Personal Ghostly Experience – Part 1

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I was in secondary school, when I lived with my aunt in Ampang. My aunt, A, had the third eye ability. That is, the ability to see ghosts. You see, because of this, she has a lot of ghost stories which I would share with everyone at a later on stage.

For clearer understandings, let me describe my house which I lived in. It is a double story house with a big porch on the front, a living room on the left side of the house (since the right side is occupied by the porch). Behind the living room, you can see a U Shape staricase (where a few steps up, there would be a platform, turning left, is a few steps then a platofrm, turning left again then a few steps up). The dining room is next to the stairway on the left. There’s also a door which leads to the kitchen (usually opened, unless my aunt is cooking) that is located just behind the dining room. Next to the kitchen is a bedroom (that is unoccupied) and a toilet.

At the back of the house, there is a small road for people to walk and opposite of my aunts house would also be houses. The second floor, the master bedroom is located on the right side with a living in the middle and two bedrooms on the left hand side which shares a common toilet. Me and my brother, sister and cousins sleep at the second room whereas the other room is occupied by my aunt B and uncle B. In totality, 9 people stayed in that house.

The first incident happened on the Lunar calender of July. Usually on a Saturday night, all the children could sleep late and watch the Hong Kong TV series. On this particular Saturday night, it was no different. All of the children including the adults were watching a police drama. Almost towards 12am midnite, I felt so sleepy and tired and that I just could not continue watching the movie any longer. Therefore, I decided to go upstairs to my bedroom and sleep.

As I started to walk up the stairs, I could hear a woman crying softly. At first, I thought I was only imagining things because I was too tired. Nevertheless, I walked up slowly and tried to pay more attention to the sound of the woman crying. After I have finished walking up the first flights of stairs, turned left and was already at the top the second flight of stairs, I just could not walk anymore. I realized the crying was from behind the kitchen – the narrow corridor. All I could think of was just sitting down on the second platform and tried to watch the tv from there. This is because when I started walking up the stairs again, I could hear the cries becoming softer and softer. To add up to my fears, the lights on the second floor was not turned on, it was pitch black and I could not see a thing at all.

I suddenly remember aunt A telling me that the louder the sound you hear, that meant that the ghost is far away. The softer the sound, the nearer the ghost is to you. After a couple of minutes sitting on the stairs platform, uncle B noticed me and asked

Uncle B (puzzled) : Why on earth are you sitting there?

Me (trying to sound casual) : Oh, nothing. The drama is so interesting that my eyes are just glued to the tv

Uncle B : Why don’t you just come down and sit here? Its so difficult to watch from where you are!

Me : Its fine! The dramas going to end anyway and I’m too lazy to walk down again.

The movie finally ended 10 – 15 minutes later. I sat there and didn’t dare to move this some of my cousins and siblings started coming up as well. The strange things was that after my uncle noticed that I sat on the platform, the crying sounds left.

The next day, I told aunt A and after much discussion with uncle B, they decided to burn some offerings at the small road at the back of the house just to ease the spirits.

This story is an experience courtesy from J

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4 Responses to “Personal Ghostly Experience – Part 1”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Welcome back! What a good story here. I never know that if the sound softer mean the ‘thing’ is nearer. That mean I’d been close to the ‘thing’ many times? Ahhh!!! Feel scary now.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    haha… ya me too. Thanks to J for her interesting story

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