Short Story – Cyberjaya Haunting

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This story is contributed Navinesh

My friend encountered a ghost one time in Cyberjaya. It was roughly about 3 years ago. My friend and his other friends were heading back to their hostel in the motorcycles around midnight when it happened. It was a long road heading to the junction and because it was already midnight by then, it was a road that was pretty much quiet and dark with very little street lights. Along the long stretch of road were trees and empty lands.

My friend and his friends were riding 2 motorcycles at that time. Both the motorcycles were speeding to head back home quickly when all of a sudden the pillion rider of both the motorcycles felt something was holding them from behind. That same very moment, both the motorcycles were pulled down violently. Everyone was heavily injured and as the result of the incident. They were rushed to the hotel to clean up the wounds.

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8 Responses to “Short Story – Cyberjaya Haunting”

  1. loh Says:

    Yes, cyberjaya , i heard that there have been some deaths a couple of years back due to accidents…some students from a the nearby university..died on the spot!

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    Possibly the ghost is trying to prevent them from speeding.

  3. Su Says:

    hahahahah omg @LynnGoh!!! good answer!!!

  4. raydenleo Says:

    urmmm… “heavily wounded” still can rush back to hostel? or hotel? why not hospital? weird~

  5. rad Says:

    Regarding the Cyberjaya accident happened few years back. 1 Malaysia and 3 Indonesians. Drunk. All 3 indonesians died. I saw the wreck that morning it happened. You cant imagine how on earth the Wira end up wrapping up the palm tree. Imagine this, Wira wrapped around the tree, big patches of blood stains on the roadd….overflowing from the victim’s car. Some said accidents happened before at the same site but nothing as horrible what happened to those in the Wira.
    Plus, those apartments in Cyber are creepy. Stayed in 2 different apartments when i was there. The Cyberview L*dge was very deserted even daytime. My other friends stayed there before i moved there told me stories about their’s and also the neighbours experiences when they we’re staying there. The lake near some units seemed to haunted ….2 of my friends we’re chilling there one late night and suddenly something passed them and crawl on one of my A’s feet. The usual, my friend, A thought it was B messing with him and told him it’s just childish. B said he did nothing as it was dark. They left immediately. Nuff said….

  6. Navinesh Says:

    @raydenleo.. there is no hospital nearby in cyber. rush back to hostel.. the two pillion riders were badly injured..
    @rad ..haha..the lake is haunted too??? oh.

  7. Coward97 Says:

    the ‘thing’ trying take a life from a guy so he/she could reborn .i guess only LOL

  8. unsightly Says:

    U know the funny thing is, all the stories that are published never seem to mention the name of the place, road etc. Can anyone have the decency to say the name so that the rest of us can be alerted?

    Talking about “mat rempits” on the road (I have a feeling the story teller’s friend is one), there is another story too related by a factory security guard that I know whose son is involved in the incident.

    The incident happened at Jalan Meru, Klang (see I mentioned the name of the place) where all the big factories are situated. This long straight road is pretty deserted at night (Goes to tell you how well the MY economy was faring then). A group of Heroes (slang used by Mat Rempits amongst themselves) decided to test out the road since nobody is around to stop them. Also, they felt that the pot holes in between would test their riding skills. However, to be sure that nobody gets caught, they decided to have their fun at 12am.

    Sure enough, come 12 midnight, Heroes in 5 motorbikes ramped up their bikes & speed like the demons that they are. Everything went well until they reach this stretch of road where there were no more factories on the left or right. What they could see is either barren land and/or rubber trees yet the road still stretches like forever which was heaven for our Heroes. All a sudden, they were hit by a mist. The funny thing they note is, the mist was following them i.e. doesn’t appear in front of them but just beside them as if trailing them. They also realised that apart from the noise from their bikes, everything else was dead quiet (Now I wonder how in hell could they have realise that considering their bikes are built to make loud noises although yes, they are not wearing helmets. I didn’t want to query the story teller i.e. guard for fear that he won’t continue with the story). The Heroes did what they thought was the best thing to do then and that is, cram up their bikes. From a distance, in front, they saw something huge and bright. They thought that finally, they were reaching civilisation i.e. a town. As they got closer, they noticed that what stood right in the middle of the road was a huge bungalow with bright lights floating on air (the bikers said it looked like the chinese paper house which is burned during the chinese ghost festival). You can guess what our Heroes did next, they turned their bikes the other way & zoomed like they needed to go to a toilet badly. The mist was still following them. Nobody dared look behind.

    Some of the Heroes were hit with fever the next day, the story teller’s son was one of them. His son related the story to daddy dearest when daddy threathened to take his beloved bike away. After telling the story, Hero promised never to speed again. Daddy dearest wasn’t satisfied and went to investigate. He asked around about that particular road. Everyone said the road was fine as in no ghostly sightings before. Finally, one of the guards who was on duty that particular night at one of the factories situated there said that he saw the Heroes speeding & smoke was bellowing from one of the bikes but instead of stopping, the Heroes continued speeding like nobody business. Then, when he thought he could finally get some sleep, the idiots came back speeding the other way back. Some were screaming. Daddy dearest asked the guard whether he saw anything that would have made the Heroes turn back. The guard said that he didn’t see anything expect that prior to the arrival of the Heroes, there was a big truck carrying loads of stuff & he recollect that the items look like those that were burned by the Chinese during the Chinese Ghost festival. He remembered most clearly, a big paper mansion placed at the back of the truck and it was brightly lighted. He was at first surprised why the lorry driver had the mansion brightly lighten up. He then realised that since the road is really dark at night, the truck driver must have done so in order to alert other vehicles using the same road of the truck.

    Yes, you guess right. Daddy dearest did not share what he knew with his son. As I heard, sonny grew up later on to become a truck driver & he never ever drove a bike again. Some secrets are best kept a secret, righto!

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