Encountered Ghost in TM Resort

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This story is contributed by Death Shishido

I have a ghost story that I don’t even know whether it is really a ghost or just a figment of my imagination but it happened to me during my family vacation at TM Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Every time I pass by or hear the name of  that resort, it just gives me a creepy feeling.

It was a wonderful day to stayed there for one night in that apartment.  The apartment contained 2 rooms. One room for my married uncle and another for my family. The room for my uncle was supposed to be for my siblings and me but since it would have been boring if it was just our family, we decided to invite my uncle as well.

After a tired day of playing at the beach and pool, we decided to have our well deserved rest in our apartment and to pack up to get ready for our trip back home. Everyone had packed their stuff and went off to our car. I was lfet behind alone in the apartment in my family’s room and that was when weird things started to happen. As I stood in front of mirror near a window, putting on my veil, I saw my sister running into the toilet in our room. Before she closed the door,  she said to me ” Along, please wait for me! I want to follow you” I didn’t look at her and just said ” Huh ” as  I always have a big time with my veil. I could hear sounds of splashing water inside the toilet room but nobody came out.

Suddenly my mom came in and rushed me to hurry up. I told my mom to wait for my younger sister but my mum clearly looking puzzled told me, ” Huh? Angah is in car. Who are you talking about?? ” I argued with my mom about it and opened the toilet door but found no one. There wasn’t even a hint of water on the bathroom tiles. I was adamant about my opinion and my mom pulled my hand and led me straight to the living room and opened the window. There, my eyes couldn’t believe with what I saw. My little sister was in the car! Then who was it that  I saw and heard just now?

I quickly put on my shoes and caught up with my sister. I asked her if she went to the toilet earlier but she denied it even to my uncle, aunt, dad and siblings. She claimed that ll she did was sit in the car and played with my other siblings. My mom even started to make a joke out of me.

As I entered to the car and looked back at the window, I saw no one but I could see the curtain move aside by itself.

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4 Responses to “Encountered Ghost in TM Resort”

  1. pisang Says:

    look’s like ghost like to plays jokes too……

  2. unsightly Says:

    Read my earlier comments, its a doppleganger. Did any illness or danger come thereafter? Also, which room in TM Resort. Might want to stay there. Maybe yr sister’s doppleganger is still there or yr’s for the matter.

  3. syahoney kitty Says:

    well…it’s true! i saw ‘one’ before at TM Resort PD also…spooky!

  4. Thinktofar Says:

    Mind to share , syahoney kitty??

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