A Godly Encounter

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Author’s Note : This is a short story about a friend of mine who related to me one of the weird incidents he had when he told me that he had “fate” with the La Tuk Kung.

I know you don’t believe me when I tell you that I have “fate” with the La Tuk Kung so I’ll tell you one incident I had with him that saved my life. When I started working many years back, I was based on the north. Because of this, I always need to travel the long distance between Penang and other states in the north. One peculiar time was when I was traveling to Kedah from Penang. The night before I had very little sleep due to some reason therefore, while driving along the stretch of highway alone, I began to feel the fatigue. I decided to stop at the roadside and quick nap since my eyes were starting to shut by itself.

After I stopped at the roadside, I immediately went to sleep. I remember dreaming of an old man asking me to be careful while driving. I even remember the old man using the walking stick to knock my head asking me to remember. I immediately jolted up and I could really feel the pain on the side of my head where the old man had used his walking stick to knock me!
Upon reaching my destination, I totally forgot about the whole dream and continued with my work. That evening, while I was driving back to Penang, I almost had a life threatening accident. Luckily enough for me, I manage to avoid the accident from being fatal when at that short span of time I remember the old man’s advice.

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  1. unsightly Says:

    Ain’t u the lucky one. By the way, for your info, it is said that each & everyone of us have a guardian angel which can come in many guises. In yr case, I am guessing that it came in the guise of La Tuk Kung, something that you can easily relate to & perhaps, won’t be frightened of. It is also said that yr guardian angel will appear when u r in deep shit & I don’t mean any type of shit but the life-threatening ones.

    Here’s another story of the same nature. The incident happened I believe about close to 3 decades ago & it happened at the Taman Desa interjuncture between the road from Jinjang that leads up to Sg Buloh & the road from Taman Desa that is connected to Old Kepong. The interjuncture no longer exists as the road from Taman Desa to Old Kepong is now replaced by an overhead bridge. Anyway, this particular interjuncture is said to be ‘dirty”. Many incidents happened here before. One such incident involved the only son of my Uncle’s close friend. He was a “safe” motorcyclist as related by his parents but that interjuncture had taken his life. His body was flung a distance from the bike & he died on the spot.

    The above incident is a sad one but it is not the one that I am relating to yr story. U c my uncle (the same uncle as above) is a motorcyclist & he always prefer to ride on his bike to & from work. One particular day, for no apparent reason, he decided to drive my dad’s car to work instead of taking the bike (we were told later that he had a dream & was advised not to take the bike that day). Normally, my uncle is a stubborn guy but he was on the other part, very religious, caring & good hearted person. As I was later told, he drove the car to the interjuncture & stopped when the light turned red. However, from the opposite direction, there was this lorry which like typically MY lorry drivers did not stop on “red”. As the driver swayed his lorry to turn, he lost control & the lorry came crashing onto the car that my uncle was driving. Bystanders and drivers at the scene of the incident thought whoever who was in the car was a goner as the lorry had practically crushed & flattened the car. The miracle was, my uncle came out not only alive but without a scatch to his body while the lorry driver was slightly hurt.

    The Police came later & as usual did the what they are only good at, taking statements & cordoning the site of the incident. Then, there are the parasites offering to tow the vehicles and assist with insurance claims. From the photos that the parasites took, the car was actually flattened at the navigator’s seat and the passenger seats. The driver’s seat was while crushed, was not totally flattened. At the very least, one would expect the driver to sustain some form of light injury.

    My aunts being the curious ones like any other aunts decided to consult a medium to find out if there is any supernatural involvement. They were told that my uncle’s guardian angel had warned my uncle in his dream and on the day of the incident, had protected my uncle from any harm. Yours truly has also been saved from numerous life-threathening situations before. While I have not been able to prove that my guardian angel has protected me in those situations, I have no reason to doubt otherwise. My stories are to be told another day.

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