Ghost Thieves

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If you’ve read about my haunted apartment and my roomie Jeannie, you’ll probably know that Jeannie is more in tuned with ghosts than I am. I did not elaborate much about what Jeannie used to experienced in KL but let me share one of the incidents that she had when she was in Australia.

That day, I was having an afternoon nap while Jeannie was playing with the then popular messenger, ICQ. The plan was to take a quick snooze and collect my energy before I proceed to prepare our dinner so I laid to bed and rest. I was quite a light sleeper so although I was sleeping, I could hear Jeannie typing away on the keyboards. Suddenly, I heard a change in the noise. I could hear sounds of a chair pushing back which meant Jeannie getting up from her chair and then shortly sounds of keys grabbing from our study table. The next thing I heard was the sounds of doors slamming shut and then still quietness. Thinking nothing much, I continued sleeping. After a while, I could hear sounds of our stationary moving around subtly but I decided to ignore it and continue sleeping since it did not disturbed me much.

When I was awake, I found that I was alone in the room. Thinking nothing, I went to the kitchen to prepare our meal. As I was preparing our meal, I suddenly heard my phone ringing. It was Jeannie calling asking if I was awake. I told her yes and she replied me that she would be coming back in that case. What case? I thought to myself but then a few seconds later, I heard the front door opening and Jeannie’s head stuck out peering as if to see if the coast was clear. When she saw what she wanted to see, she walked into the room. I asked her what was the matter and she told me that she saw 2 kid ghosts trying to steal my sweets!

You see, next to my bed was a cupboard where I placed my clothes and other items. One side of the cupboard has doors whereas the other side has compartments with shelves. Only a few days ago, I had bought a packed of sweets and placed them there. So Jeannie told me that while she was playing ICQ, she suddenly heard sounds of sweet wrappers moving behind her. Then she heard someone saying, “Quickly!” and in a very instinctive move, she turned behind to see what all the commotion was about.

To her surprised, she saw 2 kids, one boy and one girl trying to steal the sweets that I have placed on the shelves! The boy was obviously the older kid and they were both caught surprised as well when they realized that Jeannie was staring back in surprise. The boy glared at her ferociously as if to tell her that he was very angry and scared the wits of of her (I think you would if you keep getting surprises like Jeannie) so she grabbed her keys and ran out of the room. She only felt safe to return back to the room when I was no longer sleeping.

I guess kid ghosts likes sweets just like us human children do!

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