My Real Ghost Experience

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This story is contributed by Mogana

This happenned to me in Dec 17, 1997. My father passed away at a Hospital in KL and I would like to share my experience with everyone.
Indian believes that ones soul will be at their house for 16 days. The death will only leave on the 16th day where we will send them off with some prayers. My late father, I believe was with us too. My cousin was 2 years old at that time and she was my father’s favorite.
During the funeral, she was holding a yellow flower and told my auntie (her mother) that my father gave it to her. My auntie thought she just missed my father so she never bothered to take my cousin seriously. My cousin never once asked us why is my father laying on the floor and she was the only one playing and laughing during his funeral. We thought that it was normal for a child to do so since she didn’t know what was happening. After my late father’s body was taken away from my house, we all were very tired and sad.
Later that night, we all slept in the living hall since my mother didn’t want to sleep alone and while we were preparing for the night,  my cousin was standing near the stairs and asked for a cup of water. As my auntie gave her the water, she pointed the cup towards the stairs and asked, ” You want or not?” to some one. To us there was nobody there, in fact, she was actually just staring into an empty space, then she laughed. I asked her who was she talking to and who did she offered the glass of water to and she replied nonchalantly that she was talking to my father. I explained to her slowly that he was not there and she argued back at me insisting that he was there. Before I could digest what was happening, she then said to herself,  “can not tell is it? OkIi wont”.
Once I was in the room with her and while she was playing with her toys, she was talking to herself the same time. Curious, I asked her who she was talking to and she replied nonchalantly that it was my father and continued playing. During the 16 days, she played and spoke to herself often and if she saw us she would automatically keep quiet and thought we weren’t aware of her strange behavior. We were all shocked, of course and believed she was really talking to my father but I was not scared, I only wished I could see him like she did.
After the 16th day of his passing, she never spoke to him or of him again. I believe he is gone peacefully.

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