Sightings of My Ancestors

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Since I was a kid I’ve always known I could see ghosts. Most often, I would see the ghosts of my ancestors. While you might think they are just part of our family, it didn’t mean that I would not be afraid or scared or shock each time I stumble upon them.

My first sighting of my ancestor was my grandma when I was sleeping. I remembered that night I was having a terrible dream and when I was suddenly awaken from the nightmare, my heart was still beating fast. I did not sit up in a shock but my eyes just flew open in terror. I couldn’t remember what the nightmare was about but it was pretty surreal and terrifying. Then I suddenly saw a pair of legs on the foot of my bed. I recognized it as my deceased grandma’s leg as she often wore pants with flowery prints on them. Funnily enough, I did not feel scared and I slowly calmed down as I knew my grandma was there to protect me. I also knew that she already passed away but somehow it did not occur to me that she was a ghost trying to scare me. Neither did she reveal herself by speaking to me. As I was pretty tired from the nightmare, I slowly drifted back to sleep knowing my grandma was beside me.

Another time when I grew older, it happened while I was helping out in the kitchen. At that time, my aunt and her family were living next door to my family. That afternoon, I was helping out with the dishes. There was no one home and there was only me in the house. My siblings had long gone to my aunt’s house after our lunch so I was assigned to be the one to clean up that afternoon. The kitchen was situated at the back end of the house so while I was washing up the dishes, I could not see what was going on as I was facing the back alley. We had a toilet just right next to the kitchen which was about adjacent to the sink. Although I could not exactly see who was coming in and out of the toilet but if I turned sideways enough, I could see clearly.

While I was washing up, I placed the clean chopsticks to the dish strainer on my left so imagine my surprise when out of the corner of my eyes I saw someone in green flashing past. I thought that my mind was playing tricks so I decided to ignore it. Then after a few seconds, I heard someone standing next to me on my right saying “Wei…”. The calling was not the sort that would suddenly jolt you by surprised but more like the kind that was greeting you.

Nevertheless, I nearly jumped out of my skin and instinctively looked to my right. There was no one there. Then I immediately turned to my left. Still there was no one. In the split second, I threw away my chores and ran out of the house to my aunt’s place. My aunt, cousins and siblings were surprised to see my shocked face and asked me what was wrong. I knew at that moment that the person calling me had the voice of my another aunt and so I told them what had happened. It was then that my aunt told me that my other aunt had a twin sister who died when they were only 3 months old. And I believed that the ghost I saw and heard was my aunt’s deceased twin sister.

Then there was another time I recalled that shortly after my grandma passed away, I saw her standing outside the gates of our house holding the hands of another child. It was just this split second that I see her then I don’t situation but I would always relate whatever sightings I have to my mum. My mum suspected that child was her unborn child when she had her miscarriage.

My mum finally could not stand the thought of me disturbed by my ancestors so she decided to take the matters into her own hands and seek a medium which was known communicating with the after world. She asked to speak to my grandpa (her father) which she then informed him to request all the ancestors to stop disturbing me. According to my mum, my grandpa was not really surprised to hear this and just gave a sigh and agreed to warn them. After that, I never had sightings of my ancestors much.

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  1. Always Believed Says:

    Hey bro, this is nothing to scare about. They are your ancestor and these holy spirit knew you well, they witnessed your growing up. Won’t harm you but to protect you from time to time. My youngest son was saved by the house ancestors the time he was a baby. Started crawling and falling down from bed with his head down, but some holy spirit act fast enough by lifting his head and pushing down his butt that reach the floor first. Only minor injury at the butt, if head down first then gone case! I saw it with my own eyes but too far for me to run to the bed. Can you imagine seeing a baby fall down with the down down but suddenly you can see something is lifting the head up and let the butt down first…….I saw all these.

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