Ghost kid at Hotel in KL

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Author’s Note : I recently met a friend that graduated from hotel management. Curious, I asked a famous myth that someone once told me – all hotels have at least one room that is haunted. Although I did not really get a firm yes or no answer from her, but she shared with me a story she heard from one of her colleague which she met while doing internship there.

My ex colleague, Ben once told me a spooky ghost story that he experience while working in this hotel. I shall not name this hotel although I can clearly tell you that this hotel is located some where in Kuala Lumpur. While I was doing my internship there, Ben told me that he once had his share of ghostly experience some months back.

One particular evening, a hotel guest had requested some stuff to be delivered to their hotel room so off went Ben to deliver the things. After delivering the stuff, Ben was walking back to the elevators when he saw a child playing along the corridor of that particular floor. Ben asked the kid where his parents are but the kid looked at him and decided to ignore him. Puzzled, Ben decided to ignore the boy and walked away.

After walking to the elevators, he decided to take a look back at the child so again he walked over just in case the child was lost. But as he reached that corner, he could not locate the kid. Once again puzzled, Ben decided that perhaps the kid was back to his parent’s hotel room and thought nothing more.

Later that day, he was talking to one of our colleague working in the security department and mentioned about the kid. Our security colleague stopped short and told Ben that he bumped into a ghost. Ben refused to believe it as the kid he saw was nothing scary like a ghost. It was not until when our security colleague showed him the cctv footage of Ben at that moment talking to no one that Ben believed him.

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  1. unsightly Says:

    Now why did the so called “security colleague” not tell Ben earlier? So that Ben can continue to talk to unkowns? What a dickhead….Since u r his ex-colleague, u wouldn’t b the so called ‘security colleague” rite?

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