A ghost story at Pulai Spring Resort, Johor

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Author’s Note : My colleague, KKor, related this story to me about his recent vacation with his family at Pulai Spring Resort, Johor.

Back in Oct 2008, my wife, eldest son (he was 1 year plus at that time) and I went to Johor for my wife’s company trip.Her company booked the Pulai Spring Resort which was quiet beautiful place for holiday. We left on a Saturday early morning at 6.30am and started to travel from KL heading to Johor.  The trip was a treasure hunt trip so we reach the resort about 2.00 pm. After checking in resort I was very tired and went for a sleep around 4.00pm.

It was a family suite so there was one bed room and living hall ajoined with the kitchen. My wife and son did not feel tired so they sat at the living room watching movie until I woke up at approximately 5.30pm. Later in the evening, we proceed to dinner and joined the game with her company colleagues til mid night. All three of us went to bed around 12.30 am and I slept throughout the night like a baby. We woke up around 7.30am the next morning and after breakfast, we checked out from Pulai Spring Resort and headed down to Malacca for a some sight-seeing. Later after that, we went back to KL.

During the journey back to KL, my son was so tired that he was slept throughout the whole three hours  of the journey without any major movement (sleeping style). Curious, I ask my wife why he was so tired and it was only then that my wife started telling me what actually happen at the resort room.

She told me that after checking in the Resort, it happened during the time that I was resting between 4.00 pm till 5.00pm. Both of them were watching the TV at the moment when my son suddenly ask her, ” Mum,  why is “Kakak” was standing beside the TV?”. Shocked, my wife quickly brought him to the bathroom for a shower to avoid him from continue asking. That, was the first incident.

Second incident happened around midnight approximately around 2.30 am, when three of us are sleeping together in a King Size bed. My son was sleeping in between me and my wife. Everything was peaceful when my son suddenly jump up and told my wife that he was very scared of the “women” sitting at the chair. I remember that there was a chair facing our bed located just at the end of the bed. Throughout the whole night, my son did not sleep well and he just kept on moving here and there, turning here and there. All this time when everything was happening, I was sleeping like a baby and did not realized that anything was amiss.

After back in KL, for the past one month, my son continued having bad dreams and did not sleep well.  He would wake up in middle of the night and cry. Disturbed with this peculiar behaviour, my mother in law bring him to temple for prayers and one temple master told us that my son had accidentally saw and touch with supernatural stuff some time a while back. After prayers, amazingly he was able to sleep well again.

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23 Responses to “A ghost story at Pulai Spring Resort, Johor”

  1. minc Says:

    Yeah, my fren children was around 4 years old, when they go to a resort in sematan resort in kuching, it was around 6pm.. Every single person was going to the chalet, but the child just wont go in, even when the day turn dark, she used to afraid of the dark, then the know guess something was not right with the chalet so they took her back home, few days later the child got sick too… same as it goes, go temple then everything is fine

  2. pisang Says:

    did they follow ‘rule no. 1 ‘
    before they entered the room

  3. Lynn Goh Says:

    knock, knock. who’s there?

  4. arveent Says:

    what’s rule no.1.and i want to know the exact e-mail address to send my stories to!

  5. BimmerMan Says:

    My MIL believes that hotels and resorts usually have a second invisible occupant in it. A while back during some family dinner she told us about this story that happened to her brother while they were in China. Nothing serious and it was with some funny incidents thrown in. However she reminded us that if we happen to stay in hotels we should:

    1) Always knock the door before you enter. This is to notify that the second invisible occupant that you’re entering in and hopefully you’re not disturbing them.

    2) Open up all the curtains, blinds etc so that sun light will freshen up the room.

    3) If you happen to get a room with 2 beds and you’re not occupying the bed, put your luggage on the other bed so that the second invisible occupant would not sleep there.

    4) If you happen to find a Bible in your room, it doesn’t mean your room is haunted. Some traveling Christians just happen to put it there so that people can read it if they want to. But it’s good to put it on a table instead of putting it inside the drawer.

    Some people also believe that cursing or swearing when you enter the room might help because it scares the second invisible occupants away. But it may be a bit rude if done in front of your gf, wife or kids.

    Also a good tip is to leave the toilet lights on. Cause I find hotels are wee bit dark after you turn off all the lights.

    And last but not least, check lah for hidden cameras and stuff. We don’t want another MCA-alike scandal on the market now would we?

  6. Lynn Goh Says:

    Knocks before enter the room.

  7. Ic3Que3n Says:

    arveent, i’ve already sent an email to your yahoo account. Go check it!

  8. arveent Says:

    sorry.I forgot my password.but,i got it now!

  9. magnum4d Says:

    ermm.. i always stayed at the resort ..
    so far i have no experience about ghost over there .. 🙂

  10. arveent Says:

    why is it taking so long to publish my story icequeen?i’m getting restless!

  11. Ic3Que3n Says:

    hi arveent, sorry for the delay i don’t have internet access all the time so i can’t check my mail everyday. i’ll try to check out your story ASAP!

  12. mdcpg Says:

    i have read thru some of the stories, i just wondering how many kind of chinese exist in Malaysia. Beside hearing them and feeling their force or energy, how does the spirit look like?

  13. Lynn Goh Says:

    u can see them..use the tears of the dog and put it onto your eyes.

    was an old belief..that is if it’s not yucky enough.

  14. buttefly Says:

    Rule #1, you do not talk about Fight Club!

  15. Leia Says:

    Hey everyone, I have third eye man!I sometimes see people walking downstairs my home in the noon but my brother can`t see them.FREAKY!

  16. Lynn Goh Says:

    Leia, how do they looked like? like us or more pale and with gloomy face? did they look at you while you pass by?

  17. Leia Says:

    Acctually i was looking outside my window.But they all wearred shairt or not white with some freaky face.

  18. Leia Says:

    Hey Lynn,got one nah even worst!At midnight when I was dressing up for school (around 6 am )while my brother is doing his homework,out of the corner when I looked outside my home`s next building,I saw a ghost flying!And somemore!Alright this is when I get to wonder.When I saw it,forever in my entire life I`m starting to have good luck!FREAKY!

  19. Navinesh Says:

    Ic3Que3n.. i got a few incidents.. true incidents.. how do i share it?

  20. Navinesh Says:

    wish i had a third eye.. i can be JOHN CONSTANTINE !!!

  21. Ic3Que3n Says:

    Hey Navinesh, you can email your stories to the email submit@spookycorner.com

  22. Joan Says:

    will go to pulai spring resort by May 2011.
    may i know which room you stayed before that have ‘kakak’ stay in?

  23. princess Says:


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