The Car And The Experiences

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This story is contributed by Site Engineer

This is another real experience encounter by me and my younger sister Annie six years ago. No one could believe it unless you experience it yourself. Puzzle as it seems, it’s true happening to us. A case of bad luck if I should say so myself! In the year of 2006, my younger sister (we name her Annie) has finally finish her studies from a local college. So, the first thing in mind was to get herself a  job and of course the transportation to go to the work place. I, as her older brother have tried my best to support her financially, advised and also took the effort to bring her around to shop for her first second hand car. After visiting many shops around town, we finally came to a conclusion that a Proton Wira was the most ideal choice for her. We managed to find one that suits to our budget with perfect condition and without thinking much, we just bought it and drove around.

Annie seem to be the luckiest girl having the nicest used car that doesn’t give any problem at all, except some minor defect on the cabin light. Cabin light is the one that we use to turn on to brighten up the internal part of the car when we need to find something in the dark, it also serves as an indicator when one of the doors are not close properly. For a normal car, the cabin light is usually mounted on the ceiling of the car with tiny switch attached to it. The problem with Annie’s car was the lights would always turn off by itself, suspecting the switch was giving problem. Annie took the car to workshops for rectify, but none of them were able to identify the problem and that included the Proton Service Center; so I advise her to just change the entire light fitting to a new one since nobody is able to solve it.

The funny part was that the problem still appeared even after the replacement, the tiny switch keep pushed to the “off” position whenever Annie went into the car every morning. This is weird!! How could the switch could move by itself when the car is fully locked and there are no signs of break-in. The switch like to move to the “off” position, yeah…only turn to “off” position all the time. Reason still unknown, who turned off the cabin light all the night when the car is fully lock and nothing is missing in the car. So we confirmed it was not the act of thief.

To find out the problem, at one time we stood outside the car and waited to checked if the switch could slowly move to the off position by itself just because of some spring reaction inside the light mechanism. After waiting and keeping an eye on the switch from 9.00pm to nearly 12.00am, we found nothing unusual as the switch did not move by itself. Feeling tired we went up to our flat at the forth floor (for your information we stay in a medium cost flat and the car was parked quite a distance from our unit but is still visible from the balcony of our flat). We looked down and we could clearly see the car parked there.

The very next day when Annie went into the car, as usual the light has turn to the off position. Failed to serve its purpose as a door indicator of the car, both of us couldn’t bother the tiny problem anymore for quite sometime so we had no choice but to take it as it was. There was nothing much we could do when even a few car mechanics couldn’t even figure out the real problem. It was all normal until one day when I came back late after having coffee with friend and couldn’t sleep after having to much of coffee so I stayed up late in the room.

Feeling a little warm at the night, I went to the balcony to open up the glass door to allow air circulation into my unit when to my surprise,  I noticed Annie’s Proton Wira cabin light was blinking and suddenly turn off by itself. After 10 minutes of staring at the car direction, the light turn on again!! I quickly rushed down hoping that I could find out the car problem and fix it tomorrow morning but unfortunately the cabin light was already turned off by the time I reach the ground floor. Feeling tired and lazy, I walked back to the lift and headed back to my unit.

The next morning, I told my younger sister about this and you know what she reported back to me? She told me that our neighbor had already alerted to her many times about what happened to the car during the night and even told me our neighbour, Mrs.Chen had repeatedly told her a few times that she saw a middle-aged couple sitting inside her car and smiled to her whenever she passed by the car during the night. Annie was the type of person that doesn’t believe in any kind of superstitious things since she was a young girl, so she took it lightly. I, on the other hand, had a different view. Perhaps I started something was amiss since I have seen it with my own eyes that the light in the car was blinking and on switched on by itself.

Life goes on as usual until one day I managed to borrow a binoculars from a friend from the office. On that day, I purposely went out with friends until late at night that I thought is was the suitable time to find out what happened to the car and also how true was our neighbour Mrs.Chen findings. At nearly 1.45am, I reached the guardhouse of our home and purposely drove pass Annie’s car to take a glance if I could found something unusual. I couldn’t see anything, the whole parking lot looked silence so I acted like the usual, parked my car and walked slowly to the lift heading back to my unit at level four. Once I entered the house I quickly rush to the balcony and start picking up my binoculars to see if I could discover something like what Mrs.Chen had told us.

Half an hour passed, the car’s cabin light did not blink even a bit and my eyes started to feel tired, so I headed to the bathroom to take a shower. After I finished showering, I took a look again atvthe same spot. Haaaaaah!!…This time I found something!! I saw a couple sitting on the front seat with the cabin light suddenly turn on! For your information the binoculars that I borrowed had the function of “night vision” and the car was parked not very far away from a lamp post, so that really helped to improve my vision even though the car is quite a distance away from my balcony. The couple inside the car looked sad and pale, sitting without any movement for more than half an hour. After that, the internal light of the car blinked and turn off by itself! I stayed at the same spot looking over the car for another half an hour until my eyes got tired. Then I tried to rush down again like previously and you know what I found out upon reaching to the car? It only took me 1-2 minutes to reach to the car as I ran very fast with the intention to find out how they could get into the car without the keys, but when I reached the car, no one was there!! Everything seemed to have disappeared in just a matter of 1-2 minutes!

This time I began to feel scared and staredt suspecting the couple that I saw inside the car just now might not be human at all. Not wanting to wait any longer I ran back to the house with the feeling of “don’t know what to do now”, went straight to my room, closed the door and tried to closing my eyes, forcing myself not to think about it and sleep. The next day, not hundred percent sure of what I saw was a ghost or human, I pretended nothing happened and kept it to myself. I did not inform Annie as I knew she was not going to believe it especially those related to paranormal activity so I decided to go to the used car shop and checked on the background of the car. I was really curious to know what had happened to the previous owner of the car and after so much pursuing, the boss agreed to explained to me about the car, its previous owner and their story behind it.

The car previously belonged to a couple, the husband was a Hotel Manager and the wife wa a beauty saloon owner. Both were hardcore gamblers that frequented to Genting Highlands. They had lost all their belongings which includes their house, a shop, their cars and most importantly, their life. This couple have lost everything and there are a few loan sharks hunting for them. Unable to stand the pressure and lost control, both of them decided to end their life by committing suicide in the car leaving behind a four year old daughter who is now being taken care by one of their in laws.

Now I knew what I saw few days ago was actually the ghost of the couple!! Huuuwaah…No wonder they could disappear so fast and all the time, they are the ones who was playing with the car cabin light. Why is their spirit still staying in the car?? I guess they have nothing else except the car, moreover these people died in this car. So, before anything bad happened to my younger sister, I managed to convince her to sell off the car and get a new Kancil as it is more suitable and economical.

As for the older Wira, I hope God bless the new owner……..

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3 Responses to “The Car And The Experiences”

  1. Navinesh Says:

    thanks for sharing.. 😀

  2. Dog Sense Says:

    I loved my Land Cruiser so much I had to sell if off for financial reasons.
    I hope my spirit is not too attached to it to manifest paranormally.

  3. buntu Says:

    wah…how come man, sell the car and pass on the problem to others…

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