The Unexplainable Happening

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Contributed by Kelisa00850

The experience brought me back when I was in secondary school. You see, I was the school prefect and we had to organize yearly leadership camp (usually held in our school compound where there was once in soldier barrack). That very year, I clearly remembered that we held our leadership camp in school compound and I was one of the committee member. After a long preparation and planning, finally the day has come.

Well, it was a 1 day and 1 night camp. All the member in prefect board had to attend as it was a compulsory activity unless you have a valid reasons not to. Before hand, we divided all the members in groups and we selected a leader for each group. We have all sorts of activities like performances, cooking competition, and marching competition. All that carried marks and the group with higher marks are the winner in this camp.

Back to the story, we organized the camp in such a way that it started on Friday night and ended Saturday evening. On the Friday evening, we had cooking competition up in ERT room (one of the kemahiran room with stoves, gases and cooking utensils). After the competition, I was with other committee members were responsible to clean up the ERT room and the dishes, before the performances start in the hall. Before I could realized, my seniors were all downstairs to get all the dishes and left me alone in the ERT room. That was when I heard toilet flushing sound came from the locked toilet in the ERT room. At that time, I did not know that the toilet was locked, so I thought that one of my friends went into the toilet to answer nature calls, hence I started asking who is in the toilet. But no one was there to answer me. I waited for awhile for whoever was in the toilet to come out… At the same time, my friends came up to the ERT room with handful of dishes. Only then I realized that all of them except me were downstairs, and I was completely alone in that room when the toilet flushed. I could feel the chills running down my spine, but I could not bring myself forward to tell my seniors what had happened a while ago, afraid that I might scared hell out of them. So, I chose to keep quiet and I thought that experience just end there and then. But boy was I seriously wrong.

That night after the performances, the each leader will lead their team members to the allocated classroom for good night rest. Meanwhile the committee members have to make rounds every one hour throughout the night. Although I was the committee member of the camp, I was also the group leader of A team. So, I was supposed to sleep in the classrooms with my team members. I was extremely tired, but I could not bring myself to sleep that night, while my team members were all fast asleep. Then, I heard footstep walking up the stairs, immediately I thought that one of my senior was making their rounds. Then, I have this crazy idea of scaring her. When the human silhouette got nearer to the classroom door (could be seen through the window located beside of the door), immediately I opened the classroom door. I found no one along the corridor. Thinking to myself that probably she knew that I was going to scare her, so she quickly ran away. Immediately after I closed the door, I heard footsteps again. I swung the door open when the footsteps got nearer, again I found no one along the corridor. Feeling extremely weird, I walked down to the hall to look for my seniors (the other committee members were all sleeping in the hall).

As I was walking down the steps, I heard the footsteps again, I turned back to see if I could catch anyone, but the corridor was empty. Then, when I turned to the front and shocked to meet my senior. You can guess that she was going to start doing her rounds. I was like… Oh My God!!! Whose footsteps I heard and the silhouette shadow I saw by the window? My senior saw me so pale and she was asking whether I was feeling alright. That was when two of us heard that footsteps again. Without much thinking, both of us ran as fast as we could to the hall. The others met us in the hall, and did asked  us what happen, we just said that we were competing who will reach the hall first.

Both of us could not explain whose footsteps we heard, and I could not explain who in the silhouette shadow I saw and who is in the toilet in ERT room. To me, whoever it was did not matter to me anymore, let the secret buried in the school ground.

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