Types of Western Ghosts

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We’ve studied the types of ghosts in the Malay culture, then we studied a little on the Thai culture but what about the western culture? Curious, I looked around if there were any analysis or summary gathered about the types of western ghosts from the western culture and here are some of the definitions of the types of western ghosts “available”

Orbs, spears, globules, balls of lights or globes
These are one of the common forms of supernatural ghost captured on film by ghost hunters. Considered a prize photo if it is taken with an inner substance, the most impressive feature about the orbs are the lingering trail it leaves behind if captured on film. The trail usually indicates that they are travelling at a fast speed. Orbs are usually caught on video hovering in the same position for a short period but are also sometimes caught travelling erratically through the air in a carefree pattern. They can be seen at any location but mostly outdoors (with a more common sighting at historical places) and do not affect temperature changes. These orbs, spears, globules, balls of light or globes are believed to be the soul or spirit of those that passed on. They take the form of orb as it is convenient to travel around. There are also theories it could be separate life form and are undetectable to the human eye because of their finer tissue. There are theories that it could be nature tree spirits that only comes out at night.

Ectoplasm, ecto-mist, vapor or ghostly mist
Ectoplasm normally appears several feet above the ground and can linger or travel quickly at will. They are usually gray, white or black but there are also several photographs that show it in different color hues. Although it can usually be spotted in all sorts of locations, it is generally found in outdoor areas especially at cemeteries, historical sites and battlefields. Many believed that it could be transformed into a vaporous state before appearing as a full bodied apparition.

Vortex or funnel ghosts
Vortex are very strange and mysterious phenomena as they usually take on a swirling funnel shape moving about. They can also appear in pictures as long and narrow, having a tread like design within their body. Vortex are usually spotted inside homes and old buildings and although there are records they are spotted outside as well, this is a very rare condition. There are lot of theories as to what vortex are exactly and it includes theories that it might be a vehicle to transport spirits in shape of orbs from their realm to ours.

Shadow ghosts or dark entities
Shadow ghosts usually appear as a shadow of sorts and look a little like ecto-mist but the difference is that they normally appear two feet in length or longer and tend to travel at a height of two or ten feet. They are usually sneaky and evasive and when spotted, it is usually out of the corner of your eye or darting through a wall. Often seen in homes, some say they are demonic spirits.

Apparitions or disembodied spirits
According to records, only gifted psychics can see them but for most of the westerners are rare. They show up in transparent human form wearing clothing of their period. Normally appear faint and disfigured (as in incomplete), it can stand next to you and still not appear on film. Asians would consider only those with 3rd eye abilities that can only see this form of ghost.

Ghost lights
Westerners considered ghost lights as mysterious lights seen as white or blue balls glowing in darkness. Although there are theories that these lights can be caused by swamp gas, electricity, magnetism or phosphorescent material, there are so far no definitive natural source discovered near the sightings. There were attempts to trap a ghost light but when pursued, they are always out of reach. Some believe the lights to be playful beings trying to lure the innocent followers to follow them to get them lost in the dark. They are normally spotted in remote locations

After a few categories of western ghosts, what do you think is similar to our Asian ghosts?


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