Noises from Computer Keyboard

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Gill, Cathy, Loong and Tan** were working late one night. Loong was in Tan’s room discussing for tomorrow’s meeting whereas Gill was teaching the new comer, Cathy, some work for tomorrow’s deadline. It wasn’t really late, approximately around 9pm, and it was a common thing that the people in that office always stay late. There were rumours about ghost, a family of ghosts to be exact, surrounding the office building but work had to be done so the people there do not think much about it. Gill thought that since she had been working there for 2 years and had yet experienced anything paranormal, she had nothing to be afraid of. Loong and Tan, on the other hand, did not believe in ghosts. As for Cathy, because she was a new comer, she heard nothing of the rumours.

Cathy’s cubicle was about 3 cubicle away from Gill. After Gill had taught her some work, she sent Cathy to work on it. It was then that they started hearing some noises behind their work station. Gill, being a Chinese, believed in a traditional saying that teaches one that if they hear something out of place, they should not speak about it for fear of encouraging the ghost to make more havoc.

Cathy then walked to Gill’s cubicle and looked at Gill with a frightened look. Gill was confident that there was no one besides the 4 of them so the noise could not have been made by anyone. Moreover, Gill could see Loong and Tan from her cubicle. It was then Cathy asked if Gill could hear anything. Quickly, Gill replied no and sent Cathy back to her cubicle.

As soon as Gill replied no, the noises behind them became louder and clearer. It was as if someone was just banging on the computer keyboard. It also seemed that the ghost was unhappy that he or she was not being noticed. Cathy then looked at Gill again in a frightened voice and asked her how could she not hear it. At the same moment, the noises became more intense and louder with the banging more quicker.

Frightened, Gill quickly asked Cathy to pack up and leave. Both the girls took their bags and quickly ran to the Tan’s room. Being in the room, Tan and Loong, could not hear a single sound when both the girls explained to them what was happening. Because the 2 girls looked so scared, Tan and Loong decided to leave as well.

As quick as they could get, Gill, Cathy and Loong went to the office’s exit door and quicky ran down the stairs. Tan, on the other hand, had to switch off all the lights in the office while the rest waited downstairs for him. Soon, the 3 of them could hear Tan’s loud and noisy footsteps running down the stairs. Gill personally thought that Tan was just trying to scare them but when she saw the pale white face of Tan she thought otherwise. When Tan was asked what happened, he refused to talk.

** The names of the people above have been changed to protect their privacy.

Footnote : On a separate occasion when I asked Loong what Tan had seen, Loong told me that before Tan switch off the last light in the office and the door closed, he thought he saw a white apparation flying across the room. Because he too was freaked out over the incident only did he ran down the stairs.

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4 Responses to “Noises from Computer Keyboard”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Every office does have it. But that office is more serious. Sound quite scary.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    i totally agree cause that office has no windows punya so therefore no sunlight

  3. aseela Says:

    experienced this once. actually i was just preparing for my early evening prayers in our office “surau”, suddenly i heard tapping of the keyboard from my colleague’s cubicle. i knew that he is not around. continue my prayers. and true enuf, his pc was off. the day after, another colleague of mine also heard the keyboard tapping too, from the toilet. hehhehe..spooky huh..

  4. Madmosielle Unknown Says:

    WHY ARE OFFICES SO CREEPY?!! By the way, I once went to my mother’s office at Xxxxxx about X years back, and my brother was trying to turn on the office TV while my mom was working and my sisters were drawing at her table and I was *cough* pretending to be working on a computer and he saw a door open by itself. Wether haunted or not, offices are 100% creepy.

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