Cyberjaya Hostel Haunting

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This story is contributed by Navinesh

I have a story to tell and it goes like this. I live in a Cyberjaya Hostel where I’m currently studying now. The Cyberjaya Hostel haunting took placed last year. A close friend of mine was in his room. It was just a small single room in the Cyberjaya hostel and it happened during the end of the semester where students were leaving the Cyberjaya hostel for holidays. My friend was the only one living on the floor at that time and so happened on that fateful day, his classmate dropped by his room around 9pm to hang out. Leaving the room door unlocked, they both talked and joked for some time enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly, they heard a loud bang. Turning towards the source of the noise, they found that it was the sound of window blinds hitting the glass window. Not surprised, it’s a pretty common noise as it happens all the time when people push the door in quickly.

Not for this time though. They were shocked to see a white old lady with her tudung staring inside their room. They could only describe to me the head of this old lady as the ghost was standing outside the room. After staring for what seemed like hours to them, it left as sudden as it came. Both of them were frightened but decided to stick to each other. His classmate decided to stay with him for the night instead as the whole hostel was quiet and deserted.

This year, a few months back, something weird happened again to my friend in the very same room. He got up around 3am and headed to the toilet to do his business. It was a public open washroom for students living on that floor. While washing his hands, he noticed a black cat staring back at him and snarling t the same time. Afraid that the cat would attack, my fried quickly went back into his room, locked his doors and continued sleeping. At that point, the room was pitched black as my friend was used to sleeping without the lights on. As he turned to his back, he saw someone in white sitting down in his room. Shocked, he quickly turned away to reach for his door to get out. Quietly, he started opening the room door and switched on the lights at the same time but at the same moment he turned around, the thing disappeared. I did ask him how did the ghost looked like but my friend was too frightened at that time to see it properly. He told me he totally lost his sleep that night. Until today, there are still many cases and claims from students bumping into an unknown figure with long hair.

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15 Responses to “Cyberjaya Hostel Haunting”

  1. Navinesh Says:

    eikk! no comments.. (-.-)”

  2. jacknava Says:

    is this hostel in mmu cyberjaya…coz im a student thr n a resident thr…i had heard stories thr bt never experienced is it mmu>?

  3. jacknava Says:


  4. Navinesh Says:

    no bro..lkw.

  5. Kaz Says:

    i used to study in lkw too and a friend who was staying in a hostel there told me of his experience there as was very late one night when he came home to find his best friend’s girlfriend sitting in the living room and staring at the empty screen of the television..she was staring so intently at nothing that he felt weirded out by this so he sat next to her and asked her what was wrong..he had simply thought that she had been in a fight with her boyfriend at the time..when he asked her this, she turned to look at him and muttered very softly, “nothing…” at this point, she got up and headed out to the balcony of the friend decided to find out what had happened between his best friend and the girlfriend so he went and knocked on his best friend’s room his surprise, the one who opened the door wasn’t his best friend but the girlfriend..he thought that was impossible since he had spoken to her only a few seconds ago before she headed out to the that time he was so terrified he couldn’t sleep for days after..he didn’t even bother to find out who was the person or thing he had spoken to, neither did he went out to the balcony to check..

  6. Soon Says:

    Maybe that lady outside their room was a cleaner :p

  7. Navinesh Says:

    kaz! thats scary.. =.=

  8. Navinesh Says:

    the one my friend saw was an old lady.. imagine a person very pale and no blood.. the ghost was like that.. eyes were dark..

  9. NakCerita Says:

    I think the whole cyberjaya area is haunted, my first job was there back in 2002. Nothing much but “hutan” back then. One fine day, i went to the office around 2am and saw this white lady-like figure sitting on top the “Welcome to Cyberjaya” signage. Scary as hell.

  10. sss Says:

    THis piece of story is reli cool. 🙂

  11. Gank Em Says:

    Hei SOON if u say she might or is a cleaner why would she stare at him for at least an hour unless she had her facebook account cancelled and too was too bored . Let Me guess she’s interested in him and that made her blood dry ,don’t forget the pale part . It the story is legid it has too be “it”. ps …..

  12. matiosai Says:

    dei gank p! shut the fuck up and just listen to the story la..dont be rude as yr balls hanging on yr mouth!.. 🙂

  13. Rogier Says:

    And we are supposed to believe this???

    How can you know it is a lady with long hair when she is wearing a tudong? Never make a story up when its contradicting itself.


  14. unsightly Says:

    I would say its just a case of two highly strung hormone guys thinking of ladies too much. As usual, the ghost is a lady. Btw Rogier, where in the story does it say that the ghost with tudung has long hair? As I read it, it says an unknown figure with long hair which could be another ghost. As for the ghost sitting on top of the “Welcome to Cyberjaya” signboard. All its doing is welcoming u. B a friendly Malaysian and just wave back the next time u c it.

  15. Smell My Ketiak Says:

    LoL.. yea right… Soon 😀 the CLEANER

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