Eyes of a Murderer

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Author’s Note : I think after a long while of hiatus, I have a story or 2 coming right up. So stay tuned! For this current story, it involves a long time friend of mine named Cassy who I would describe as a person that has quite a strong character. Probably because of that, the ghost chose her?

I never really experienced anything supernatural or scary or even remotely haunting except for this once. I think that most people would describe it as a dream or sleep paralysis but I think for those that really did experience the feeling of being sat on by someone or should I say something, they would have agreed with me that there is nothing paralysing about that feeling.

This “sleep paralysis” happened to me a few years back. I can’t really recall if there was anything special about that day or what I have done on that day that could bring this unfortunate incident to happen. I could only remember sleeping soundly. As most dreams, they happen all of a sudden and so did mine.

Out of the blue, I dreamt that a girl was crying to me. She was pretty and had long beautiful hair. She was really very upset and kept crying. The scariest part was that she kept telling me to help her out. She asked me to help her look for her murderer. All of a sudden, the only thing that kept flashing before my eyes was a pair of cruel eyes. I did not know what to do and remember feeling scared. I tried to wake up but I could feel my limbs were not listening to me.

Knowing that something was wrong, I kept telling myself to wake up. After the girl kept flashing to me the eyes of her murder, I struggled to open my eyes. I could see my surrounding but I just could not get out of my nightmare. I tried hard to move my limbs but I could feel something pressing down against me. After I tried again several rounds, I still could not move.  The feeling was as if something did not want me to move. So after struggling for a while, I decided to give up moving at all. After several minutes, I tried to move myself again and everything was back to normal again

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