Horrifying Incident at House in SS2, Petaling Jaya

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This story is contributed by EDC Roch

Here is another creepy experience I had during my college time. I remembered this incident like it just happened a few days ago.

It was in 1992 when me and another 2 of my hometown buddies (Yong & Melvin) came down to PJ together to study at one of the colleges near SS2. We found a fully furnish house for rent (it was located just behind the fire station in SS2 facing a small field/playground). Since it was really cheap and near to our college, we took it up and moved in immediately. There were 3 rooms upstairs and one room downstairs near to the kitchen. Melvin took the one room for himself where as me and Yong thought of sharing the room and the other smaller room. Since we only used 2 of the rooms, we decided to rent out the rest of the remaining rooms to minimize our expenditure.
Within the same month all the rooms were taken up. There was 2 girls from Kuching studying in a different college (Carmen and Shian) took up the master bedroom upstairs and the room downstairs was taken up by a working adult (Chan) from Penang who only came to stay when he comes to KL on and off for his work duties. Everything seemed normal for the first few months as everyone were busy with college and studies. In fact, we hardly meet each other in the house except for the 3 of us whom we stick together like a glue all the time. We took the same course and we went to the college the same time and even returned home the same time except for Yong who got a temporary part time job and would always rush off from the house when we got home together. Sometimes during the weekends, me and Melvin would go back to our hometown except for Yong who works during the weekends. However, after a few months, everyone in the house became quite close and we would go for dinner and study together in the hall until late in the night.

One day, Shian became very sick and lasted for a week and was advised by her parents to return home to Kuching leaving Carmen to stay alone for a short moment. That was when things started to get creepy. One night Yong came back late from work and asked me if Carmen was ok because he heard her crying in her room. Both of us went closer to her room door to check on her and we heard the same crying sound. So, I told Yong not to disturb her as she might be having some personal problems and needed privacy. So we went to sleep without any second thoughts.
The very next morning, we bumped into Carmen before going to college and I asked Carmen if she is ok. She look surprised and replied she was fine. In fact she looked normal and there wasn’t a hint of problem from the looks of her face. We went to college after that and decided to tell Melvin what happened the previous night but he just brushed us off and asked us to mind our own business and so we just pretended as if nothing happened.
One day as I needed to finish up something in college, I told my other 2 buddies to leave first. Few hours later after I finished up my work, I went home alone and upon entering the house I saw this lady sitting on the sofa facing the empty TV cabinet. I had to walk pass behind her to go to the stairs and I tried to catch a glimpse or say hello out of politeness but she did not turn around to acknowledge my presence. As I walked straight up to my room, I noticed Melvin was not home and Yong went to report to his part time job as usual. I found Carmen’s room door was still locked with the small little padlock which only meant that she was not home yet. With this, it was only natural that I assumed Chan must have came back to his room. I, however, could not remember seeing his car when I reach home.
When I went back downstairs to collect my clothes which was hung outside to dry behind our house, I could still see the girl sitting on the sofa. While I was there collecting my clothes, I tried to call out to Chan through his window but there was no response.
Then Yong came home shortly because he was not feeling very well. It was then I realised the girl was no long there. At that point, I was beginning to feel a little freaked out but I stayed calm instead. When we went upstairs, I could no longer contain my feelings and related to Yong what happened awhile ago. He too freaked out as well. Immediately, both of us decided to search the whole house and found that there were only 2 of us in the house. We decided to keep the incident to ourselves. That night, the 3 of us went out for dinner as Carmen is not home yet. During the dinner, we told Melvin what had happened but Melvin shrugged it off as he didn’t believe in ghost or anything supernatural. We decided to let the whole matter rest although I still felt very uncomfortable about the whole matter since we also realized that Carmen had been behaving suspiciously.
Few days later, Shian came back from Kuching and the following day she and Carmen invited us for dinner. Throughout the dinner both of them kept very quiet which was a little unusual. Shian then suddenly asked Melvin out of the blue if he had brought his girlfriend home recently. Melvin explained to Shian that he didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. Shian then explained that Carmen had told her earlier that she had first seen the girl in Melvin’s room when he left his room door opened whilst he went downstairs to dry his clothes. Carmen took over the conversation and told us the second time she saw the girl was when the girl was walking out from her room and went straight to Melvin’s room while she was walking up the stairs. Before she could ask the girl why she entered her room, the girl closed the door. Carmen also complained that recently she had heard the girl crying in Melvin’s room and she thought that the both of them had been quarreling.
At that point, we told Carmen that we heard someone crying in her room too! I quickly described to Carmen the girl I saw the other day and she confirmed that exactly the girls she saw as well.
With all that we suggested to find another house to move out as soon as possible and everyone agreed including Melvin who had to follow the majority. That was not before Melvin gave us a piece of his mind by scolding everyone for all the stories and suggested that we behaved like kids who liked to create stories. Everyone selected me to contact Chan about our decision so the next morning I called Chan about our decision. The funny part was Chan didn’t seemed to be curious about our decision but instead asked us to move out as soon as possible. We started looking for new place to move and finally found one not far from the place we stay.
After that, we contacted the landlady of our intention and she came to see us the same night. She asked us why we wanted to move out in such a hurry and we told her we wanted to share a place with other friends and pleading with her to allow us as the tenancy contract was not fulfilled yet. Without any hesitation she agreed to let us go until the end of the month and that was another week to go. We were pretty sure that the landlady knew what was happening since she left us off without any conditions. All of us started packing our things in preparation to move but something happened on one particular night before the last few days.
All of us were sleeping when suddenly we were waken up by a very loud banging sound coming from Melvin’s room as if there was some sort of fighting going on in the room. We heard sounds of shattering glasses and hammering in the room we could hear Melvin shouting and screaming. We immediately went out to check what had happened and saw Melvin suddenly rushing out from his room with his baseball bat on his hand running straight downstairs. He was running and yelling hysterically at the same time when he opened the front door. We rushed to chased after him but he had already ran out of the house but stopped at the playground opposite the house. We ran after him to the playground to check what had happened. The commotion had even woke up our neighbors who came to our aid. Melvin was crying and yelling vulgarity at the house and after some time he finally calmed down. The police even arrived as well to check what had happened. We explained to the police the whole incident and they entered the house and to Melvin’s room. I was shocked to see the whole room was in a mess with the table, chairs and all the window glasses shattered and smashed to pieces. There were blood everywhere and we found Melvin with cut wounds from the shattered glass. One of our neighbor offered him a cup of hot drink and Melvin started talking. I could see him trembling from the shock. Melvin then started telling the police what he had saw.
He said he was awaken by someone touching his face and when he opened his eyes to switch on the bed light, he saw a girl clinging to the room ceiling with her face looking down at him. She then crawled over to the top of the cupboard. When he saw that, he immediately jumped out from his bed to grab his baseball bat. The girl jumped down from the cupboard at the same moment towards him. He used his baseball bat and tried hitting the girl but the girl kept crawling around the room wall and then as sudden as it appeared, it disappeared. That was when he dashed out from his room. We were all so stunned upon hearing what he said. The police, on the other hand, suggested to send him to the hospital. At that point, I could hear one of our neighbor commenting that “the thing” had became more fierce now but I did not bother to ask any further as what happened. The incident had told us everything and it was time to leave the house immediately. The kind uncle next door offered to let us stay in his house for the night. The very next day, we called all our friends to come and help us move out all our things.
We moved into our new house and lived peacefully until we went our own separate ways after our college days. Chan joined us as well at one point and he told us that he saw the girl before standing outside his room window staring back at him. He ignored that and since then, he never come back to stay again. He never wanted to tell any of us his experience because he didn’t want to create any unnecessary fear amongst us. Til today, none of us knew what happened to the house before and we didn’t bother to ask either.
Melvin is now permanently in Australia after his graduation and when the last time we met which was 5 years ago, we still talk about the incident. After this incident we know these things exist, not only in the night but even in the day time and not only in shadows or feeling. They let you see in real. All of us believe now and so does Melvin, the one who never believed once.

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30 Responses to “Horrifying Incident at House in SS2, Petaling Jaya”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Shoot, one hell scary incident especially Melvin seeing the ghost crawling. Shit. I won’t want to be near there. When all of you shifting and moving, did all of you go in pairs to move your stuff (during day time)? I would be freaking out thinking about it, it was still inside the house.
    Why the landlord lady never did anything about it instead let if go off just like that. She should have demolished the house and get some professional help.

  2. babyluv410 Says:

    This is one scary story! I live across the LDP from SS2 so I know where this house is which gives me chills. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Lynn Goh Says:

    I forgot to mention, thank you for the post, I like it!!

  4. June Says:

    a good story!!! really spooky…. thanks for sharing

  5. Navinesh Says:

    huhu..creepy.. thx for the post!! a suicide case maybe..

  6. jonny lai Says:

    it would be great if the author can tell us where is this house in SS2. i stayed in SS2 for 4 years in 3 different locations from 2005-2009. apart from the cut-throat expensive rent, fortunately i did not encounter this kind of ultra spooky event! i really curious want to know where is this place in SS2? i can only remember another neighbourhood near to SS2 which is Section 17 is haunted too besides of its high rate crimes.

  7. pisang Says:

    i am spechless

  8. Nuf Nuf Says:

    nice story!! was it a modern looking girl??
    u shd ask the neighbours abt the house, mybe they know what had happened there.. do u still drive pass there sometimes?? to see if any one occupying the house…

  9. Bored Says:

    Gosh… I dun even know where I can buy a baseball bat in Malaysia.

  10. Jo Marie Says:

    Seksyen 17 is haunted??? Does anyone have any story??? I rented a place in Seksyen 17. Even though so far I haven’t encountered anything unsual and do not wish to, I have a friend of a friend who claim to see wandering spririts on the streets.

  11. David Says:

    Aiyo.. baseball bat can buy in Giant, Tesco, Jusco laa.. under sports section. I am quite tempted to drive by SS2 fire-station to go have a looksee.. I’m sure one of them houses would be vacant.. hmmm..

  12. Yip Says:

    Bro, there are few haunted houses behind the fire station. Hope u can pinpoint which one u stayed.

    I studied in KDU 1998-2000. I was supposed to move into to a house arranged by KDU since I from Seremban. This house was facing an empty land and all rooms’ door had yellow amulet/talisman on them.

    I still remember which one but I dunno the address. Hope u can provide some info on yours.

  13. Yip Wee Says:

    Dear David,

    Dont need to drive here n there. KDU itself is haunted. Other than the the lift open and close itself at night (which I dont think is not scary enough), you can try to peek at the cafeteria at wee hours (best time is around 1.30-2am). Remember to stay one level up. My younger bro was helping out the seniors to prepare for some open day or orientation day by putting up banners and decor in the cafeteria till very late. Around 1am, the seniors asked (in fact they insisted) my bro and the rest of the juniors to take a break for supper but my brother declined and decided to finished off everything since it was getting late. Then the seniors warned them that the “things” would come out around 2am and of course, my bro and the rest of the juniors thought the seniors were just trying to scare them. So, around 2am, my bro and the rest of them saw a white figure moving around the cafeteria (my bro described it as a Indian lady in saree) and doing what it seemed like she was serving tables. It lasted about an hour. Apparently, the seniors told my bro that she would come out every nite doin the same routine. Please check it out…and let us know…

  14. OddOneOut Says:

    Omg I used to live near there. When I was a kid my family lived not too far off from the shops, a few rows behind the Fire Station. I moved back in alone when I was working in KL temporarily, alone I might add, creepy as it was, it was still my childhood home.

    Sometimes when I come back late at night I would see my lamp switched on. Never thought much of it, a mental block is better than realising something is there.

    Scary stuff.

  15. konk Says:

    fire officer themselves got a lot to story…feel free to approach them

    i think murder had occurred at such place…death by murder rate at this area are high as i was informed

  16. lilian Says:

    my friend stayed in a house in the taman opposite taman bahagia lrt station. She also just moved out recently after someone who can see ‘them’ told her housemate that the ‘scary things’ inside her house is pretty fierce and will be dangerous for them to continue staying. the house is also facing ldp. I guess I was lucky i did not rent houses in that area. Heard that many houses there has a lot of history.

  17. weekeng Says:

    hi guys, im currently livin in jalan ss/20…taman sea.
    it’s facin a park/playground and facing directly a T junction.
    recently, a number of spooky stuff happen..
    food n drinks stolen.
    night, hear footstep out of room door.
    the next night, which is last night, hear door banging.
    im quite afraid nw.
    btw UM student ere.

  18. RoBot Says:

    Dear Lilian,

    May I know is the unit that your friend stayed in located at Jalan SS2/2 ? I think this is the only row of terrace that facing LDP and opposite of Taman Bahagia LRT. I found a few units available for rent yesterday and thought of rent one of it as I am going to start working around that area. Please advice. Appreciate!

  19. RoBot Says:

    Btw Mr/Ms moderator do you mind to give me Lilian email so that i can contact her in case she didnt visit this page? Thanks alot!

  20. seonpcs Says:

    whoa…spooky n nice one….never tot so many eeries things happened in SS2

  21. midzu Says:

    issh… this story give me the spook… im reading the story here at wee time coz im working night shift…
    i dont even dare to go smoke alone now…. >.<

  22. DN Says:

    I live on SS 2/72 and it’s 3:41 when I finished reading your true story… can’t say I’m not spooked :s

  23. Ralph Says:

    Hi EDC Roch,
    I am renting one of the houses in SS2, behind the fire station. My place is facing the field/playground. I’d like to know where exactly the place that you have been telling us about. Perhaps, your information can help save some people all the troubles and hassles of moving in and out. Would you care to tell us the address of the place as your information is highly needed? Thanks so much.

  24. Yatz Says:


  25. nicky Says:

    ok……i searched the map and didn’t able to find ss/20… :/ i don’t know is it real but it sounds really interesting and i’m really interested.
    and for the kdu 1…..sounds like something to solve too ^^ i believe in ghosts 🙂 but i try my best to find out if there is evidence. so please address ^^

  26. Ms. Janaki Says:

    i think you should call the Seekers team to check this place out .

  27. Maveric Says:

    I don’t usually get goosebumps when reading ghost stories, but you’ve told your story very well, it really gave me the crawlies!

  28. ray Says:

    is this located at ss2/99 ?

  29. vincent Says:

    anything about SS2/47? I live there lor

  30. Rolan Says:

    I live nearby and I can vouch for the house still being haunted. 😛

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