Possessed in First World Hotel, Genting Highland

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Author’s Note : My friend continued to share with me what happened to her sister after the unfortunate incident. You can read more about what happened to her sister from stories Black Magic Love Potion Part 1 and 2

After my sister’s experience with black magic curses, she was already warned by her master that she was “weak” but she did not know what was that meaning of that until 2 years later when she and her group of friends visited Genting Highlands.

With the intention of having great fun at Genting Highland, my sister and her group of friends booked a room at First World Hotel so they could stay overnight. That day, after checking in, they proceeded to place their belongings into the room. Because her guy friends had an all together different room a few level’s above them, they placed their belongings at the girl’s room. Everyone gathered at the girls’ room located on the 21st floor and being a little tired of the whole journey, they decided to hang out for a while before heading to the theme parks and casinos.

And so, the whole lot of them laughed and joked and created a riot in the room playing card games. In the group, there was a guy that was particularly handsome. As it is in a group, everyone laughed and joked at each other and since the handsome guy was one of my sister’s closer friends, they shared even more jokes than rest of the gang. All the time, the handsome guy was sitting opposite of my sister and naturally since they were all joking and laughing, both my sister and the handsome guy had eye contact with each other.

After a while, my sister and her friends started to find something amiss.  Her friends started to find my sister acting a little weird making advances towards the handsome guy when everyone knew very well that she has a boyfriend and was loyally in love with him. Knowing that she had a “history” with the supernatural, each of her friends would often take note of her behavior and watch out for in case something had went wrong somewhere. My sister, although at that moment was very much conscious, she suddenly find herself feeling uncomfortable. She felt she was having difficultly moving her fingers.

That was when everyone knew something was very wrong. Not knowing what to do, 2 of her closer girlfriends decided to bring my sister to the lobby and to see the nearest policeman. For some of you that may laugh and wonder why do you need a policeman to solve a supernatural case, well, the thing is, policeman all have what some would call “yellow power”. This “yellow power” are usually found in people with royal blood or descendents of royalty. Although it remains unsure why only the royal family would have this power, but it is said that ghosts are all afraid of the “yellow power” like how they are afraid of the power of God. Since a policeman’s uniform (the policeman’s helmet with the police logo in particular) are all blessed with the King’s blessing, it is an equivalent to the King’s presence of the “yellow power”.

But funnily enough, the lift never stopped on the 21st floor. The lift would either skip the 21st floor or would not even reach the 21st floor. All the 3 of them started to panic and decided to walk down the the lobby instead using the emergency exit staircase. As they all descended down the long and windy stairs, they calmed themselves counting the number of flights they have to endure to reach the lobby. After what seemed like forever, they were startled to find themselves still on the 18th floor although they were pretty sure that they would have probably reached the 15th floor at that time. Time for contingency plans, they walked back up the the 21st floor knowing that their efforts would be futile.

As they reached the room, they announced to everyone else that their plans had failed. Immediately, 2 other guy friends jumped up and thought of bringing the policeman up here since they were somehow barred from leaving the place. The 2 guy friends left and came back up with a policeman telling him the whole story of what was happening. All the time, my sister felt she was not herself and she could not move her fingers but other than that, she was okay. The uncomfortable part was the fact her fingers were in a permanent clawing position but as soon as the policeman appeared, she felt a sense of relief. But alas, the policeman could not stay there forever so everyone decided to end the holiday and packed up to leave.

After checking out, everyone knew the ghost was back to posses my sister and she could feel her fingers freezing back to the same exact clawing position again. Panic stricken, her friends drove back down to the city of Kuala Lumpur and brought her back to her master to help relief the situation. As they were driving back, my sister’s fingers started to turn purple but there was nothing anyone could do.

Luckily enough, my sister’s master managed to relief my sister of the problem and since then, my sister avoided going to Genting Highland or any place that was unclean. Her master had once again, warned my sister that after incident 2 years ago, my sister’s body was very weak and would be an easy target if she was not careful.

None of us including my sister knew what had happened that day and only knew that the ghost that possessed her was a female ghost. We guessed that the ghost had perhaps thought the handsome guy liked her or that she fancied the handsome guy so the ghost decided to borrow my sister’s body to get the handsome guy’s attention. As for the weird clawing position of the fingers, we suspected that perhaps this female ghost died in some sort of asphyxiated and had wanted to escape thus explaining the weird clawing position and purple fingers

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  1. Navinesh Says:

    oh cmon dear ghosts.. give her a break already duhh.. this story looks made up though.. haha.. just sayin..

  2. sensor Says:

    Very creepy stories of your sisters experience. I would like to know, where is the Master’s place ? My “X” is suffering due to neck pain for past 2years. I wonder it has sumting related to this black magic’s or spirit possession. Plz help me out.
    Email me the Master’s address : sensor_version@yahoo.com

  3. Ivan looi Says:

    This is a intersting story. I would like to read more about that.

  4. Angry Reader Says:

    please update with new stories. this is getting lame

  5. Lynn Goh Says:

    Dear Angry Reader
    Have you ever contributed your stories to this site? I have.
    Everyone surfing this site surely likes to read real life experiences but getting people to share in here is hard, why don’t you share yours.
    If you have then it’s nice to know.

  6. Angry Reader Says:

    I’ve contributed many stories…
    from personal experiences and from my friends and relatives

  7. Carol Says:

    21th floor allways stop rented out even hot season untill today..and i guess you know why cannot rent…

  8. Wanting Says:

    Sorry but then, there’s no 21 floor on Genting highland’s First World Hotel .

  9. qi Says:

    Are you sure?I work at Genting. There is no 21st floor in Genting first world

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