Another Ghostly Experience at Karak Highway

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Author’s Note : This is a short story about an experience Kent (please click here to read Kent’s other experience) with the supernatural world at Karak Highway

Kent has a gift of the third eye. Although he claims that he could see them, sometimes, it would be a while that he could not see them. Once, he shared with us a weird story about Karak highway. He was driving his car with his friend traveling from Kelantan back to KL using the Karak highway on one particular day. You see, Karak highway is haunted as most people rumor it to be but there is this particularly small road which was said to be famous with accidents and was haunted. While driving on this Karak highway, about 2km away, Kent and his friend both saw a woman standing just beside a road sign.

Puzzled, they kept staring at the woman. The reason being was why would a woman be stranded in the middle of no where? Even more puzzling was the fact that this woman was not in distress. Usually, people stranded on a highway would most probably be seen with a malfunction car and waving for any good Samaritan to stop by and help. However, the more nearer they got to the road sign, they soon found out that the woman started getting bigger and taller. Finally as the car reached the road sign, the woman was now already taller than the road sign! As they passed the road sign swiftly, upon turning back to look, both Kent and his friend saw that the mysterious woman had already disappeared. So who was that anyway?

Foot Note : Hey all, this will be my last post before I go on a long break. This is a pretty busy month for me so there won’t be any updates the whole month of May. Until then, thank you for the support!

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7 Responses to “Another Ghostly Experience at Karak Highway”

  1. Navinesh Says:


  2. nathan Says:

    shadow anyone?

  3. raydenleo Says:

    i guess someone is testing a huge projector along the highway…

  4. pisang Says:

    ray…. hello….. wake up…….
    how can can some one test a huge projector in middle of the road?

  5. Bored Says:

    And while they both stared at the woman, they managed to drive the car without veering off course? Must’ve locked the steering with a baseball bat.

  6. unsightly Says:

    Why always a “woman ghost” sighting when the story is told by guys. No such thing as “Man ghost’ meh? I guess the ghost must have seen 2 hamsup kwais, that’s why it appear as a “woman ghost”. Can u imagine if the “woman ghost” was to do more than just stand there & expand itself? The 2 hamsup kwais would have been telling their stories from a hospital. My only guess why these guys are able to continue to drive without veering off course is bcoz they are looking at their side mirrors, deh!

  7. neko Says:

    Sounds like a hantu galah, because the closer you get, the taller they become…but they are said to be even taller than the one in the story, so I’m not sure…

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