Another Godly Encounter

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Author’s note : When I first heard this story, I sort of had goosebumps all over me and here’s why

My friend Amy is from Kedah. When she was young, her father was running a trading business between Malaysia and Thailand. Back when Amy was about 6 to 7 years old, her father decided to “invite” the 4 face Buddha back home to bless the family. Because of this, her father would request his family to offer prayers to the 4 face Buddha everyday.

After about 6 months, Amy’s mother started to realize that Amy had started talking to herself. Worst off was, sometimes, Amy would sing and dance in front of the altar. Amy’s mother scolded Amy and asked her to stop doing that as it was impolite to sing and dance in front of the God so Amy stopped. In the beginning, Amy’s mother thought that she was just being playful. However after some days later, Amy’s mother started noticing Alice would sing and dance in front of the 4 face Buddha in the middle of the night. She would even at times stand in front of the Buddha and talk to the statue. Amy’s mother knew immediately something was wrong. Amy’s mother immediately went to look for a Thai monk to seek for advice.

The monk told her that one of the 4 face Buddha had grown to like Amy very much which was the reason why the Buddha had chosen to talk to her all the time. The Thai monk then asked Amy’s mother to invite the 4 face Buddha away from their house and place the 4 face Buddha back to the temple. The Thai monk then warned Amy’s mother that if they did not do it immediately, Amy would be in trouble as the 4 face Buddha might decide to take her life if the Buddha had grown to like Amy even more.

Fearing for the worst, Amy’s parents took the statue back to the Bangkok temple as per the Thai monk’s instructions. However, things got worst. Her parents thought that Amy would be fine after the statue was sent back to the temple but Amy got sick and kept crying. Afraid that Amy might still be bothered by the 4 face Buddha, her parents brought Amy to the temple and said some prayers for a few days to seek the 4 face Buddha’s mercy to release Amy.

Amy was fine after that, but she never gotten really “well” because she could see ghosts thereafter.

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7 Responses to “Another Godly Encounter”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Ngai, one good thing lead to bad things.

  2. Navinesh Says:

    O.O” ..any idea shes ok now? or still seeing “those”..

  3. Glaven Says:

    Wah… Then got further more story about Amy?

  4. Su Says:

    they said never to pray for anything to the four faced buddha because although you will get what you prayed for, but do not go back there for the continuous years to pray, it will bring you harm.

  5. Soon Says:

    my thought..
    Wht ever u want, just work hard and try to get it using the right way.
    dun use shortcut
    there is no free lunch.

  6. eksk Says:

    umm buddha isn’t a god… he had a philosophy for a way of living but its not a religion…

  7. unsightly Says:

    Eksk speaks the truth. Buddhism is about the teaching of Buddha to make humankind wiser and better beings in this troubled world. Somehow, people got their prespectives wrong. They treat the statues of Buddhas as gods or at least, something to pray at. They forget that god is everywhere & wheverever they pray, god would be listening regardless of whether you are a goody two shoe or a devil in disguise or praying to a different religion. In fact, I don’t recall Buddha saying that he is god nor of that of Christ or Prophet Muhammad. Also, if you note, people pray for their own well being & not of others. They pray because they want something in return & will only give in return if they get what they want. Anyway, enough of preaching.

    Based on some supernatural studies, it is said that the spirits in the statues (for whatever religions) are not of the gods but demi-gods (if lucky) or “others” which are welcomed in by the owners of the statues. In fact, historically, statues were prayed at by pagans centuries ago. Now here is a food for thought, have you ever come across any religious material that says that people should pray to the statue of Buddha / Christ / Koran? All I know is that we are to refer to the religious material for guidance. Do let me know if I am wrong.

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