Black Magic Love Potion Part 2 – The Revelation

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After the 7 days my sister was finally and successfully cured. So what had happened?

When my sister first started her first job, she was happy working in that company that was mainly ran by family members. She started noticing that her boss was interested in her and hinted to her by inviting her out alone to dinners and lunch. My sister brushed off her boss’s advances as he was a married man and I guess this angered him so much that he decided that since he could not get her, he would ensure no man would want her as well. In his efforts to break up my sister and her boyfriend, he placed black magic that would destroy her beauty.

When my sister first had the signs of  “stroke”, it did not occur to any one of us that she had cursed. The scariest part was when A recommended to us the shaman, it was actually in fact the shaman that placed the curse onto my sister. We were actually literally walking into that man’s trap! We did not know that the burning of talisman was actually invited a child ghost into my sister’s bedroom when the shaman told us that it was to get rid of the ghost that was haunting my sister. The child ghost acted as an invisible spy to the other party so when my sister was showing signs of improvement, the shaman placed even heavier incantations onto my sister.

We only found out the truth when the doctor “interviewed” my sister who was in actual fact the shaman who then in returned disclosed the truth. We were all shocked and believed the doctor as he drew out the face of my sister’s boss to the extend his small facial features like moles, pimples and even his shortsightedness. My sister’s boss was jealous and intended to keep my sister as his mistress. Feeling dejected of my sister’s attitude towards him, he was raged with jealousy and wanted to disfigure her face so her boyfriend would leave her. What he did not expect was my sister and her boyfriend’s strong love for each other. Her boyfriend stood by her at all times and when her boss found that it was not working, he put in a heavier curse by asking his aunt, A, to recommend them his shaman.

When everything was over, my sister never stepped a foot into that office again but her boss who did not give up easily continued to pretending to be mr-nice-guy and kept calling my sister asking her to come back to work. He incessantly called her to the point my sister and my family changed all our handphone and house number to avoid him. He even took to coming to our house to visit her. For many months to come, we dared not allow my sister to leave the house at home and was always accompanied by either my parents or any of us.

My family was beyond grateful to the doctor who turned asked my sister if she would in return help those in need. The doctor explained to her that although he was a nerve doctor but in most cases, those that had entered his clinic are those that are spiritually disturbed like her. If she agreed, he would open up her 3rd eye to see those in trouble and tell them their problems. If he were to tell them their problems, his patients would not belief him but if the words were coming from her, they would most probably listen. My sister agreed and the doctor went on to open up her eye.

According to my sister, she could only manage a week with this experience as she was too afraid. She saw many things with many colors and often, she could feel them before the patients entered the clinic. The clinic was situated on the 2nd floor and already she could feel how powerful was the ghosts that was haunting these patients. Some of the more vengeful ones would stare back at her as if warning her not to disclose their presence.

There was this one case where a lady always complained of sore shoulders when my sister saw her unborn child hanging onto the lady’s sore shoulders. The lady had a miscarriage a few years back and that was when the sore shoulders started happening and it was cured when she performed a symbolic funeral for her unborn child to reborn once again to another family.

After a week, my sister requested her doctor-turned-master to rid of her 3rd eye as she could not erase the images that she saw.


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4 Responses to “Black Magic Love Potion Part 2 – The Revelation”

  1. Aby112 Says:

    hi, thanks for sharing the story. I have received call from back home and something dark like this is happening to my family.
    (and I’m heading back home tomorrow)
    I’ve never encounter anything like this before. I hope family members will stick together and help me get through this.

  2. Dr. X Says:

    wow!! I love this story!!!
    two thumbs up!

  3. todd Says:

    You don’t want to open your 3rd eye!! Too scary to describe!! *shivers*

  4. dR.S Says:


    I would really wanna see how your sister looks like until the boss made such horrible decision.

    And i would like to know where is the nerve doctor/ master ‘s location. This information is very helpfull for person in need who knows when


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