Haunted Site Office

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This story is contributed by Site Engineer

I used to work very late in the office when I was still a learner in the construction industry. Normal for a construction site staffs, our office is always situated within the site compound where it used to be hoard up; away from public view for safety reasons. So, as a construction guy who was trained to use to be at this condition, I felt nothing. No scare, no eerie feeling, no ghost thought except planning what should be carry out for the next day. The work schedule alone is enough to keep our brain busy all the days and nights. In fact I have been through from one project site to another; none of my projects is giving me the eerie feeling even though I have to stay through the night to complete tons of works given by the boss.

Things has gone the usual ways until one day I was transfer to a new project site in Sungai Buluh, to look after the construction of six storeys building. At the very first week, nothing is happen and I have stick to my usual style of doing work in the site office until 9 p.m or 1 a.m almost every alternate day. Of course I’m not alone staying in the office. There are always few of us doing work together that consist of the Project Manager, Planner, Draftman, Site Manager and me as Quantity Surveyor.

To cut short the introduction chapter, one day during the second week working at this site as usual five of us were still in the site office and that’s around 9.30pm when three of them want to go out for dinner. Left only myself and the Draftman in the site office doing works, no feeling of fear. I still remember, at around 10.30p.m there was someone knocking the office door. I went to the door and open it, no one there but I can felt a soft chilled air slowly entering the office passing through my body who stand blocking the door. Suspecting nothing, it’s normal we can feel cold wind during the night especially at construction site. I went back to continue my load of works.

After sometimes around 10.45p.m the rest of the members came back with dinner packed for me and the Draftman. We continue for our discussion about work related problem until 11.30pm where everyone seem to be tired. Identified what should be done tomorrow, all the three of them the Project Manager, Planner and the Site Manager started to tidy up their things and plan to leave office. Due to the urgency of some works need to be done, Myself and the Draftman have no choice but to stay for a while to tidy up our items for tomorrow presentation. Feeling hungry, the Draftman went strait to the pantry to have his portion of dinner just now bought here by our superiors.

More than half an hour in the pantry, It’s 12.30a.m and the Draftman still not coming out to continue. I started to call him,,” Eh, Khairol…lama dalam pantry? Tak sihat ke?”. No answer fromhim, but I can still heard him busy taking foods with sounds of plastic bags and chair moving inside the small pantry. Then I leave him alone while rushing to complete my own work before I take turn to have my dinner too. It’s nearly 1.00a.m now, feeling exhausted and hungry in the same time I walk to the pantry trying to figure out what is Khairol doing for such a long time. Waaah!! To my surprise I found that Khairol is finishing my portion of food as well, left nothing for me on the table! Feeling angry, I scolded him for leaving nothing for me to eat at the night. “ Eh Bro, dinner aku pun kau sapu? Habis aku nak makan apa haaaah??!!” He seem to be too busy finishing the soup and doesn’t response to my words. I started to shout “ Cukulah! Lapar sangat ke kamu ni??!” angrily. Same time I am banging on the table showing my frustration. Khairol stared at me with the eyes red and his mouth keep saying something that I couldn’t understand at all, only one word that I could clearly memorized was “Engkau jangan buat aku marah..”.

He suddenly stood up and look to me, with the eyes that doesn’t seem to be like a normal person. Shouting back to me “ Aku dah banyak tahun tak makan sedap macam ni,,,tiap malam makan sampah!!” and keep laughing like a crazy people. From that moment I already sense that something was wrong and knew that he might have been possess. I ran to my desk and started to pick up my bag in a hurry, no time to call anyone at this hour.

As I am about to rush to the main office door, he acted aggressively by throwing a chair to my direction, luckily it didn’t hit me. Normally a quiet person, I knew this is not my usual Draftman Khairol anymore. I quickly ran out of our site office and alert the security guards on duty. One of the “pak guard” is telling me there is something is taking over my friend’s body. They help to calm him down with some prayers but the spirit seem to be too strong for the two elderly guards to handle. The scary part is at that moment not much people there and no one is dare enough to catch hold Khairol to prevent him from walking around. Worry about anything bad happen to him, we were force to follow him from a distance wherever he walk until at one time he stop and demanding fresh ”chicken blood” from us. “Aku dahaga ni,,,Aku dahaga!! Mana ada darah ayam, aku nak!!” , Khairol shout to three of us behind him.

Listen to his weird request, I have no other better idea but to call police using my hand phone. Fifteen minute later four policeman arrived with two motorcycles and trying to stop Khairol from walking around and talking non stop with language that no one could understand. Seeing the polices walking near him, Khairol started to run into the building which is under construction and disappear. All of us searching for him the whole night, non of us is able to locate him until the next morning.

His body was recovered the next afternoon inside the building perimeter monsoon drain by an Indonesian worker, many injuries to the whole body with the neck almost detach from the body. Forensic report from the police is telling he falls from high level, suspected the night before he ran up to the building under construction and fallen from level three of the building into the drain just below the building.

After that scary incident, feeling unsafe I decided to leave the company and started a new life. I heard from my other friends that the spirit of Khairol have seen wondering at the area and voices of him crying for help can heard during the night..

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12 Responses to “Haunted Site Office”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    This is so terrible. Didn’t you get some bomoh to help Khairol now that his soul is still there?

  2. Navinesh Says:

    Holy shit.. this is freaking scary!

  3. J Says:

    Oh…poor that guy 🙁 ..so i guess this is to confirm that every construction site has their own demon.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well done spooky corner…after ages…..you finally post up a good story.

  5. Reality Junkie Says:

    This is really scary. May the draftman rest in peace…soon.

  6. msxeroz Says:

    OMG! he died in such a pity way.

  7. Reality Junkie Says:

    I was told by a friend of mine that in a construction site…normally a Chinese developer, a Chinese temple is normally built in order to keep the sites “clean”.

  8. Dog Sense Says:

    It is quite common in Malaysian urban or kampong legends that certain areas are the original ‘homes’ of Datuk Malay spirits. Build a house on their land and you will expect spiritual manifestations or disburbances. The Chinese usually build a small Red shrine to appease the Datuk Kong spirit and to lay offerings monthly as ‘compensation’ for land encroachment.
    In the case of Khairol, this could most probably be an evil spirit or demonic manifestation from that construction area. The hungry nature and blood thirsty desire could meant one thing: it could be an unowned spirit called Saka after its owner (usually a bomoh) passed away without transferring ownership to his next of kin. These entities are ‘reared’ vampire spirits to protect the homes of their owners, usually in kampongs or near the jungle fringes. At night, they roam around the home vicinities to protect against intruders or trespassers. And they can transform to appear as the owners to fool anyone. Woe to those who intrude their home compound in the dead of night.

  9. Shan Mindfreak Says:

    Hello guys ! I really need help ! I think my house is haunted ! As I’m writing to you i felt a presence behind me ! When i turned around, I saw a shadow move past me ! I was quite bulky so it couldn’t have been my shadow ! Anyways i am staying alone in the house ! FYI I’m 16 years old this feelings of fear has been controlling my life since i moved to the “house” back in 2003 ! There is a particular room and washroom which makes my senses go of the chart ! The washroom is kinda weird because when you open the light, the light doesn’t seem to show up until I leave the washroom but when my parents are at home it works perfectly fine ! While the “room” (my room of course ) seems to make weird sounds at 12 o’clock and 3 :30 in the morning ! We did bring a bomoh from Thailand and he said the spirit was sent away ! However, I still don’t feel right and my problems still haven’t come to an end ! Does anyone have any suggestion on what’s really going on ! Urgent !

  10. Ace Alan Says:

    Hi Shan,

    Are you still alive? heheheh

  11. Kaykie Says:

    Scared to death already…….keh!! Keh!! Keh!!

  12. dragon Says:

    Help Khairol’s soul to rest in peace forever. Get the religious prayers conducted in that area immediately to hep him. His soul seriously needs help from the people who are still alive.. May he rest in peace.

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