Ghostly Touch at Home

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One fine day, I was sleeping at my boyfriend’s place. It was a very tiring day so I thought of taking a nap while my boyfriend went out to meet up with his friend for a couple of hours. Initially, I was watching a movie on his laptop but after an hour or so, I was getting a little drowsy and decided it was time for a nap.

I proceeded to switch off the computer and headed for the bed. Just for some brief description of how the bedroom looked like, well, it was a simple triangular room. With the bed at one corner and the door at the other, I had to get up to get a clearer look if anyone was at the door.

Because of the very old style door lock my boyfriend had in his room, anyone in or going out of the room had to bang the door. That afternoon, as I dozed off to sleep, I was suddenly awaken by a rude bang. I thought it was my boyfriend that came back and didn’t bother to wake up. Because my back was facing the door, I would have to turn around to get a look at him. I could feel him touching my back softly and I decided to turn around. Feeling very blur, I slowly opened my eyes expecting it was him but to my shock, I could not see anyone. I opened my eye wide and even checked the door to see if it was locked (because it was locked before go to nap). Still, everything was right where I left them before I sleep. I thought of nothing and continued my nap. In my sleep, I thought I heard the door banging again.

A few nights later while eating dinner, I shared my strange experince with my boyfriend. It was only then he shared with me that a few nights before this happened to me, he too had strange experiences. In the middle of the night, he could suddenly feel someone staring closely at him. On another night, he could hear footsteps pacing up and down his door. And on another night, he heard sounds of papers flipping although the fan wasn’t blowing the direction of the papers and he was positive that he did not leave any stray paper lying around. After the sounds of the papers flipping bothered him to an extent, he woke and switched on the lights. As mysteriously as the sounds appeared, it disappeared. When he switched off the lights again, he heard the sounds again.

Now, he placed a Buddha picture in his room just in case. After that, nothing funny happened anymore.

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8 Responses to “Ghostly Touch at Home”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Interesting! Your bf house is rented or his own? If rented one better move out. It’s not funny at all.

  2. SoGua Says:

    Tat’s house.
    but i suspect tat’s my passed away grand ma come n visit me :p

  3. ic3 Que3n Says:

    kenny, there you have the answer!

  4. Lucifer Says:

    there is always an explanation to this phenomenon…..its the power of your sub-concious that make things look and feel so real…..but it actually is a dream….

    the figure of place the picture of the buddha is a cognitive reinforcement thus you dont hear and see those strange dreams anymore

    human imagination and the brain is very complex and powerful to grasp

  5. watermelon Says:

    put some barang in your house and room juz to calm your mind…buddha figure cannot put inside your own room but painting ok …

  6. night shade Says:

    y not pray the ghost who made tat noisr u beleive it was a poltergeist

  7. vince Says:

    this happened to me when i was young.

    my parents were out of town, leaving me and my brother sleeping on parents bed.

    i couldnt sleep that night. then i heard the sound of my room’s door opened. and i can hear footsteps coming to me. I was like 10 years old that time. Innocently, i happily thought my parents were back and coming to check us.

    To my shock, when i opened my eyes, there were no one. The door was still shut closed and it was pitch black. I was very positive i didnt sleep and dreamt about this. The sound of the door and footsteps were very clear to me.

    Another story. My father were sending my mother to airport. It was 6am. It was common for my housing area to have one external steel door and interior wooden door for security on the entrance of my house, if you know what im saying. My father didnt bring the key. So i made sure i leave the wooden door opened so i can hear him when he’s back and i proceeded to my room and closed my room’s door.

    Then i heard the sound of my steel door opened. Initially , i didnt know my father never brought the key with him. So i never thought of something amiss. So through the light outside my room, i was expecting my father’s shadow crossing but i didnt see any. Again, i never thought of something amiss, maybe he was outside a while. 5 mins passed, stilll no shadow… Worried, i thought of checking him.

    There it was. My steel door still closed. I couldnt see my father’s car or anyone. Feeling afraid , i went back my room and pray….

    Another story. I was sleeping. Lights were out. Pitch black. I was awaken by terrible garbage smell or dead rat or something else that i couldnt possibly imagine how terrible the smell was. The smell was like a mix of dead animals, garbage and sweaty dirty cloths. Never thought something amiss, i thought there was a dead rat in my room. But the smell was so horrible that every breath i took, it was unbearable. Angrily, i stood up from my bed and switch on the lights to check dead rats… i’ve checked every possible hidden space for rats and i couldnt find any. So i left the lights opened and went back to bed as i was too tired to switch the lights off again. I revealed this to my friend and he said it was probably the “thing” were inside my room. I checked with my mother if there is any dead rats smell from my room as she always clean my room everyday and my mother said she doesnt smell anything. I was lucky nothing bad happened to me that night. Till now, there is no worse smell i ever had in my whole life.

  8. CoE Yeoh Says:

    Hi, I had read your story, indeed it is interesting. I’m Coe and I’m now actually working at a production house and we are now during process of a docu drama which talk about the haunting experience. May i know if you and your boy friend interested to share your experience with us on TV? Of course the Token is included in the interview of our show. If both of you are interested please do not hesitate to email me at Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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