Personal Ghostly Experience – Part 3

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Please read the First Experience and Second Experience to fully capture this final experience.

The third incident happened because all the children slept in my aunt A room. We slept in my aunt’s room because there was a lots of bees in our house after we left the house for a movie leaving the windows opened. I slept at the left side of my aunt and my uncle slept on the right side.

Around 3am, I felt something is touching my right leg, from bottom and going up slowly. When I feel the touching almost reaching my upper thighs, I quickly got up just in time to see a white thing sliding to my aunt side. But I can’t see anything white lying next to my aunt, only she and her husband in deep sleep. Suddenly, I feel chillls running down my spine. Afraid of the same thing happening again, I laid down and turn to my left side facing my sister not daring to sleep until the next morning.

As usual, I told my aunt A and uncle B the next day. My B uncle asked jokingly, “Is it just your uncle A touching you?”. However, aunt A responded hysterically, “Are u crazy?”. I quickly replied (so not to aggrevate the situation any longer) “No! He was sleeping very soundly. If he’s the one, surely I could feel the some pressure or movement on the bed. Afterall, he was just sleeping next to aunt A. Anyway, I felt the “thing” is sliding towards me, very cold, like a snake”. It was then at that time, aunt A’s eyes sparkled. She said she dreamt there was a huge snake curled up in our porch a few days ago. It suddenly dawned to us that strange things started happenning since uncle B won a patel style yellow color snake figure savings box!!!!

He knew that the he should throw it away because a “medium” told him so but he didn’t do it because he thought it just a savings box. Afterall, how can a savings box harm the whole family in anyway!!!!

Then I told him, “Because of you, I’m the vicitim-loh!”

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  1. Noerru Says:

    Lol that reply is so cute. “Because of you, I’m the victim-loh”

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