Something about the elevator

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Author’s Note : My friend read this somewhere in a forwarded mail and related the story to me. I guess if you have read it before then feel free to skip but I thought it might seem interesting to share with those that had not encountered this forwarded mail (someone like myself, actually)

Eddie is used to working long hours at night. Sometimes up to 1 or 2 in the morning due to the nature of his job. And because of that, he is used to going back home alone in the deserted and dark office building. Eddie’s normal routine was to call the security guard stationed at that particular day just to unlock the elevators. You see, for security purposes, the guards would lock the elevators after a certain hour of the night.

After working in A company for a number of years, Eddie had decided that it was time to change his working environment. However, his new job still took him til late hours at night. On one particular night at approximately 12am, Eddie decided to call it a night and head home. As usual, he would need to call the security head to inform him to unlock the elevators. After a few rings, the security head picked up the call and unlock the elevator for Eddie. Eddie stood in front of the elevator waiting it to arrive at his office’s 15th floor. After a few minutes, Eddie realized that the elevator did not budge and called the security head again.

The security head answered the call and confirmed that he had unlocked the elevator door and sent the elevator to the 15th floor but Eddie could not understand why the elevator doors was not moving. Again, Eddie called the security and checked to reconfirm that Eddie was indeed on the 15th floor. At this moment, Eddie was beginning to feel uneasy as the security head insists that he had unlock and pressed the 15th floor button. Frustrated, the security head requested Eddie to wait in front of the elevators and the security head himself would ride the elevator to the 15th floor.

Eddie stood there waiting for some seconds and about a minute later, his handphone rang and Eddie saw that it was the security head called him. This time, Eddie could hear the uneasiness in the security head’s voice. The security head had reached the 15th floor but all he could see was pitch darkness. He could not see Eddie anywhere and began to feel frightened. Eddie who at the same time felt scared demanded that he was in front of the elevator and could not see the elevator’s doors open at all.

It was then that Eddie realized that HE CALLED THE WRONG SECURITY HEAD! Eddie had called his old office’s security head! What a mixup!

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10 Responses to “Something about the elevator”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    What a joke! Sure scare me a bit until the end I was laughing 🙂

  2. Adam Wong Says:

    Funny Eddie. Make my tummy tickle. Haha…

  3. pisang Says:

    Damn sohai that person………
    i laugh until roll at floor…….

    Why he use office phone line it can direct line to security.

    if there are 100 bad word….
    I think in this case 200 bad word will come out.

  4. DanSiowGui Says:


  5. arveent Says:

    so,i just compose the story and send it via email then?

  6. arveent Says:

    please give me the exact email address

  7. ghoststorrylover Says:

    i read the this story in the forwarded email…. its really funny! hahahaaaaaaaa

  8. Jonath Lee Says:

    nice one. Very unpredictable. Love this one.

  9. EricL Says:

    damn it scare me outta my seat. so scary yet sweat in the end. kakakaka

  10. Tiffany Says:

    This one is hilarious but really scared the hell out of me at first. 🙂

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