will let you readers decide on what to believe and what not to believe.

My good friend, Mike always liked fast things. Fast cars, fast motorbikes, fast money and that was probably the reason that lead him to his fast and short life. We were just having some ordinary gambling cum fun and drink session at our friend’s house in Seremban. It was all fun and we were pretty drunk when it was time for us to head back to Kuala Lumpur. All of us thought of getting a taxi (afterall, the law doesn’t allow us to drink and drive) and rent a cheap hotel room to bunk in for the night. However, without a word, Mike left with his Harley and drove off in the dark. We tried to go after him but he was already too fast and too far away for any of us to see him from the streach of Seremban Highway.

It was about 3 or 4am in the morning when I received a shocking news. Mike was dead. He was involved in an accident at the Jalan Kuching roundabout. Me and another buddy of us rushed to the scene only to be met by chaos. Police and ambulans was every where. It was said that Mike was running his bike at full spead and lost control. His body was thrown a few metres away from his bike due to the high speed and his body was practically thorn into shreads because of the high force. It was so bad that even I had a tough time recognizing him.

The first day was a blurry image as we tried to accept the fact that mike was no longer with us anymore. His family decided to cremate him after much discussion amongst themselves and I was there throughout the whole 2 days of the wake. Me and my buddy were there to give spiritual support to Mike’s mum whom we grew fond of after such long friendship. When the time for cremation came, everything was done to prepare for the ceremony.

After for an hour or so later, the priest called Mike’s mum aside and spoke quietly to her. Me and buddy of course thought nothing of it and assumed that the priest was only whispering words of God’s wisdom to her. Soon after that, more family members started to discuss in hush hush whispers. It was only then that the priest annouced that the cremation would be postponed. I find it puzzling but did not seek for answers since Mike’s mum was already devastated with her only son’s sudden death.

It was not only a week later during a casual visit to Mike’s mum just to check on how she was doing after the wake when she told us that they had tried to cremate Mike’s body on the very day and failed. The body did not burn into ashes as normal bodies do and stayed in its original form even after an hour or so. The priest then advised Mike’s mum to visit the place of accident and offer some incense. Apparently, Mike did not want to let go and felt that his sudden death was unfair and that he had a lot of unfinished business. The next day, Mike’s mum did exactly as the priest has told and coaxed Mike to forget about this world and look forward to the next realm.

Later that day when the priest started the cremation process all over again, Mike’s body turned into ashes as it should have been.

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15 Responses to “Unpeaceful Soul”

  1. pisang Says:

    I believe this story…………

    BTW i wan share some stories how I can send it to you?

  2. Ic3Que3n Says:

    pisang, we always welcome stories. You can send it to admin at spookycorner dot com

  3. pisang Says:

    is this your e mail
    just to confirm…

  4. Ic3Que3n Says:

    yes, you can mail to this add. i can receive your mails there 🙂

  5. raydenleo Says:

    Who’s this guy who post this story?
    I felt that he’s an asshole…how could he descibe his best fren that way?
    He’s responsible for his death as well…talk like nothing, bastard!

  6. Win_C Says:

    hmmm… I heard something like this before…the death is not ready to let go the human world.

  7. arveent Says:

    How do I send stories to this site?I have a couple of really good ones that are really scary?

  8. Ic3Que3n Says:

    arveent, you can send it to admin at spookycorner dot com or spookycorner at gmail dot com

  9. iLLeGaLiZe Says:

    This story is nonsense.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE the body stay origin when it burns for an hour. Beat me to death I also don’t believe.

  10. arveent Says:

    so,i just compose the story and send it via email then?

  11. arveent Says:

    anything is possible illegalize!

  12. arveent Says:

    please give me the exact email address

  13. Jonath Lee Says:

    Spooky Corner, nice storied you received here. Can’t wait for more.

  14. haro Says:

    christian or other religion?
    incense for the dead?
    isnt that un-christian like?

  15. SpookyMulder Says:

    maybe the fire not strong enough?
    they shud use jet fuel to burn and video taped it and send to discovery / national geographic channel..
    strange things will not happen in front of cameras!

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