Story about a Haunted Hostel in Johor Bahru

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This story is contributed by Hadri

Back in high school, I used to live at hostel in Johor Bahru for five years. Pretty much stories I’ve heard are from my friends who encountered them.

According to history, our hostel used to be hospital for war. Our hostel has 3 floors and each floors has 2 dorms. Each dorm can fit about 20 to 25 double beds and the end of the dorm would be the bathroom. According to my observation, the dorm’s haunting increases from Dorm 1 to Dorm 5. You could say Dorm 5 is the most haunted dorm at my hostel as it used to be a mortuary room (from what I heard)  and this story happened in Dorm 5.

It was about 10 a.m. and it was raining outside. 2 of my friends were in Dorm 5, G was sewing his pants 2 rows (of bed) from the bathroom while H accompanied him, reading books 5 rows away from the bathroom. You could imagine the wind was blowing during the rainfall and all of a sudden the door bang shut abruptly. The two of them were pretty shocked but was able to ignore it and when the door opened back to its original position, no one would care to give it a second thought right?

Then again the door banged shut. Again, they completely ignore it. Then once again the door opened back and for the 3rd time, banged shut again. Then suddenly, a cry came…… A baby’s cry. They both heard it and was stunned for a while. The door was still shut when they heard the crying sound. Slowly G put his pants down and H put down his book. Both of them slowly they stood up and walked slowly to the front door of the dorm.

“You heard what I heard?”, asked G.
“Yep.”  H replied
Then they both ran downstairs  and never talked much about it again

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