The Odd Dream

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Author’s Note : This incident happened to a friend’s friend of mine (why does it always have to happen to a friend’s friend anyway!) while she was staying in Stamford Hotel, Hong Kong. Being a bit of a blur (according to my friend, she’s usually quite a blur case), she did not realize what was happening to her even as she was telling my friend what happened. To some of you, after listening to this story, you might find a little skeptical but for the believers, co-incidence sometimes do not happen as often as you think it would like them to be. Let’s allow my friend to tell her what Ms Blur told her.

My friend, Ms Blur was always a little blur when it comes to reacting towards certain situation so when she told me what happened to her one time at Stamford Hotel in Hong Kong, I wasn’t really surprised that she had no feelings at all. In fact, she didn’t realized the reality of the situation until we told her bluntly that perhaps the dream wasn’t a co-incidence but a message that she did not bother to digest at that time.

Ms Blur was staying in Stamford Hotel for only one night in Hong Kong due to a business trip so when it was time for bed, she was already quite tired. As she was watching some English channel on TV, she nodded off to sleep and soon she was drifting. She didn’t realize she fell asleep until she was woken up by the sounds of the TV. Still a little drowsy, she noticed her TV channel was switch from an English channel to a program that was showing old Chinese movies. Being the Ms Blur she was, she didn’t have any second thoughts or whatsoever and switch the TV off. Very quickly, she went into a deep sleep.

All the while conscious that she was dreaming, Ms Blur told me that she dreamt she was lying on the bed trying to get some sleep when she noticed 2 kids and a couple sitting on the bed next to her (She was occupying a double bedroom). The male spoke to her angrily and said to her, “This is our room. Get out of our room!” Surprised, she explained to him that she had rented the room for a night. How could this be their room? Refusing to listen to her, the male insisted that she leave and the next thing she knew, she somehow flew out of the bedroom into the corridors.

Tired and grumpy, she knocked and the door and asked to be let it. She kept telling them that she was really tired and was only there for a night. She had paid for the room, why not just let her go back to bed? She kept banging and banging on the door and somehow, the door opened and she walked back in a lied back down on her bed.

The male was angry and kept asking her to leave, but she told him that she was only there for the night. She had no intention to claim the room hers and told him that since there were two beds, she only had to occupy one bed and the other one they could sleep. But the male refused and once again she flew into the corridors. The scene repeated again with her banging on the doors asking to be let in and the doors flying open and her walking back up to her bed. Each time she “flew” into the corridor, she felt brushes of wind like as if something was pushing her out but each time she relentlessly told them that she was only there for the night.

As the night wore on, she kept having the same dream repeating where the family kept asking her to leave and claiming the room as theirs. Ms Blur woke up the next day feeling very tired from the dreams and told me about it a few days after she came back from Hong Kong.

Whether this is just a coincident odd dream or something more sinister at work, she’s definitely blur in my dictionary. For an average person, we would have already woken up, packed our bags and immediately leave the vicinity.

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3 Responses to “The Odd Dream”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    No, she’s just being ignorant, not blur. She is at tidak apa attitude.

  2. Always Believed Says:

    Hahhaha..this is of pipol,,,especially will live longer. No stress & no scared.

  3. msxeroz Says:

    Wow so hebat! she langsung dont care. sleep is most important!

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