The Evil Shadow

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This post is contributed by Anonymous

Note: This story was not made up and was never taken from any websites, articles, books, journals or any kind of written materials. I personally experienced these encounters and penning my experience for the world to know that there are supernatural beings exists. It’s either you want to believe it is entirely up to the individual.

I had written a story entitled “The Serene Ghost” for a couple of years back. Before this ghostly encounter, I had experienced disturbance when I was younger. An imam told my father that I’m ‘weak’ and prone to attract ‘things’ unintentionally.

As I progress to secondary school, things changed and I was no longer being disturbed invisibly till I entered college and work at the same place where I completed my tertiary program. I’m proud to say this is my third year working here and things started picking up positively. 2011 was a very rough year for me. My relationships didn’t last long, financial constraint and internal family feud became erratic. A lot of things were on my mind and supernatural occurrences weren’t in my top list of worries. I was more concerned with my sister’s recovery after her spinal operation in January 2011.

I was, at that time, already with a guy I had known for at least 2 years and things weren’t going well. I started feeling depressed and stressed out although I manage to put an act that nothing was wrong, but I can hardly keep up with the misunderstandings and distance was a problem for the two of us. Finally in June I met another wonderful guy who was willing to listen to my problems and worries.

He, my now boyfriend, managed to pick up something was very wrong with me the first time we met and he was unable to decipher my strange aura that I possess, despite of my unnatural smiling face. Nobody at that time can predict what was going on my mind or what kind of worries I had at that time. We were just friends at that time and we both had gone through bad relationships in the past.

On one fine evening, he decided to take me out for dinner. I’m staying in an apartment so I waited near my car directly behind my unit. As soon as I entered into the car, I caught him staring at something. I manage to get a glimpse of his expression, looking at something behind me until he turned towards me and started talking like normal.

One thing about him he was being honest with me, all the way. Another part of him I was about to find out, wasn’t something new.

He explained to me that he can see things. Puzzled, he proceeds in telling me on how he got his third eye. I asked what that story has got to do with anything. The next thing came, was a shocking revelation. He said that I have a negative aura and I’m sort of like a walking magnet. Those wondering souls on the streets or anywhere I go were intrigued by my aura. But as soon as I’m with him, they disappear. Only one, he continued, were actually waiting for the best opportunity to strike.

I then asked what that thing was. He described a figure of a woman in white with long hair covering her face with long finger nails. It had been shadowing my every movement from the time my boyfriend discovered its presence the night he came to fetch me.

He asked me if I felt anything unusual. I admitted that the hair at the nape of my neck would stand on end for no ultimate reason and all the time I would brush it off as a gust of chilly wind just blown but I doubted that feeling.
At the time, I adopted a stray cat. It had been roaming around my apartment parking lot and since it was so close to me I decided to adopt it. Tiger, my cat, usually will be waiting for me under the shaded parking lot. Mine was parked next to the building and nearer to the lift. That’s where my cat usually wait for me whenever I come back home late from work. At one time it was raining heavily Tiger would stand next to me in the rain. I had to shoo him, since cats hates getting wet but Tiger persisted in waiting next to me regardless how heavy the downpour was.
This incident had been going on for several months. Whenever I finish work late at night, I’ll walk to my car I parked away from my office and that parking lot, has that sinister look at night, surrounded by huge angsana trees. There’s a primary school next to it and directly opposite it is a TNB building. My dad used to say to me whenever you pass a huge tree, always ask permission to those unseen sitting there beneath it. I think one of those nights I accidently stepped on ‘it’ by accident. And things were going downhill ever since.
At times I would come home being in a very foul mood. I tend to get angry for no reason. Disappointed at my own behaviour, I remembered shouting at whoever trying to explain something to me. Fast forward to where my boyfriend was explaining. This ‘thing’, was actually waiting for the best opportunity to harm me. Whatever or however it wanted to cause damage on me, somehow it couldn’t or unable to get as close to getting into my car. According to him, it would be at a certain distance from where I was standing and unable to come near me.

The only time it manages to get close when I was down in the dumps. The day I had to break up with my ex. I drove my car out after midnight and waited by a gurney while waiting for my boyfriend to come and console me. That was then I felt a sudden change of atmosphere. I remembered feeling suicidal. It felt like my whole life was a waste. I had that inkling feeling of harming myself, e.g. driving my car straight into the divider or cutting my wrists. I never had any suicidal thoughts. I mean never! But somehow that night, was totally different.
The first thing my boyfriend did was, he got out from the car, came over to my driver side and told me to move over. As blur as I was, I just moved and he immediately started up my car and drove away from there as fast as possible. After a distant away, he finally slowed down and asked me whether I felt negative energy surrounding me. I said yes, it was somewhere near my right but I couldn’t pinpoint the exact location. He said I was right. That evil thing was exactly next to my driver side, just waiting for me to get out of the car.
That was one of the close encounters of the dark side I had experienced recently. Once Tiger and my boyfriend came into my life, things took a drastic positive change. In the span of three months, I had encountered at least 3 minor accidents. After that, things went back to normal.

That ‘thing’ that was shadowing me disappeared as my boyfriend and I started to become close. Numerous times it waited outside my front door, unable to go inside it would disappear until the next opportunity arises. A few times he walked me to my unit; just to be sure it does not enter. According to him, a few times it tried to come near but my cat Tiger would somehow repel it. Funnily, I caught Tiger staring into space either behind me or somewhere nearby where I notice he would walk to a dark place or an empty corner and just sit there and stare. After awhile he would come back and resume his belly rub.

Till to this day, I am grateful that I wasn’t harmed in anyway. I knew something was not right when I felt that I’d been followed at night (well almost every night). Though I may not possess that gift but I am kind of thankful to have that ‘aura’. I may not like it but it would give me a heads up.

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