Annoucement : Spooky Corner under Radar

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Dear Readers,

Over the years, Spooky Corner has enjoyed bringing readers the chills and thrills knowing that there is something out there. Or perhaps, it was only your imagination? Recently, we have no choice but to remove one of the posts due to a hotel management “threatening” to sue us for defamation on their property.

According to their story, they find the post absolutely judgmental and non basis, thus, causing readers to misjudge them. They mentioned that if the post were about their services etc they could have defended by retracing what went wrong but our post was just too much and that they could not have defended themselves in anyway. Isn’t that what the comments section is what about? To give others a chance to defend themselves? Perhaps they find that it was just too much rubbish even to leave a miserable comment. The person that experienced this incident still stood by her story after re-checking the authenticity.

We would not divulge the hotel’s name again for fear of getting into an ugly lawsuit but instead would be more careful again when posting some stories. You might find some of the stories modified again as we would not want the same thing to happen again, would we?

And the spooky stories continues…

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4 Responses to “Annoucement : Spooky Corner under Radar”

  1. Auron Says:

    I support you !! Keep up the good work by sharing those great story !!

  2. pisang Says:

    **looking with big eyes**

    i wonder what kind of lawyer would take cases like his?

  3. Ic3Que3n Says:

    auron, thank you!

    pisang, i have no idea, own company lawyer i guess.. no choice ma 😛

  4. Jules Says:

    Hey thats rather unfortunate however i suppose things happen that can’t be helped.
    Keep up the good work. look forward to more stories.
    Not sure which post this hotel is referring to but i guess details can be obfuscated

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