Ghost in SMK Hillcrest

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This post is contributed by Arveent

My friends and I are mischievious little brats and because of that, we do some pretty risky things. You see, last year (when we were all in Form 2), school was slow and very boring. We often find ourselves without a thing to do. So,we did a few things (mostly against the school laws!) to make the boredom go away. One of these things was to go to the allegedly haunted ‘Taman Gajet’ where the scouts and others store their homemade equipments (shoe racks and such). It was perched on a small hill and led to higher ground. As you would have probably guessed by now, this ‘activity’ was against school laws but we, being the thirll-seekers that we are, decided to pay a visit to this exciting new place.

My friends started to go first. But, I couldn’t stay away. So, I joined them. In the beginning, it was fun ,adventurous and so exciting. We went past ‘Taman Gajet’ and started heading higher.Although it was totally tiring, the journey was so much fun. We got to the highest peak of the hill and we walked around because it was flat ground. The view was spectacular as the ‘Twin Towers’ along with the rest of the famous Kuala Lumpur view could be seen so clearly. Little did we know that ‘something’ was with us there.

As we know that the place is ‘dirty’, we cleaned ourselves thoroughly (we are Indians) after every trip. The trip there became a routine thing for us once we got to school every Friday afternoon (we always had a few hours to kill). We also became sneakier so we don’t get caught be the teachers or prefects.

One day, me along with some friends did not go to ‘Taman Gajet’ because we were winded. As we were getting ready for class, my friends rushed from ‘Taman Gajet’ in an abnormal fashion. After cleansing themselves, they told us what happened.

It seems that my friend, G, looked up a tree which had shoes on it (the shoes were common to us as we had already seen them before perched on the tree that day). But the that wasn’t the only thing G saw. He saw a chinese woman sitting on the tree as well in a frog like position. He quickly informed K, another friend of mine, about it and K instinctively looked up and saw the same thing. They said nothing about this to the others and suddenly, all the others started to run back towards my school.

G wanted to run but was held back by shocked and the funny thing was K couldn’t run as well. Instead, they made their way back slowly. As their back was towards the tree walking back to school, they suddenly heard something falling from the tree and running towards them. It was then that they ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

The gate was closed and the ghost was seen on the gate. K got a fever after that. After that incident,we continued to go to ‘Taman Gajet’ (all of us except K) but nothing happened.

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12 Responses to “Ghost in SMK Hillcrest”

  1. Delib Says:

    I’m Arveent’s lil bro.Shit!!This year when I came to the school Taman Gajet is locked but still that does’nt keep me away 4rm Taman Gajet.One day,when my friends n I go there.I will past it here.

  2. pisang Says:

    still going there?
    you brat……….
    if you really kena than you knew sky and earth how far

  3. Arveent Says:

    senor pisang!no, I dont go there anymore.PMR and all.AND I WILL NOT KENA ONE.

  4. Arveent Says:

    but,i will go there after PMR!

  5. Senior Says:

    lol im a ex hillcrest student, i know more stuff than u

  6. PREM Says:


  7. Yoshi Says:

    Lol…i would like 2 try after SPM….o mayb when I’m bored

  8. Navinesh Says: an ex student too.. my sweet school.. yup prem anne.. very famous.. thats a huge jungle.. they are everywhere !!!.. i and my friends use to go up the hill at midnight to see the view and feel the chilling wind.. we didnt get encountered by them.. we saw red eyes.. but later we found out that was a eyes of a bird.. there are spirits everywhere in the school.. its kinda haunted so wicked..

  9. Theavan Says:

    Hahahahha……….therz so muc in diz skul huh……..n ive neva gone up ther….bt afte diz im thinkin of goin ther….lolx

  10. lynn.goh Says:

    Theavan, can you write properly? I really don’t understand the short form at all with missing alphabets. mind you this is not hp.
    wah, if you are a student and you tend to write like that automatically, sure fail exam.
    anyway, i appreciate if you could write nicely, sometimes, it’s nice reading people’s comments and to understand them clearly. thanks.

  11. hkw-4 alfa 2010 Says:

    arveent u didnt mention bout me… T-T.what u mean by “we are all indians”?why dont mention the lingerie that r hung on the sticks.

  12. PMR 2010 Says:

    so the conclusion is ? u suppose to take picture of it man !!!!

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