My Grandpa Woke Up!

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This story is contributed by Tee

Every year my family and relatives would go to the cemetery to pray at my grandpa on the day that he passed away. As soon as we arrived to the cemetery, the routine would be that we would pay our respects to the God that’s supposedly taking care of the cemetery. After that we would head up to my grandpa’s burial spot and start cleaning up the place. We would then place joss sticks and candles around the cemetery. My uncle would place joss sticks at burial plots surrounding my grandpa’s place as a sign of showing them respect. Once the cleaning was done, we would start to pray and burn paper clothes and hell money. Food and beer was also served to my grandpa.

Something weird happened after that. You see, my dad proceed to open up 3 cans of beer while my uncle brought out a 1 year old fire cracker. He then lit it up and the fire crackers started exploding til the end. We were all so caught up with the firecrackers that we did not notice anything amiss. The only one that realize something weird happened was my mother. She saw that the 3 cans of beer started foaming. The Guinness Stoutcan was the one with the most foam.

You may thing that there is nothing weird with that but the fact was my dad who was the only one that touched the cans. Moreover, when my dad proceeded to open the beer and placed it on the altar, there was no foam at all.

I guess my grandpa woke up to enjoy his beers!

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2 Responses to “My Grandpa Woke Up!”

  1. lame shit Says:

    this story is so shit lame. how old you ? 12? cant even spell right.

  2. goe Says:

    the sound fr the firecracker will vibrate the opened cans cuasing the foam.

    try it… it works

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