Haunted Hotel along Jln Tun Razak

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This story is contributed by Anton

Some people are skeptic about this, but I for sure believe that ghosts or spirits do exist in this world. I never actually seen one though, but I do hear a lot of stories about ghosts and spirits.

I would like to share with you guys about this story, it happened just recently last month. My mom, sister and aunts came down to KL for a cousin’s wedding in Seremban.
We stayed in one of the well known hotel in Kuala Lumpur, located just around Jalan Tun Razak. This hotel is quite old and judging from the poor maintenance no wonder “special guest” likes to stay here. Our room was at 26th floor, and the view was quite a spectacular you can see almost the whole town of KL.

That evening, I was trying to transfer some files from my mom’s hand phone using Bluetooth and while it was searching for my hand phone, a name “Ibrahim:)”appeared online. Right then I didn’t bother at all. Later I use my aunt’s hand phone to Bluetooth some files, the same name “Ibrahim :)” appeared again, so I was a bit surprise because only my hand phone’s Bluetooth was ON, but these name keep appearing. I jokingly say a ghost by the name of “Ibrahim” staying in the room with us. I really regret saying that now.

This is where the chilling part is, that same night while everybody was sleeping, my sister was suddenly awakened, and she notices a figure looking was walking around the room in the dark, she didn’t’ bother at first, thinking it was my aunt, but the weird thing is the figure sat on floor and looked as if it was looking for something in a bag, when there’s actually no bag at that particular area. After awhile she heard somebody flipping pages from a magazine and notice there were nobody, obviously who would want to read in the dark? Even my mom heard it, and it happened for couple of hours and suddenly it just stops. I was still skeptical about it until I was told this particular hotel is actually famous for encountering this “special guest” especially at night.

So it seems that we were not the only one experienced this weird things in that hotel, in fact just few days ago I came across this headlines in the STAR newspaper “Engineer died in a hotel room” cause of death is unknown, he died in the bathtub, there was a minor cut on his lips, the hotel is located at Jalan Tun Razak…do you think?..you guess..lah

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7 Responses to “Haunted Hotel along Jln Tun Razak”

  1. goe Says:

    where is the hotel la…

    email me at pjpumper@gmail.com

  2. mat Says:

    so did the news mention the died engineer name is ibrahim ?

  3. Julie Says:

    please mail me too where the hotel is? tQ

  4. lwb Says:

    ibrahim… the bluetooth engineer? .. lol cool story brah..

  5. leonkei Says:

    1st part of your story is no weird at all I always get a lot of names by scanning with Bluetooth .
    Try it scan while you driving in car you will get a lot of names even names with original phone model .
    The 2nd of your story I believe you. That happened to my mom in China too , same experience.

  6. leonkei Says:

    Here is more information about bluetooth technology.
    There are 3 class of it
    Class 1 range in about 100 m
    Class 2 range in about 10 m
    Class 3 range in about 5 m

    That means while you scan you get some one else bluetooth.
    That’s why I say your 1st part of your story is not weird at all.

  7. frez_oren Says:

    Nah, it’s not the engineer by the name of Ibrahim, it’s a 68 year-old Dutch engineer. If you don’t believe me, the details are all here


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