Types of Thailand Ghosts

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I ‘ve touched base before on the types of ghosts for Malays in general but what about the types of ghosts for Thailand locals? While Thai culture is also abundance and no short of paranormal and ghost stories. Perhaps you might be wondering if Thais have the same opinion (although many times with different names) as our own culture.

Read on to know more.

If you haven’t read before the types of ghosts that Malays classifies, then take a dive for more on Malay Ghosts.


  • Phi Braed – Phi Braed is a ghiant ghost that can be either female or male and has a sucker like mouth. It is said to be feared in Thailand and likes to kill parents
  • Phi Am – I think for those skeptical about the heaviness and temporary immobility calls it sleep paralysis, Thais have a different view. They named this ghost Phi Am who likes to sit on the chest or liver of people while they sleep causing discomfort and sometimes harm to that person
  • Phi Ha – also known as Phi Tong Kom is a spirit of a woman who has died in childbirth and is believed to be very violent. I think its similar to what Malays have in their culture as Pontianak
  • Phi Chamob – This ghost is said to haunt places where a woman has died in the jungle. However, it does not do any harm. Don’t ask me but I’m wondering as well why the jungle?
  • Phi Duat Leut – also known as Phi Kang Kaw is a ghost that resembles the vampires and sucks blood of its victims. Another subghost of a Pontianak?
  • Phi Pob – a type of ghost which will infest its victim and eats away their entrails before leaving their body. In public if infested with Phi Poh, the victim will be seen as ill but when given the opportunity, it will steal uncooked meat to eat at night.
  • Phi Ka – these spirits is said to dwell inside women and unless treated by eating raw eggs, it can be passed on to others without their knowledge. It is known to be violent and attacks people and it is somewhat similar to Phi Pob
  • Phi Hai –also know as Phi Tay Hong is known to inhabit places where someone has died of an unnatural or violent death. In search of victims to posses, they are easily offended and will posses people at any given opportunity. They can be tempted to leave their victim by making offerings but if it is insufficient, and then an exorcism involving incantations and lustral water is required. Should all of this fail, a whip will be used to drive the ghost from its host.
  • Phi Khamond – also known as Phi Kaserg is a mischievous spirit that mislead travelers and takes the form of a red star
  • Phi Kra-sue – Probably known to be the most feared ghost in Thailand, the Kra-sue takes the form of a beautiful woman who glides along mesmerizing their prey. Often seen in long over flowling dresses, the purpose is to hide that they have no lower body and just a mass of internal organs and intestines suspended from their head. They are malicious and very dangerous. It is rumoured that the Kra-sue when alive ate something that looked delicious but not cooked sufficiently which caused them to be eaten away from their inside.
  • Phi Kra-hang – this ghost appears as a man with feathers and tail like a bird and uses it to fly around. It is rumoured to eat dirt and is seen in the night with a glowing aura. It is believed to be an unpleasant and frightening spirit.
  • Phi Krasy – also known as Phi Sing is said to live inside the body of a witch. A witch can be recognized in the daytime by having a glazed look and unable to blink and will not look at anyone in the face. Like the vampires, the witch does not cast a reflection in the mirror. The ghost itself will escape through the mouth at night while the witch sleeps and will feed on dirt and entrails of the living. Krasy is said to have a head size of the tennis ball with a color of fire and long bluish tail about half a meter in length. Not seen as very harmful, their spittle must be consumed by someone else for the Krasy to be passed on to a new host.
  • Phi Pa – a spirit that dwells in the forest, hunters often leave a piece of their catch to appease and show respect of the spirit.
  • Phi Lok – a roaming ghost which haunts various locations with the objective of scaring, frightening and misleading people. It can be seen and felt
  • Phi Nang Tani – a female tree spirit that lives in banana trees and appear on full moon night. It is regarded as a good spirit in contrary to the Malay beliefs of spirits living in banana trees
  • Phi Nang Ta-kean – is a ghost of a beautiful young lady that haunts the Hopea tree
  • Phi Peta – is a hungry ghost. The Thais belief that anyone that ignores the spiritual and is obsessed with the material objects while they are living will be reborn as a Peta when they passed on. Peta has a small mouth as small as the eye of a needle and a giant belly with an enormous appetite for almost everything from food, money, power and sex. A peta ghost can sometimes be heard whistling at night looking for someone to make merit for them. This ghost is ill tempered and aggressive as they constantly feel unsatisfied.
  • Phi Pawh – is a spirit of someone that has died violently and sits on the shoulders of their victim causing him to appear lop sided
  • Phi Tai Ha – is a spirit of a woman who has died of malaria and has the ability to spread the deadly disease.
  • Phi Phrai – this is another spirit of a woman who has died during childbirth. However, the difference between a Phi PHa and Phi Phrai is that their body has been used in a ceremony to extra Phi Thai Hong lotion which is believed to provide the magical ability to drive men wild and attracted to the woman who administers the concoction. The lotion is obtained by a bomoh who will extract the essential oils from the corpse by putting a lighted candle under the deceased person’s chin
  • Phi Tai Tong Glom – This is a very evil female ghost who also died giving birth with her baby dying as well. This doubles the evil strength of this spirit. A subghost of Phi Tai hong and is sometimes known as Phi Tai Hong Tong Glom
  • Phi Poang Khang – a spirit that takes shape of a black monkey which likes to suck the big toe of people sleeping in the jungle. It is said to live near salt licks.

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