Datuk in Temenggong, Perak

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Author’s Note : My friend’s husband told her yet another fishing expedition gone mysterious. Here’s what happened in Temenggong, Perak

My husband loved fishing and would go to nooks and crannies to get to some exotic fishing spot with his friends. A few years back, we went to this jungle in Temenggong, Perak for a two day fishing expedition. The river at Temenggong was pretty secluded and they had to walk in the jungle for close to 2 to 3 hours in order to reach the said river. From there, he and his friends would rent a native house and the native would bring them to the fishing site.

My husband described the native’s house as a house built by bamboo trunks with a square shape hut and no furniture displayed in the house. The native owned about 4 to 5 dogs all which would bark at any strangers they see who are a treat to his owner.

The first night, my husband was sleeping soundly on the floor mat with his friends when suddenly he woke up in the middle of the night around 2am. He saw a big black cat sitting behind one of his friends, Darren’s head. Another friend, Eddy suddenly stirred and woke up as well staring straight at my husband. Although my husband did have a creeping sensation of weirdness in his guts, he decided to ignore him and continued sleeping.

The very next day, my husband commented about the weird night. He told his other friends that he saw a big black cat in their house but none of the dogs were barking. The other weird thing he told them was that the cat was sitting behind Darren’s head. It was then that Eddy spoke out. Eddy asked my husband when did he saw the cat and my husband replied him that when he woke up at that time. Eddy then told him that it could not be as he saw the cat behind my husband’s place. Realizing something amiss, everyone just kept quiet and dared not to comment anymore.

On the second night, my husband woke up at exactly the same hour as the previous night. This time, Eddy and Darren woke up as well. All of them saw the big black cat walking across the room and jumping out of the window. Astonished, my husband was pretty sure that still there were no dogs barking when the cat jumped out of the window.

The next day before leaving the place, my husband decided to ask the natives there if they owned any cat as he did not notice any cats roaming around. The natives looked at him puzzled and told him that there were no cats around the area. My husband later described what the cat that he had seen for the two consecutive nights which then the natives explained that he must have seen their “La Tuk Kung”, the God that’s guarding that area which had taken the form of a cat.

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One Response to “Datuk in Temenggong, Perak”

  1. unsightly Says:

    I can only guess that the native “La Tuk Kung” must have thought that yr hubby & frens are some sort of bad stuff enough for it to appear two nights consecutively. Either that or it must have thought that the unwelcomed guests are stinking fishes & hence, appeared as a cat. U did say that y hubby & his friends like to go fishing right?

    Talking abt stinking fishes & love for fishing, there are plenty of wild cats in the jungle. If you know cats, they are silent predators meaning you can’t hear or realise their presence until they are beside you or on you. Which is why in neighbourhoods where cats & dogs live “peacefully”, you won’t find dogs barking themselves silly when cats are on the prowl. They bark mostly at cats which are going for their meal or disurb their territory. So, coming back to yr story, does yr husband come back with a fishy smell after any of his fish hunting trips? Also, unless you have a really proper bath, the fish smell still lingers. Human beings might not smell it but trust me, cats have a very good sense of smell especially for when their food is involved.

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