Black Magic Experience at Kuta Bali Indonesia

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Author’s Note : This incident happened to my friend about 4 to 5 years ago when she went for her holidays in Kuta Beach, Bali in Indonesia. She was hoping for a relaxing and lazy holiday with her boyfriend but little did she know, Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia offered her more than what she wanted.

Amy decided to visit Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia when she had a very cheap offer for airplane tickets from her boss who happen to win the airplane tickets to Bali from a credit card company. Amy and her boyfriend were pretty excited as it was their first trip overseas to a romantic getaway.

On the first night in her hotel, Amy and her boyfriend did not experience anything unusual. They were pretty careful with the people and things they bought there as some of her friends warned her about the use of black magic in Indonesia. They had a terrific time window shopping at the street markets, going for spa and even getting some massage in the beach.

However, things went for a turn on their last night in Kuta Bali. They were walking along a deserted road when a lady appeared out of nowhere and offered to tie her long hair into cute little pleads for a minimal price. However, Amy refused and quickly walked off. As she walked passed the lady, the lady pulled her hair, persistent that she should buy her service. That night, Amy and her boyfriend quickly fell asleep because the next morning they had to catch the plane back home.

After some time, Amy fell asleep but as soon as she fell asleep she suddenly saw a white shadow coming very fast towards her although her eyes were wide eyes closed. She immediately opened her eyes and saw nothing. She thought she was dreaming and shut her eyes again and try to sleep. Again, the white shadow flew towards her. This time she started screaming. Her boyfriend woke up and heard her story and thought that perhaps it was due to her facing the balcony. He asked her to turn another side and try to sleep but the same thing happened again as soon as she shut her eyes. After that, Amy and her boyfriend stayed awake the whole night with the lights on.

Could it have been an imagination or perhaps it was really the lady putting black magic on her for not using her service due to “revenge”? But nothing had happened in the hotel throughout her stay for 4 nights there!

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5 Responses to “Black Magic Experience at Kuta Bali Indonesia”

  1. anonymous Says:

    hemm.. going to bali next week.. this sory makes me thingking twice.. hope nothing happen…

  2. Curio Says:

    I am 49 this year. When I was 20 I stayed at Kuta Beach for 1 week. One night I awoke after a very vivid dream, a dream where I seemed to play the part of some holy man in a local villiage. Amazingly, as the dream played out, I was mortally wounded (stabbed, in fact). A name was called out and I awoke from the dream to see a tall lean figure, wearing traditional clothing and pointed hat, hovering at the end of my bed. As the seconds passed I watched carefully as the figure turned slowly. As time passed the figure faded. A once in a lifetime experience. Mmm!

  3. sam Says:

    Fuck man is it a kind of experience to be placed online …………….

    Guys grow up and then type anything here ……………………

    pure waste of a little webspace I must say 🙁

  4. Fufme Says:

    Youre all backward losers

  5. Angel Xlll Says:

    I think only losers make fun of the unknown as they are too much of a chicken to accept and respect the fact that supernatural exist.

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