Hantu Pocong in Ipoh

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This story is contributed by Ding

I had my first encounter with “them” during my college days. During those days, it had never crossed my mind or even think of such thing. Naively back then, me and my housemates are just as mischievous and as ordinary as any teenagers. Our common activity after studies was to travel to the city centre by bus as our hostel is quite a distance away.

One day, after a long waiting for a bus, one of my friends suggested to take short cut by walking to the city as he had taken the route before. However, that particular day was already late in the evening and the sun is going to set soon. Since no buses turned up, we decided to take a walk through the short cut as what my friend had suggested.

In fact, by using this shortcut, we had to pass through the railway tracks. As you would have imagined, there were no common tar roads for us to walk on but narrow sand pebbled trails. By the time we reached the starting point of the short cut, the day had turned dark. With no road lights to guide us, we had no choice but to depend on the gloomy moon light up in the sky to lead us the way. At some point on the route, we had to fence off the long bushes using our hands.

Did I mention that particular night was also quite windy? As much as I enjoyed the breeze, I could see tree leaves swinging back and forth as the wind blew in one direction. However, as I was passing by a row of banana trees I suddenly saw something that I wish so desperately that it was just an optical illusion! There was this one particular banana tree where at the top part had a dark figure of human being wrapped up in a standing position and the scariest part of all was the fact that all the leaves on that particular tree was moving towards the direction the wind was blowing EXCEPT for the dark figure on top of the tree!

As we are hastily wanted to finish end the journey of this route, I did not speak to my friends about the incident. The next day, I told my friends about the thing I saw last night and they make a conclusion that the thing I saw was described by them as “hantu pocong”.

From that day onwards, we dare not take any short cuts especially on evenings before the sun was about to set. So, if you would ask me whether it’s an optical illusion or not,  I wouldn’t dare imagine the whole situation as thinking back the shape of the dark figure was similar to what the  Oscar academy award trophy looked like gave me the creeps.

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One Response to “Hantu Pocong in Ipoh”

  1. unsightly Says:

    U don’t have to go as far as Ipoh to find a “Hantu Pocong”, heard that one exist at the Sungai Penchala link area. Apparently, there have been sightings near where the toll is situated. It is also said that area is situated near the cemetery of the natives. Anyone having similar experiences, please share. TQ.

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