Hotel Shanghai, China haunted

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Author’s Note : This is an experience that my friend, Shareen, personally experienced during her recent trip to Shanghai, China in one of the hotels there. Whether its true or not, you be the judge but I believe her 100% because she is not the kind that lies and it is no point lying about a matter as trival as this

I’ve totally enjoyed my recent trip to Shanghai, China. Not only did I visit places in Shanghai, but I also went to Beijing as well. One of the memories that I remember or should I say haunts me most was the night I heard sounds in my hotel room late at night. Let me share with you what happened.

It was late and after a long day’s trip walking around the city, me and my mother quickly doze off to sleep as soon as we hit the bed. For easy illustration, me and my mother were sharing a queen sized bed. Beside me, there was nothing but a wall that separates our hotel room and the hotel’s staircase.
Soon, I could hear my mother snoring, sleeping beside me. But not long after that, I too was sound asleep. After I’m not too sure how long, I woke up by some noises beside my ear. It was the sound of a zip, zipping up and down. I opened my eye to see if it was my mother searching for something at our luggage but she was still beside me sleeping. But as soon as my eyes were open, the sounds stopped. Surprised, I closed my eyes again and again the sound started.

I tried ignoring the sound and sleep and after a while, I woke my mother up and asked if she was zipping her luggage bag. In a very sleepy tone, she replied no. Again, I tried to close my eyes to sleep but the zipping sound of zipping up and down kept going.

I opened my eye again and again the sound stopped. I thought that it had to be coming from the next room but after second thoughts I remembered that there were no rooms after the wall I was staring at. I knew something was wrong as soon as I shut my eye. This went on the whole night. The next morning when I asked my mother if she heard anything. She told me she was too tired to hear anything at all.

Author’s Note : Apparently, another friend of mine that was hearing this story told me never sleep at a hotel room that is near to the staircase as the staircase happens to be the eeriest place in a hotel.

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7 Responses to “Hotel Shanghai, China haunted”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    I heard many kinds of sound in many hotel rooms before, what I can say is all hotels has it. It’s very normal thing to me.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Kenny, really la, how come you always experience these kind of things?

  3. Lin Peh Says:

    U didn’t read my hotel ghost post before going to shanghai leh ? LOL!

  4. Ic3Que3n Says:

    lin peh, no wor. care to gimme ur link?

  5. Madmosielle Unknown Says:

    When I was a small kid, I was watching television in our hotel room at Xxxxx Xxxxx and my mother was sleeping in the twin room or whatever it’s called and the TV cabinet doors started moving, like something was trying to get out from the inside.So we started screaming and ran to the other bed and started jumping and crying and hugging each other like it was the end of the world, and you know what my mother did? She scolded us for making so much noise over ‘ a scared rat inside the cabinet’. Can you believe it?!!! AND SHE WENT BACK TO SLEEP LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!!!Until everyone on our floor heard loud rattling noises coming from the floor above, which everyone assumed were just cleaners pushing around a trolley on upstairs, but WE WERE ON THE HIGHEST FLOOR AND NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PLAY WITH A TROLLEY ON TOP OF A BUILDING NEAR A VERY WINDY BEACH!!! And we never went back there again….. although the buffet was good!

  6. Patricia Says:

    I had a ghostly experience at the Shanghai Pacific Hotel. Is this the same hotel that you were writing about? On Nanjing Road. There was a shimmery light sitting near my head on the bed This went on for a long time until I turned on the light and got up. Then it was gone.

  7. JC Says:

    l just came back from my Shanghai trip on the 26th December 2011. My trip to china was 8 days 7 nights. And my last 2 night was in Shanghai.
    We stayed at the same hotel, l can’t remember the hotel name.My encounter on the first night was quite frightening. We came back quite late and reach hotel at about 10.00 plus.By the time l reach the room and unpacked it was quite late. My mother went to sleep already and l was still watching TV. Exactly 11.00 pm l went to sleep but can’t. The room light is on and l am having some sleep pattern. Then this being lifting my toner and night cream on the desk. He was walking around inside the room and banging on the table. l’m so afraid that l jump up and quickly tucked in my mother bed. But the moment l lie down on my mum bed, something poked my back from underneath the bed. When l look at my watch, it was already 4.00 am. l was so mad and sat up and shout angrily.. motherfucker.. if you do it again tonight l will make sure you go to …
    And guess what happened, he bang the table so loud. Immediately l on the TV and he was nowhere to be heard. Anyway, the room number is 7007 and l change my room the next day. l have stayed at so many hotel before and this is the most frightening experience for me.

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