Pressure by Unseen Forces

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We have all heard of the feeling you get in the middle of the night when you suddenly realized your body is being pressed down by something. This is a short story from a friend of mine that doesn’t believe in these things

I am now one of those converters, people who do not believe but now believe because of something they experienced. I’ve always heard stories from close aquaitances about their experiences of being pressed down by unseen forces or rather more commanly known as ghosts. I’ve always thought that it was only their imagination as they are always sleeping when it happened or I would thought that its because of their muscle cramp or something of that sort.

That night when the exact same thing happened to me, I was wondering aloud to my husband what it would have felt like if it happened to me instead and even joked with my husband that if it were to ever happen, he would have to shake me really hard.

It was like any other ordinary night where I was preparing to sleep to get ready for next day’s work. It was all peace and quiet until in the middle of the night, I felt difficulty in breathing. Immediately, I tried to sit up but I just could not manage to do it. I even tried opening my eyes but they remained closely shut. It was like as if something was on top of me sitting on my chest causing me difficulty in breathing and at the same time covering my eyes. I screamed and tried to throw my hands and feet but I just couldn’t move. I could hear my own voice screaming loudly to my husband, “Wake me up!” repeatedly but he just wasn’t there to the rescue.

What was perhaps only lasted a few minutes or seconds felt like eternity when as sudden as it happened, I felt someone holding my shoulders shaking me hard. I could suddenly move and saw my husband in shock.

It was then I knew that I have experienced something that only just a few hours ago I was wondering.

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15 Responses to “Pressure by Unseen Forces”

  1. AniceAtheist Says:

    “Something happened to me I can’t explain, therefore it is supernatural”
    That is called an argument from incredulity. What the writer experienced is a natural occurrence that has been thought of as supernatural for centuries. Now we can explain it but of course certain types of people either don’t know the natural explanation or would rather believe in superstition.

  2. smchan Says:

    i experienced this before. always heard my brother complaining but i just brushed it off as dreaming.

    it was on a night when i had to stay overnite in one of the hotels in JB. it was a business trip and i shared the room with my boss. in the middle of the night, i woke up suddenly to hear voices (it was voices of children & man mumbling), i’m very sure i was awake at that time. sleeping on my side, i suddenly felt my shoulder being pressed down by some forces. i gather up my nerves and tried to elbowed whatever it may be. then only it stopped. my boss still sleeping soundly on the other bed.

    i’m no believer but what happened that nite was unexplainable. it’s still a mystery to me.

  3. smchan Says:

    as explained here: was either on the CHEST or BACK but i was sleeping sideway at that time.

    how to explain that?

  4. ic3 Que3n Says:

    wa wa wa! so scary la sm. I purposely learned to sleep sideways so I won’t experience this but now, I think I have to sit sleeping!

  5. R. Ganesh Raj Says:

    The scientific community calls it “sleep apnea.” It is a state where our mind awakens but our brain has not released control of the body. This is to prevent us from acting out our dreams & getting hurt should we bump into something.

  6. Boss Lepton Says:

    hehehe, scientific explanation.

    you could do another experiment, next time when you sleep, try thinking of something but remember not to move any part of your body. You’ll start to feel your hands and legs going numb. Remember, the key is to keep your brain occupied while your body at rest.

    Good luck trying

  7. wilson Says:

    i had the same occurrence few years back and it actually lasted for six months. i think it all started when i spoke some rude words in front of a cemetary on my way back to home. it happens 3 or 4 times a week. difficulty in breathing and difficulty in opening my eye, and when i manage to wake up…i wouldnt dare to sleep back. to be frank, it does not limit to only the difficulties i mentioned, there was always a black shadow face with long hair screaming and laughing right in front of my face going left and right. I didnt consult any medium or talk about it to anyone, eventually it just didnt bothered me after few months, sometimes when i woke up i would just scold to stop disturbing me. And it did…after 6 months. =.=

    goodluck to those having the same problem as me….i think all we need is to just to be strong and learn to be not afraid of it. 🙂

  8. cuy Says:

    i have a solution if some1 face this in the future. what u have to do is try to move ur finger.if u succeed u will wake up.since when u face this all of ur body cant move at all.this work for me but im not really sure this work for other people or not cos this is my own experiences which is more than 5 times.It all started when i moved to my new house which is located near the graveyard.this is a new housing terrace house at that there are more people here so seldom occur on me but im not sure in future.all the best to u all.

  9. anonymous Says:

    there is 1 way to really counter this..which is to sleep with your back facing upward. this is because..if in anyway u experience of being pressured and cannot do anything else..u can at the least try farting it away. farting only requires some muscles and they cant pressure your anus muscles from farting. weather or not u got air to fart during that crucial moment is all depending on your luck. if u had some garlic for dinner that can even scare away vampires rather than just ghosts. just my 1 million cents

  10. enzo Says:

    it’s called sleep paralysis. proven by science. google it up.

  11. Akmal Says:

    hey all. in malay we call it “kena tindih”, literally means pinned down. its caused when some being is sleeping directly on top of you. you are awake, can hear everything but can’t move scream or shout as the post mentioned. for muslims you can get it to leave you by uttering the kursi words. why i know? dah banyak kali kena xD


  12. Davidoff Says:

    Oh its a common spirit that does that to people. I had many attacks before. Apparently, it spreads when you talk about it. So if you have heard about it, there is a risk you will get it. I had a series of attack lasting a year and at its peak, it will attack 2-3 times in the night.

    Ever since becoming a Tibetan Buddhist, I rely on a female Buddha called White Umbrella and reciting her mantra daily to stop these attacks. In fact, she protects one from all negative spirit attacks and physical harm. The mantra for White Umbrella is ‘OM SITA TA PA TREY HUM PHET’. Have to recite 21 or more daily to get the effect and continue even without attacks as a prevention and protection from future attacks.

  13. Aby Says:

    I agree with Enzo that most of the experiences are sleep paralysis. I think the culprit is our mind, the more you think about it, then sub-conciously your body experience it unvolunteering. I have a few experiences as well – I sleep on my back most of the time with my hands under the pillow, so seems like I’d be in perfect position for something to press on top of me – my experiences are dream-like, with my eyes closed but still able to see my bedroom, I’d felt like someting holding both my wrist and I’d tried to fight it off by trying to swing my fist.. but I will not relate them to paranormal experience 🙂

  14. Vince Says:

    Good post, informative, is there an RSS Feed?

  15. Abby Says:

    I had always encountered this sleep paralysis thing.
    Usually I will do one of the below 2 things when these things happened :

    1) You definitely can’t shout using your mouth when you are sleeping. But what you can do is making sound using your throat to wake yourself up………making the HMMMM, HMMMM, HMMMMM sound until you managed to wake up. …..but make sure you shout out loud using the throat so that your ear can hear it loud and automatically wake your body.
    ==> Just similar like waking up when someone talking or making noises.

    2) If the first step don’t work, I will usually use the second way….. i will make my nose sniff out air fast, hard and in a short motion (just like sniffing flu out of your nose) repeatedly (just exhale only; make sure no inhalation during the process) until i managed to wake up. When you did this, your chest and stomach will shake non-stop and automatically wake you up.
    ==> Just similar like someone shake your body to wake you up.

    Hope these might help for those who have sleeping issues.

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