Templer’s Park Night Out

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My friend, May loved outdoor activities. When she was young in her schooling days, she joined the scouts. Then in college, she joined the senior scouts where she brings the junior primary school students for camps and adventures. When she’s a young adult, she loved those cuti-cuti Malaysia trips together with her boyfriend and family and now, she simply loves travelling overseas, jungle tracking in the deep woods and backpacking.

One incident that happened to her was back in the college days where it was one of those simple camping trips that she had to bring the kids out. The location of the camp was at Templer’s Park, oldest established recreation forest park in Selangor. It was late at night and after stopping at one of those stopping booths (I’m not too sure what’s its called), they set out to help the kids unpack their sleeping bags. At that time, she was with then boyfriend, now husband Ian who’s equally as actively crazy as she is. Unfortunately, she was sick and could not care for all the children so everyone realied on Ian instead. Quickly, she was into a deep sleep.

After some time, one of the boys started crying. Ian quickly woke up to attend to the crying boy. At first, it was just sobs and sniffles but then the cries started getting louder. Ian was totally puzzled and asked the boy what was wrong but instead of replying to him, the boy cried even louder. It was as if he was afraid of something.

When the cries could not stop, other boys started to wake up and started to cry as well. Just the same as the first boy, they were sobbing and sniffling and in no time, tears were falling. Helpless, Ian tried to console everyone but it was just the same. Ian kept on asking them what was wrong but no one bothered him. Just then, they started pointing up at the ceiling of the booth but he could not see anything.

As suddenly as the crying started, it stopped and everyone was back to sleep. The very next day, May felt better and was shocked to hear of the strange happening the night before when Ian related the incident to her. She was pretty much surprised she slept through the commotion. The funny part was when Ian asked one of the boys again in the morning why he cried the night and the boy could not even remember anything at all.

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7 Responses to “Templer’s Park Night Out”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Outdoor activities or camping always happened some weird incidents. This kind of phenomena I heard before from my friend, it’s about the similar case like the story above.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Yeah, hutans are scary places

  3. Daas Says:

    very scary… come on guys,… why fear this mystic stuffs?
    we are human and those who have strong faith in God will not
    even fear to talk to these mystical beings,…

  4. English Teacher Says:

    Goodness some of you just cannot speak or write in English!! “Outdoor activities or camping always happened some weird incidents”? Really??

  5. BoeBot Says:

    English Teacher : Welcome to the world of Manglish. Question : Did u understand what Kenny was trying to say? let me answer that for you, yes. Nuff said.

  6. barreneye Says:

    HUHU ..got grammar checker also ere seeyy.. nway,maybe it is too much to say that outdoor activities always occcupied with weirdness instead of the sheer wilderness.to me, it is just bound to happen ..especially when the site is less occupied by human.respect should be given the top priority.
    My friend told me you can experience this world of the another world at Gunung Tebu,of course,a ranger who expertise in that area will guide you there.Said that there’s a spot somewhere on the mountain which is so naturally preserved,as if somebody’s looking after the area that it resembles a large-scale landscape project.The fact is,none a human being ever look after that place,by God’s will,something else does.

    My friend went there in a group,after each one of them sat at their place,located around feets away from one another(as directed by the ranger)… they were asked to close their eyes, advised not to make any noise..and asked to listen to the surrounding.It cane so gradually,not all of the sudden but little by little,he could tell that he’s in a middle of a village;he can hear people talking,man ..woman ,kids playing around …laughters and all.By the time he opened his eyes .. ..all the audible strange scenery,stopped.

  7. Northman Says:

    I would like to share my first encounter with paranormal. When I was about 8 yrs old, I always follow my late father to surau which is about 200m from our house. One day, during the maghrib prayer approx. 7.30pm, the surau was blacked out and in total darkness. Our prayer hall is located at first floor and at the ground floor is the classroom and also a store.

    To light up the prayer hall, the kerosene lamps (pelita) were lighted up to replace the light from electricity. One of the pelita was placed on the landing at the staircase before entering into prayer hall. For the safety reason the handrails made up of woods with the gaps of about 4 inch were installed at the the staircase and on the landing. (I hope you guys can imagine what I m trying to describe).

    At that time, it is very dark and is little windy and there are 4 boys (including me) and 5 men’s in the prayer hall.

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