Penang Hotel Haunt

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This story is contributed by Su

This story happened to my third aunt at a Penang hotel. Many many years ago when she was in her 20s (probabaly back in the 70s), she and her friends made a sudden getaway to Penang. Because it was a sudden getaway, there were no booking or hotel reservations made. They had just decided to head on to Penang, to hang out and eat great food. Time flies especially when you are having fun and little did they know, it was already getting late. Since it was getting dark soon, my aunt and her friends decided to get a hotel room in Penang to stay for the night instead of heading back home.

That night, the four of them searched the entire Penang island for budget hotels only to find out that most of them were fully booked. It was about 10pm when they started to panic. If they still had not gotten any room sooner, they would most probably needed to sleep on the side walk. It was about some time when they came across into this last penang hotel around town. Desperate, they asked for a room but the manager said  that it was too late as all the rooms were already occupied. They begged and begged for a room as it was getting late and pointed out the fact that they were all girls. Considering the circumstances, the manager reluctantly revealed about one more room still on reservation. He told them in a hesitating tone, “There is actually a reserved room but…” My aunt and her friends were only too relief to hear about the unoccupied room and immediately begged him to give them the room. It was after all for just one night. The manager hesitated, but slowly handed them the room keys. All four girls were relieved, but not for long.

They went in the dingy room, quickly put away their belongings and pushed the two single beds together side by side and prepared for a nighty night sleep. Feeling a little insecure, they opened the bathroom door and switched on the lights  but left the rest of the room light off and headed to sleep.

Let me describe to you, how the room looks like. Imagine the room is a square. The Room door is on top right of the square, as you open the door, you immediately see the bathroom door which is situated at the lower right. Beside the bathroom door is the two single beds, bunked together. In front of the beds, are the dressing table, with of course, a huge mirror.

As the four of them layed down on the beds in line, preparing to doze off, suddenly all four of them became rigid looking at the mirror. One elbow jerks another elbow and another elbow jerks the other elbow, all four of them asking each other the same question, “Did you see that?”. Immediately all four said,  “OMG…YES!!!!” screamed, took their belongings and ran out from that room.

What did they actually see?

Looking at the mirror on the dressing table, they saw the reflection of the bathroom, which has a bathtub and of course, a shower curtain-hanging rod. In that reflection, they saw a lifeless body of a man with long hair-queue (chinese pig tail) wearing a blue cheongsam, hanging from the shower curtain-hanging rod. It was pretty freaky since they could not see the bathroom reflection in the mirror earlier when they were walking in and out of the bathroom to wash their faces.

This may not seem scary just by reading but, imagine  if you are in their shoes. They told the manager who ended up apologizing profusely for it and did not charge them any money. They somehow got a hold of another small hotel that night but the scary image sticks forever. They came up to a conclusion that it is true that every hotels have a reserved room that cannot be occupied by human. By the way, they were so scared that some of them left their expensive beauty products in the bathroom.

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9 Responses to “Penang Hotel Haunt”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    hmm.which hotel /motel is that? Is the hotel still exists in Penang? I am from penang and curious about it.

  2. Navinesh Says:

    why these things always have long hair ?!!!!

  3. jonny lai Says:

    maybe due to trend? hehe

  4. Su Says:

    @Lynn, I’m not sure too coz my aunt didn’t tell me about it. She probably couldn’t remember too haha btw, it’s a hair queue so, it’s nicely tied instead of those typical loose over the face messy hair. my aunt said she and her friends could see the man’s face clearly. too bad she wouldn’t describe his face to me coz according to her, it’s not a pretty face. oh, i forgot to add. it’s a middle aged man.

  5. Lynn Goh Says:

    From the description given, looked like it’s during the cheongsam era, men with pig tails like the one in the old old drama series. must be a pretty old ghost

  6. Navinesh Says:

    should have snapped a photo.. haha. wonder if we can manage to take a pic on that moment..

  7. pisang Says:

    no “SHAGHAI SONG” ?

  8. heman Says:

    luckily that ghost didnt attack them…

  9. unsightly Says:

    Ahhhh, finally a “He Ghost”. Thanks Su for the change. Looks like a Fu manchu ghost i.e. bald with a long queued hair tied together at the centre. I suppose “He” meant no harm and if yr aunt or her frens had done the necessary as in move the mirror to reflect somewhere else, they wld have slept soundly without disturbance. Its a believe that u shld nvr sleep with the mirror facing u. Apparently, yr soul may b suck to another dimension as a result. I am guessing that the hotel / motel no longer exist but if u cld ask yr aunt where the hotel / motel was situated, that might help us investigate the truth.

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