Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Haunted Hotel Room

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My friend, Shirley was going for a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand some 6 years ago and experienced something that she herself could not believe. Her hotel room was actually pretty comfortable and when she and another 3 more friends entered the room, they could not feel the slightest fear.

That night after a long day of traveling around the city, Shirley immediately dozed off to sleep along with her other 3 friends. After some time, she was awaken by the sound of the radio. At that moment of blurriness, she thought which of her friend would turn on the radio in the middle of the night. The more she thought about it, the more it became obvious that it did not make any sense as she could see her friends sound asleep. Because of the long tiring day she just had, she quickly dozed off to sleep.

The next morning, one of her friends asked everyone if they heard the sound of the radio and asked the rest of them who turned the radio on. No one admitted and it was only then that her another friend revealed that she could hear whispers the whole night.

After that, they immediately requested to change hotel rooms.

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10 Responses to “Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Haunted Hotel Room”

  1. purple-mushroom Says:

    Hmmm…. was the radio still turned on when they awake in the morning? Could it be alarm that was set by the patrons staying in the room before them?

  2. pisang Says:

    looks like your friend miss No.1 rule when entered a hotel room…….

    1# when entered a hotel room always ask permission “FROM” for stay for a while only.

  3. Ic3Que3n Says:

    purple, urrr… i dun think so if not my friend wouldn’t feel surprise with the sudden “music”.. but you are right? perhaps it was the alarm set by previous patrons. Gosh, I hope I dun encounter sth like tat or I wun be sleeping the whole night!

    pisang, my friend probably didn’t believe in that since she’s a christian

  4. Jane Davey Says:

    Do you know the name of the hotel or the room number? I recently stayed in a cottage at the Eurasia Hotel and the guests who stayed in my cottage before me swore that they had seen a ghost in the room the first night they were there at 1.00am. It was a young man – just standing in the passage way between the bedroom and bathroom. They were from a family of clairvoyants so said they were especially aware of ghosts etc. I stayed in the room for three nights but saw nothing. There was a lot of noise at night from a resident gecko though, so we asked to be moved to a quieter room. Someone said they thought a musician who was playing at the Eurasia hotel died on stage there?

  5. Ghost Buster Says:

    Well, if i were you guys, i would be immediately Check out from that hotel and find another hotel. 🙂
    Anyway, i never see any hotel that have radio inside the room before. are you sure that is a radio? I used go chiang mai for holidays trip before too. But nothing happen to me, because maybe not same Hotel. But, i never see any hotel that have radio before.
    Some hotel do have music outside your room, for example: You checked in to your hotel, and you were finding your room, when you were finding, you can hear some music at the hotel way, the music like sonata…or some romantic music, but once you go in your room, you wont hear the music anymore. So wont effect the people inside the room. So i wonder where the hell your radio come from.

  6. David Hardcastle Says:

    I’m a Christian resident of Chiang Mai, am totally open minded and have had many experiences with spirits. Wish I knew the hotel name. I’d go and stay there. But this, as described, is a very minor incident.
    I am writing mainly to thank and agree with Khun Pisang (I assume from your name that you are Thai). Quietly, maybe silently as a very short prayer, ask for permission and promise that you are there for a very short time, not there to disturb anyone or cause any trouble. Almost always, you will not be disturbed, or if something unusual DOES happen it may even be pleasant and amusing.
    In 1995 in Chiang Mai I was asked to stay overnight in the small (2nd) bedroom of a quite modern 2 storey Thai house to try to prove to the teenage boy of the family that there was nothing to be scared of. He totally refused to sleep there and slept on the sofa in the lounge. His parents slept in the large bedroom and were happy there, but also would not sleep in the small room. The only comment I could get was from the mother who said “there’s a bad old man in there.”
    I did just as Pisang said, but overall was a little disappointed that there was no wardrobe, not even a chair on which to hang my clothes. Waking in the middle of the night, a nice (western style) dining chair appeared in front of me in the centre of the room for just 5 or 6 seconds. I smiled and said “thank you very much” and that was that. The family listened in awe to these facts, but none of them wanted to follow me – or my advice – into that room. They moved away soon afterwards.

  7. FaxSmoulder Says:

    some alarm in hotel can set to play the radio as alarm wan lar…come’on !
    ROFL !!!

  8. touchpod Says:

    Well, the Westin in KL has a bedside clock (Sony-branded!) that also functions as a radio, when I stayed there over the weekend a fortnight ago.

    So don’t be surprised that the radio turning on by itself was an alarm set by the previous guests who forgot to deactivate it!

  9. SpookyMulder Says:

    spot on touchpod!
    these ppl think too much lar !

  10. Thai News Says:

    I really hate the current situation here in Bangkok. It affects my sales, my life and and and. When is it going to stop…

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