A Miraculous Recovery – A Story About My Grandma

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Sometimes when we dream and wake up, we often find ourselves forgetting much about the dreams. What happens when you dream about your relative? When my grandma was sick, we would often ask for prayers and wish her good health and she would recover soon. Although my grandma was not much of a religious person, she accepted this and would often request us to go for prayers whenever she fell sick.

However, there was this once my grandma felt so sick that it was a moment where doctors said that there was nothing that they could do and she was at a touch and go situation. We gathered prayers at the temples for her but we were dumbfounded when this time around nothing worked.

It came to a situation where we had no choice but to seek the last resort and asked the Gods for some answers. There was this temple that was famous for a medium that you could talk to the Gods through him and so through him we went to seek for some answers. My parents found out from the Gods that my grandma still had 2 – 3 years and the reason why she was sick was because my grandpa was very lonely and had wanted someone to be with him in the after world. My dad was upset after hearing this news and when he reached home, he scolded at my grandpa’s tablet threatening to throw my grandpa out of the house if he insists on planning to take away my grandma before her time is up.

All this while, I was not aware of anything that was happening in the house so I imagine my surprise when that same night, I dreamt that my grandpa was upset and crying telling me that we were planning to kick him out of the house. The next morning when I woke up, I was amused by this dream and related this dream to my cousin. My cousin immediately asked me if I was aware of what happened the day before and told me to report this to my mother.

When my mother heard about my dream, she immediately went to my grandpa’s tablet and explained that we did not have the intention to throw him out of the house and it was just words of an angry man. The next day, my grandma miraculously recovered and was healthy until the day she died.

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