Scary Experience at RIA Apartment Genting Highland

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This story is contributed by EDC Roch

This incident happened about 5 years ago when we decided to go for a weekend break away together with a few of our office colleagues to Genting Highland. 2 of our colleagues Tim and Dexter brought along their wife and kids. The only available accommodation that weekend was at the Ria Apartment due to the school holiday. Luckily enough, we got 2 units not far from each other. When we reached the hilltop at about noon, we decided to take some walk since we couldn’t check in to our apartments yet. After some tiring walks around, it was time to check in and everyone rushed to take some warm shower and rest before heading to the casino as Dexter had suggested earlier. Tim’s and Dexter’s wives, Ginny and Debra, however, decided to stay back with the kids to cook the dinner for all of us and so off we went with the rest of the girls and guys.

After a few hours of bets, we walked back to our apartment hungrily. Boy we were we happy to find dinner was ready. I could remember clearly that the dinner for the night was nasi lemak served together with other dishes that are most suitable for the cold weather. Everyone ate like we had been starving for months. After dinner, everyone helped to clean up and after that we sat back and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Throughout the night, I had noticed Ginny whispering to Tim a lot since we came back from the casino but Tim was cool all the time. Since everyone was pretty full after the dinner, we decided to spend the rest of the night gambling in the hall. We made a circle and Dexter was the banker since he won some money at the casino earlier. After a few rounds, we noticed Dexter’s young son, whom we call Ah Boy, aged 5 years old, kept standing near the kitchen and peering inside. All of us noticed that although no one had made any comment about it.

When Dexter noticed that, he called to Ah Boy to come over to us but Ah Boy did not bother responding. When his mum, Debra, called out loud to him once again and asked what is he doing there, he simply replied, “Mummy, jie jie take thing and eat from the dustbin!!”. At that point of time everyone of us froze and I felt shivers down my spine. Right immediately, we saw Ah Boy stepped backwards and shouted, “No!” and ran back to Debra hugging her closely. Still maintaining a very cool composure, Debra softly smacked Ah Boy’s butt asking him not to talk nonsense. Dexter, on the other hand, walked calmly to the kitchen but walked back saying nothing.

One of our colleague, Stacey began sobbing and suggested that we should leave the place. Dexter and Tim agreed and told us to go and pack up our things. We gathered downstairs and told everyone to go get our cars and meet up at McDonald’s Genting Sempah. As we left, we saw Dexter and Debra talking to someone at the reception . No one said anything throughout the whole journey downhill until we meet up again at McDonald’s. As we all gathered our thoughts trying to recover from the shock, it was not only until moments later when we started to relax are we able to discuss the incident again. According to Debra, Ah Boy saw a lady sitting on the kitchen floor picking up and eating the left over food from the trash bin. She even tried asking Ah Boy to come closer to her.

Then Tim start telling us that Ginny had told him that while they were cooking, she kept hearing a girl’s voice whispering behind her but could not hear exactly what she said. When she turned around, she could see no one behind her except Debra. When she asked Debra a few times what she said, Debra looked at her funnily and asked Ginny why she asked her that. At that point, Debra commented that she now only know why Ginny kept asking her what she said! Ginny then said she kept seeing a shadow walking around the hall but she thought she was having illusions. What freaked her out the most was when she saw someone standing behind her through the reflecting mosaic wall in the kitchen.

After some small talks, we all went out own way home cutting the weekend break short. It was indeed a freaky incident at Ria Apartment, Genting Highland

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10 Responses to “Scary Experience at RIA Apartment Genting Highland”

  1. Rad Says:

    Please tell which unit…at least if i’m there…i know which unit not to rent…..

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    I support Rad. Why don’t we keep a log here on all hotels that have ghostly units, at least we do a prevention here.
    Everyone could check and ensure they don’t stumble upon these but of course we will have funny people trying to check them out.

  3. Navinesh Says:

    oh..just a lady digging trash. n 5 years ago.. its just minor thing..

  4. Ic3Que3n Says:

    lyn & rad, hahaha… i would love to but the last round i posted a hotel name, i nearly got sued by that hotel! :p

  5. jeremy choo Says:

    But now Ria is not available for outsiders/tourists to stay in anymore..
    It is now a hostel for Genting staffs….

  6. ice queen Says:

    Jeremy, so i’ve heard but if not mistaken its still up 4 rent but not under the genting mgt but rather the owners

  7. Lynn Goh Says:

    nothing as exclusive as it used to be when it was first built. now that there were so many hotels surrounding, the ria apartment would be the last place for accommodation. why ppl still wnat to rent there, the place is so far away and there’s literally nothing to eat or sight seeing. I remembered looking out from the car at the Ria apartment, it was pretty spooky even during 10 something in the morning.

  8. unsightly Says:

    Now if u were a ghost staying alone in an aprtment most of time & suddenly, you have company. Wouldn’t u b a good host & try to communicate with the guests. The ghost just wanted to talk to Ginny but guess it hasn’t talk for a long while, so can only whisper. Also, it might have been hungry, tasty nasi lemak mah & nobody share with it. So, no choice, eat from dustbin loh. Next time, leave some food for the host. If there is none, then u eat it loh.

  9. catherine Says:

    creepy man!!

  10. onlike K Says:


    I read your post and I am wondering if it is possible to meet and interview you about your experience at ria apartment.
    I am a Communication major student in KL and in this semester, there is a solo assignment and I chose to write a Feature Article about people’s experiences at a haunted place. So I chose ria apartment.

    Although many people posted their experiences on the net, I need to find at least 3 people to interview them, take a picture as proof and then write an article about it.

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