Recording Ghost on Video

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Author’s note : This story was told to me by my friend who’s boss’s friend experienced something supernatural.

My friend was into the landscaping business when something supernatural happened to him at that time. They were in the midst of renovating a bungalow located in a very prominent upscale part of Klang Valley and my friend was in particular, in charge of doing the landscaping of the huge garden outside the bungalow. The owner wanted to plant palm trees in their garden so he and his staff had to do it in the middle of the night because the weird thing about planting palm trees is that you need to plant it in the middle of the night. Any other time during the day, the palm tree would not grow and would not survive.

While they were renovating and landscaping the garden into the night, the renovation crew had already suspected that something was already living in the house. Every evening before night fall, they would hear footsteps of something running across the rooftop. In the beginning, they thought it was just a mouse or cat but as the renovation went on, the sound of footsteps persisted. It was also weird that the footsteps would only be heard in the evening and not any time of the day.

As the planned night of planting the palm trees grew nearer, the whole crew decided that it was time to figure out what the mysterious thing was so they installed cameras and spotlights all aimed around the house and the garden to try catching the thing on video. That night, most of the crewmen anticipated the same sound of running footsteps. As soon as they heard it, they immediately saw that a black shadow was floating across the rooftop to the garden. As brave as all of them sound, the cameraman ran and followed the black shadow. The black shadow continued running to the house and then suddenly disappeared into a wall. Everyone was naturally shocked to actually see it all happened and for the matter, all the process and happenings were recorded into the video. As soon as the figure disappeared, the sound disappeared at the same time. My friend replayed the whole video just to be sure that they had all not imagined the whole incident and true enough the recordings were clear as the whole house was fully lit with spotlights at every direction.

My friend even brought me the video to show me what he said was true but I dared not watch as many people that happened to be there on that fateful day fell sick. My friend was said to be acting strangely. I advised him to delete the video as it seemed that it brought him more harm than curiosity. My friend refused and rumours amongst my group of friends that met him thereafter said that he grew erratic and irrational. His business plummet down and after almost declaring bankruptcy, he decided to listen to us and deleted the video. After that, people told me he was back to his normal self and his business grew back to what it was before the video was made.

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2 Responses to “Recording Ghost on Video”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Once my colleague and her husband went to an old hotel in Penang to take some new pictures, because they were with their overseas relative who liked to do some penang sightseeing. The relatives happened to favour heritage type of buildings so as usual, we all know old buildings have unseen occupants. Her husband went to take, she stood outside the building waiting. He checked all pictures while they walked and all looked normal. So nothing happened until he went to download the pictures to relook and resize the whole thing. He saw a black apparition with hollow eyes looking directly at the camera. The apparition was flying down looking at the camera. He excitedly ran to show his wife and she excitedly told me when we worked the next day. I asked for it. She said it’ was very eerie and decided to delete it the moment she saw for fear falling sick. Until today she can remember that picture if I bring up the subject and she can’t erase the picture from her mind. So, never never simply capture pictures or video and please delete them.

  2. Dr. X Says:

    Whoa.. sounds like ‘Paranormal Activity’ project going on.

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