Something at Dusun Eco Resort

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This is some story about Dusun Eco Resort that I remember my classmate shared with me back when we were in Form 5. Til today, what she experienced at Dusun Eco Resort still remains a mystery. Here’s a short story of what happened that very night…

You know how prefects are at school, right? Every year when we recruit new ones, we make sure that we have some team building activities just to get to know each other. This year was something different. Due to the additional budget our school has, they brought us to this recreational forest known as Dusun Eco Resort, located at Pahang, Malaysia. Well, it was all fun but something happened one night that still leaves me puzzled.

One of the activities that day includes waking up really early in the morning to jungle trekking. Of course, our teachers did advise everyone to bring their own torch light because it gets very dark but who knows that they would be that crazy?!

It was about 3am in the morning, still very dark when we were woken up by the teachers and asked to go jungle trekking. Little did we know, they had something planned up their sleves. Some sort of game that’s suppose to bring trust and unity amongst us. After trekking for sometime, slowly, one by one of us were left behind. The plan was supposedly that each one would have to stay a distance between another. I’m not too sure how far because we could not see each other and were not allowed to switch on the torch lights or talk or scream for anyone at all! I was left alone like forever because I felt helpless and that was when it happened.

You know the old belief of not calling your friend’s name when you are in a jungle? Well, that was what exactly happened. Everyone in the team including the teachers already had some sort of code name but one of my friend had to call my name accidently. He profusely apologized but I guess that since the damage has been done it was no use getting angry over nothing.

While sitting alone on the rock, I hear someone calling my name. Initially, I thought it was that friend again but then again, the calling became persistent. At first it was a soft whisper, then it became louder. I wanted to answer but decided against it, the voice seemed so unfamiliar. I was warned before hand in a briefing by our teachers that we would not answer to anyone’s calling of our own names.

After a while, the calling stopped and my teacher came and pick me up. I found out the two people that were supposedly sitting beside me some meters away and asked why they called me and they insisted that they did not. Til today, I still don’t know who called me and I believed them because the voice was somewhat unfamiliar whereas my two friend’s voice was nothing like that.

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18 Responses to “Something at Dusun Eco Resort”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Yah… I heard this place is very mystery. The reason they gave code name for each identity is to avoid this kinda thing happen.

    Another one, do not carry any photo of your gf/bf along. The person will appear although he/she is not going to that place.

  2. alesandro Says:

    That was so so so spooky… I experienced once.

  3. Ic3Que3n Says:

    kenny, yes, i’ve heard of that advice before too! Its a pretty scary thing if it happens to you cuz you get kinda confuse and stuff

    alesandro, care to share your story with everyone? I’ll post it on my blog here! Mail me at submit [at] spookycorner [.] com

  4. Elle Says:

    during primary i always go der for some camp. like, 3 years in a row OMG i shall never go der again T_T the toilet is scary tho!

  5. Emalina Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! was searching to find out how the place will look like(going for camp there next Sat.) and found this!! AHHH!!! soo spooked now 😀

  6. Joker Says:

    I’m going for a camp there in December == Well this kinda spoils the mood lolz..

  7. KC Says:

    I have been to this place for team building programs, twice. True enough some things happened,the bottom line is, there are ‘people’ living in the same place as campers, so that’s why name calling is not allowed, cuz these ‘people’ could get a bit playful. It happened during my second camp there that a boy got missing and ended up some few kilometres from Genting Highland. Or so I heard.

  8. LeaDCamper Says:

    I believe that ‘things’ are all around but I have been to der 5 times as a camper and also as organiser and *fingers crossed* i find this place ‘clean’. I have heard of stories but nothing has ever happened to me or our groups.

    In fact its was quite thrilling to jungle trek early in the morning of at night to the communist camp. Try it. Spooky …

  9. ChinYung Says:

    Regarding Dusun Eco, yeah the favourite place that my school prefects used to be. During this June my school prefects went there for camp and during dark late night about 2 or 3 am , my friends witnessed shadows flew past in front of her. Not only one spotted that. Also she heard the sound of people walking when there’s nobody there.. All this happened in the jungle creepy…

    in another campsite my friend took photo and to her surprise she saw a baby hand on her shoulder… !

  10. opsiedaisie Says:

    Been there many times for team building purpose but nothing unsual that i have experienced before.

  11. Matley Says:

    Hrmm its a basic rules if u enter a jungle…. most of the jungle have the same thing… the problem is the jungle is ‘their’ home and sometimes we are unwelcome. So we have to ‘behave’ as we entered somebody house as a guest. Obey the rules given and i pretty much guaranteed nothing bad will happen.

  12. jian Says:

    could it be psychological?? sometimes when people are left in such environments, they tend to hear stuff, which are usually all in their own heads.

  13. BoeBot Says:

    Wonder why most gwailo enjoyed their trips and go beyond their limits in adventure search?
    Because they CHOOSE to have FUN hence, dont have time to think about all this..

    Every Tom, Dick or Harry for that matter understands about the othe realm within the same world we live in.

    We respect and know their existence, but that shouldn’t be a mood killer or to stop oneself from doing more than they can (having fun responsibly)..
    If we all continue to think like dis, we’ll never excel.

    Not trying to talk big but have personally experienced exorcisms and hauntings and disturbance, etc… nuff said.

    Kenny : they can copy ur thoughts, let alone a picture. Seen that in Langkawi.
    Joker : dont try to find it, but if you see one, treat it as a bonus sighting.
    KC : Ppl get missing in the jungle almost everyday. But all the way to Genting? well, probably wat he said or did dat put him in such a situation.
    Leadcamper : a definite activity to try out.. must be damn cool!
    Matley : no better words of wisdom.
    Jian : it may be psychological.. but have to experience personally then can differentiate. whatever it is, take it positively.. try talking to them (dont believe them though) , u’ll be surprised how amusing it can be..

  14. barreneye Says:

    can’t agree more …comments r so informative on the subject ‘what-u cant-see-doesnt-mean-it’s-not-there’. This should be a general extra knowledges 4 campers..and also backpackers

  15. E-Cigarette Sandakan Says:

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  16. here got ghost Says:

    all these stories in this website seemed general sightings, nonetheless I would strongly advice IF in any case that you gone missing in jungle tracking or detached from your team whilst in the jungle:

    1. don’t panic
    2. search for water bodies (river that flows)
    3. follow that rive that flows as it will reach to the nearest road
    4. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT follow any black colored bird flying just above your head (they are meant to make you become more confused)
    5. the less grass you step on means you are getting deeper in the jungle (so you’re screwed) pay attention to your surroundings
    6. IF so happen it gets dark, make a shelter, wild animal travel from smell brought by foreign objects (in this case the missing person)
    7. IF you happen to see any wild animal near you, make noise (screaming or make a bird flying motion )as noise will scare them away (most animal are anyway)
    8. if you follow the river stream and it meets another river stream (there will be a small island – normally there would be one) DO NOT find shelter anywhere near that place keep proceeding the direction of river stream
    9. perhaps the most important thing to do is look at your watch and look at the sun, then (maybe) you can pin point what direction you are heading or are in

    I know the best way is to stay away from jungle outdoor activities, but sometimes we want thrills and adventures, this is just a simple guide line. I looked for thrills off road cycling alot in my younger years. Believe me no mountain could had stopped me from climbing it, only to know that “things” followed me back. So in other words, think and calm down in situations that is do or die circumstances.

  17. spooked pbsm first aider Says:

    From my own personal experience, I agree 100% with this story because the same thing happened to me 2 years ago but at a different camp.
    My school’s PBSM were having our annual camp, well on the first night itself at around 2am all of us campers were gathered at the badminton court for our jungle trekking activity. Later on, we were briefed by the camp master on the rules, of which one of the rules is to NEVER call out your friends name. So, due to that, we were given 15 minutes to gather in our group and think of code names for each other. Then, it was finally time to enter the jungle. Guess what, the very unlucky thing is my group was last to enter the jungle and to add on to the bad luck strick I was the 3rd last person from the back in the straight line. After walking for the first 1 hour, everything was ok until our group leader whom was at the front accidentally dropped the candle given by the camp master to light our way to the exit of the jungle. Oh another thing, just before we entered the jungle, the camp masters told us if we were to ever get lost, we should shout out the ‘Bulan Terang’ as a code for HELP to the camp masters who will be waking around in the jungle.After shouting the emergency code for half an hour, the whole group started to freak out as we didn’t hear any replies from the camp master, this is because when we shout ‘Bulan Terang’ the camp masters will reply with ‘Tengah Malam’ in order to verify the call for help. After what seemed to be 1 hour of waiting and still no reply from the camp masters, the group leader insisted that we should keep on moving forward. Things started to get very spooky from that moment. Later onwards, after waling for about half an hour maybe, we heard someone shouting ‘Bulan Terang’ which is the code for help or emergency. Whoever that person was, he/she was shouting non-stop. So, the group decided to find the location of that person. As we got closer to the source for help, we heard 2 voices, the first was the voice of the person asking for help whereas the 2nd voice sounded like a girl crying. Later on, we finally reached the place where the call for help came from. The person calling for help was a friend of mine which was from another group and beside him was a senior who was crying really loud maybe due to being scared of being in a dark jungle. So, we decided to take them along in our group. So, we continued walking and walking and walking until we finally saw some lights which looked like the lights coming from the nearby Kem PLKN. As we were walking downhill towards that light, I accidentally tripped and almost fell down the hill, without noticing it, I screamed out the name of my friend which was infront of me. She was able to save me the help of the others. She started to get extremely scared because of my mistake, I could tell by the way she was shaking like crazy. We continued our journey waking downhill, as we passed by this huge tree, me and my friend heard an eerie voice calling out her name from a hole in the tree. We both looked to our left and saw a black-like shadow-ish thing in the hole. Afterwards, we quickly looked away and were freaked out to the max. We asked everyone to walk faster. Finally, we reached the source of the light which was actually lucky for us the exit of the jungle. We were finally able to see the other groups, teachers and a few camp masters waiting for us. We as in the whole group saw both of our teachers crying.

    Our teachers then asked what happened to us ( my group ) in the jungle. We told them that we lost dropped our candles and got lost in the jungle. They were relived to see all of us back here safe. Then, the group leader from the other group, approached us and said thanks for finding our 2 lost members. While everyone else were sitting down talking me and my friend noticed that out of the 12 camp masters, only 3 were present. So we asked our teacher and she said that after 2hours and still not out of the jungle, 8 of the camp masters went in to find us.

    15 minutes or so later, the camp masters finally came back. They were happy and angry at the same time. They then called out for my group. So my group lined up in front of the camp masters. The camp masters then asked us why didn’t we shout the emergency code. We answered, we did shout, we even shouted for a long time. They said they didn’t hear anything, so all of us were dumb-founded. No one could explain why no one could hear our screams for help including those of the lost 2 members from the other group.

    My friend and I who are still shaken due to our spooky encounter met up with some of the camp masters at their resting lounge. We told them about our encounter. They then say, that’s the reason why we told you to NEVER call out anyone’s name while in the jungle. We explained to them about how it happened and were later told to go back to our dorm and sleep.

    When me and my friend got back to our dorm, we talked with the other members in our group about that spooky encounter. To our shock, none of them said they never saw or even heard anything call my friends name. Afterwards, we couldn’t sleep so we stayed up the way until breakfast time. Up to this day, my friend and I vowed to NEVER EVER enter a jungle without a flashlight or our handphones.

    This story of mine happened 2 years ago in 2009 in July when my friend and I were only members of our school’s PBSM/Red Crescent Society. Now in 2011 both of us are the board members or you could say as AJK’S ( Ahli Jawatankuasa ) of our Red Crescent Society. We conducted our annual camp in Melaka. Lucky for us, since we’re now the AJK’s we are actually the ones incharge of the activities and all. So, due to our past encounter, we made a rule where each person must wait for a friend if they get lost in the jungle and only then can they continue walking through the jungle. Since the both of us are AJK’s we went in together instead of individually and brought along our flashlights, handphones and emergency blinkers to guide the members out of the jungle.

    But last year in 2010, after being chosen as an AJK, I had to go for a team building and leadership camp which was held at the same campsite in 2009. Only, this time, I wasn’t the one who got spooked in the jungle, it was another friend of mine. After the jungle trekking, she had a very high fever and won’t sleep unless if the lights in the dorms are turned on.

    So yeah, this is a REMINDER to those going for camps, PLEASE rememebr to NEVER call out your friends NAME in the JUNGLE.

  18. What Is the Purpose Of Life Says:

    I thought the story would lead to something more terrifying that I heard many years ago.


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