Thank You!

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Dear Loyal Readers,

Firstly, its been a great past month. Nothing beats the knowledge knowing that people enjoy the stories that I’ve published and written. Of course, there’s also a special thank you to those of you that took the time to write and add to this collection of spooky stories.

However, the time has also come for me to sustain the cost of my hobby. You may see from time to time there might be sponsored posts as I’m currently the new member of I hope my loyal readers would bear with the current rise in advertisements in this blog, though.

Thank you once again for the support!


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7 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Reader Says:

    I enjoy your stories, as they’re actually quite spooky. There’s not many sites about hauntings in Malaysia, and I prefer the international ghosts.
    It takes money to run a site like this, and I think the readers won’t mind. The work quality alone makes up for sponsored posts.

    Great job, and I hope to see more stories soon.

  2. Ruku Says:

    Keep writing. U have my support. Write more ok?

  3. smchan Says:

    Just wanna say thank you for providing us readers such great site. Really appreciate your great efforts. Cheers!!

  4. mott Says:


    velcome to the darkkkkkk side!!!!!!

    For your ghostly efforts, I vill link u up in two of my blogs.

    Mua hahahahahahaahahhahahaahahahahahahah!!

    ok..i tried very hard to sound like a evil spirit. but it’s not working. Chaizzzzzzz ;-(

    Keep up your good work. I truly support it..and I will now try to pimp advertise it! 😉

  5. Kenny Ng Says:

    You are welcome, as you know I do have another blog to write about it too. I like this kind of stories. 🙂

  6. g0thgh0st007 Says:

    ur stories is absolutely sp00ky…. h0pe u’ll owez success….

  7. TkY Says:

    keep it up!

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