Taman Desa Hospital Ghost Story

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Author’s Note : My friend met an accident a few years back and was hurt on his backbone. Because the injury sustained was quiet serious, he was forced to stay at the Taman Desa hospital, Kuala Lumpur.Doctors there advised him to stay in the bed for almost a year not allowing him to move around for fear might cause further damage. Within the one year he stayed at the Taman Desa hospital, he could hear mysterious noises and even see mysterious people appearing by his bedside. Here’s what he has to say :

People always say that hospital happens to be one of the most haunted places on earth. Most probably, its due to the number of deaths occured in one place more than anywhere. During the period I stayed in Taman Desa Hospital, I was haunted by mysterious noises and people. Actually, I never realized that there were ghosts lurking along the hospital corridors. Every night, I could hear children playing and laughing just outside the lobby the floor I stayed in but I did not suspect anything although it did occur to me before why weren’t the nurses bothered by the children who should be at bed in the late hours.

One day, a lady (could say she looked quite the rich and fussy type) admitted into the bed next to mine. At night as usual, the noises of children playing and laughing started and it went on the whole night. The next morning, the lady grumbled of lack of sleep due to the noises down at the lobby. Again, that very night, the noises started again. This time, the lady could not take it anymore and even asked me if I was bothered by noises. I simply shrugged because to tell the truth, I was already used to it. The lady then called the nurse attending the night shift and scolded her for not keeping the children’s voices low. The nurse simply replied she could not hear a thing but the lady insisted that the nurse was lying. It wasn’t until the next morning another day shift nurse told her that there was nothing they could do because these are ghost children.

Another encounter I had was when I was just admitted into the Taman Desa Hospital. At one time, I was awaken by an old man standing visiting my bed neighbour. Every day I could see him standing there smiling at me when I noticed him but he never spoke a word to the person he was visiting. That evening, my girlfriend was sleeping soundly by my bedside when I was suddenly awaken. As usual, I saw the old man and smiled back at him. This time around, he spoke to me. We chatted for a while until the old man told me he had to leave. We said our goodbyes and he left. My girlfriend woke up and asked me who I was talking to and I told her about the old man that always visited my bed neighbour. She looked at me with a funny look and asked me who I was talking about. She could not see any old man at all. I never saw the old man again, though.

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26 Responses to “Taman Desa Hospital Ghost Story”

  1. Bengbeng Says:

    Try reading my 2 ghost stories….true stories…the one abt the old man next to bed is a little similar to my experience..

  2. Kenny Ng Says:

    OMG… that hospital just located in the taman i stay now… i passby it almost everyday.

    Anyway, it’s usual happen in any hospital. The most haunted place is still not hospital, the most haunted is junk yard for accident cars.

  3. ic3 Que3n Says:

    bengbeng, seems i can’t get into your site

    kenny, wat a conincidence! seems we live nearby too.

  4. Kenny Ng Says:

    [ic3 Que3n]
    u stay at Taman Danau Desa? or nearby Old Klang Road? What a coincidence.

  5. Bengbeng Says:

    u can try again…the net is better now…i got a new post..my first verified ghost experience

  6. Marchessa Says:

    are u a man or woman? if u r a man, i can’t believe ur story becoz how come you are in the same room with a female patient?

  7. g0thgh0st007 Says:

    great question marchessa………

  8. fiFi Says:

    surely r u a man? if not how will u have a GIRLFRIEND? unless….

  9. Mark Says:

    So your girlfriend woke up after the old man left, and you find it surprising that she didn’t see him? Um … have you thought about this much?

    But the other story was enjoyable.

  10. cow dung Says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, SccAAAAAAAAAAAAAry!

  11. nicolelo Says:

    wah!!~so scary…my school also at taman desa!!~
    but is that really ghost story!!~i hope is not
    bcoz i didn’t have read ur gjost story…hahahaa…
    kidding ….>.<

  12. darren Says:

    anyone knows bout d abandoned poliklinik in cheras???

  13. Iman Says:

    wow……. i’ve met scarier stories… but this one i like… hahahahah….

  14. mohan Says:

    sorry for being doubt abt ur story over here ….errr, i would like to clear some facts tht i have read from ur story …. 1) in malaysia , girls and boy’s have different wad’s they dont share the same room or wad even in pvt hospital …but how come author said ” a lady was admitted beside his bed ?? ”

    2) author said his gf was sleeping soundly when the old man came to him , ( gals are not allowed to be patient buddy unless he’s staying in a pvt room **single bedded **) and author said , he had a bed beside him ..as he was sharing room with another person

    i’m not here to condem this story but to make things right , ghost stories are not told to make ppl feel errie but , to share experinces so tht another could be much wise and know how to deal with this kinda matters in future . so please seek logic or untold stories that could be fake , couse u wont like if this kinda things really happend to u 🙂

  15. EYMZ Says:

    hurm, hospital is a one place that ghost really llliiiiiiikkkkkke to stay. especially at gynae ward. and also in forensic department. and also in the laboratory especially in histopathology lab. As a medical laboratory expertise, my job there is process and make research and diagnosed for biopsies and also autopsies (mayat laaaa). well, kitorang dah lali dah dengan hantu2 nie sume… especially when we on call at night. korang nak tahu, lat lab, kitorang on call sorang-sorang je.. takda orang lain pun. dah la sunyi sepi kat lab tu.. aku ni pompuan. faham2 jer laa…. mula-mula keje, takut jugak sebab pernah kena kacau dengan hantu and penunggu tuan punya body. tapi so far, diorang just tunjuk rupa diorang je.. sajer je nak main-main…. bila dah lama-lama keje, baru ok… tapi still rasa cuak… kitorang kat lab on call from 6pm – 5pm keesokan harinya… bayangkan aku dok kat lab tue sorang-sorang waktu malam… tapi sekarang takda la takut sangat sebab aku ada belajar doa atau ilmu pendinding supaya hantu tak leh kacau aku lagi… tapi dekat hospital, memang macam – macam cerita hantu kitorang dengar. tapi memang kat hospital banyak dengan “orang-orang” macam nie….

  16. Jeyabala Says:


  17. Jeyabala Says:

    wat thhe hell not me it is my brother told about this mad story……………………………… my friend harshinie,divya and sharmila is realy very scary cat kiss the rat ha.ha hahahaha kesian them theyr scary cat i am as a brave dog k madvstooooooooooory………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kelly Says:

    I believe in ghost existence. That’s bcoz i saw them before. They look like normal people. I also dreamt of my mum passed away before she really died a week later! I could hear strange noises during 3.50 am before my father-in-law passed away in the evening 7.20pm. I don’t know why?? But this is really happen to me. I pray to god to take away all these gifted power but fail too. I got strong six sense before death could take place. I dare not tell to people that not believe in these nonsence. that is because they will tell that you are insane! But i am not! I am a university graduate and before these incidents i don’t believe in god and ghost at all. Maybe god punished me and give me the super natural power.

  19. Aproxyte Says:

    Interesting theories about the gender on same wards. All I have to say is, based on personal experiences on that matter, my guy was in a ward that has a few female companions in it so I don’t really doubt the writer’s story. But hey, thats just my opinion, got it? 🙂

  20. Grace Says:

    But Old Changi Hospital is more eerie and scarier.
    Once you entered the hospital,the cold feeling
    came.My brother experienced this…I just
    stayed outside the hospital.From outside,it looks
    very creepy.

  21. Navinesh Says:

    grace..hows the movie? haunted changi? creepy as well?

  22. Wayne Poon Says:

    lol i stay at tiara faber ==

  23. timothy Says:

    fake! stupid story!

  24. CoE Yeoh Says:

    Hi, I’m Coe from a production house in Malaysia. We are now producing a docu-drama which about the real haunting story. We would like to interview those people who got the real ghost story incidents. So, may i know who interested on our show please do not hesitate to email to y_colyee88@hotmail.com attach with your ghost story. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  25. ian lau Says:

    wowwowwow,i dont think i can sleep today.heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

  26. Vic Says:

    C’mon, get real!

    You said your friend heard children’s noise outside at the lobby and he is sleeping in the ward. How possible a ward located nearby lobby? Your friend is a male and he is sleeping in a 2 bedded room with a female??

    You said your friend’s gf asleep at his bedside, and while your friend are talking to an ‘old man’. How possibly she can see your friend talking to an ‘old man’ when she is sound asleep?

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