My Second Ghostly Incident

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About 2 years after the weird experience, I had one more last encounter with the unseen. That night, I remember falling asleep quite early in the evening. As I was sharing the same bedroom as my sibling, I remembered that my sibling was still outside watching tv and I was alone in the room. After sleeping a while, I did not know what woke me up suddenly. Conscious of my surrounding, I decided to get up for a glass of water.

To my surprise, I could not move a muscle. Some would call it sleep paralysis but I was confident that it was not because I was pretty sure I was awake at that moment. I tried calling up for help but it seemed to be unless. As much as I hated the way thing were at that point of time, I realized after a few seconds that I was not alone. My bed was parked right next to the wall so out of the 4 corners of my bed, 2 corners were away from the wall. That time, I could see from the corner of my eyes that the 2 corners were occupied by shadows. Although I could not really see clearly who or what it was, but there was many of them. In fact, I could see each one of them surrounding my bed.

Then I remembered one of my schoolmate telling me that if any case these sort of stuff happens, one should always recite their prayers. Being a Buddhist, I started reciting Amitabha. I kept repeating and repeating the words in my head. Slowly, I felt the shadows leaving me and as the shadows left, I felt my body coming back to its senses slowly. This, is why I don’t believe that what I had experienced was sleep paralysis. I could clearly feel the pressure that was causing me not able to move slowly dispersing. From my neck then to my body then hands then feet, I could feel the pressure lifting as I calmly recited my prayers.

As soon as the shadows all disappeared, I quickly ran out from my bedroom. My parents were of course surprised to see me running out but I did not want to scare them and only explained that I was having nightmares.

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5 Responses to “My Second Ghostly Incident”

  1. Dog Sense Says:

    If not sleep paralysis (a scientific reason for all sleep immobility but with a clear consciousness), this sort of experience is spiritual attack. These malevolent spirits or demons usually go for the feet first, so as to enter the body. I had one particular experience of a female entity pinching (like a pair of scissors) my big toe with her long and sharp finger nails. Her image was blurry , pitch black and menacingly silent.
    Just say a prayer and they will leave in a hurry.

  2. Aunty Says:

    Just a reminder to everyone reading this: “ghosts”, demons, entities, vampires etc are all scared of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary. There’s a hierarchy in the spiritual realm. God and Jesus are the Most High (Jesus being the son of God), and the Virgin Mary is the Mother of Jesus who therefore has the highest authority to crush evil beings as soon as you call on her. I am not Christian but I memorised the Holy Rosary prayer for protection in times of trouble. When this incident happened to me, I recited the Holy Rosary even with great fear in my heart and in seconds, I woke up unafraid. Whatever religion you are, whenever you call Jesus or Virgin Mary, all entities either bow to their presence and do as they command or they must leave – this is just God’s law. If you want to prevent further attacks, sleep with the Holy Bible under your pillow or put it on your bedside table. If it’s serious, get some holy water from a church and sprinkle it all around your bed and house while saying prayers to bless and protect. If you can’t get holy water, get pure/natural sea salt and sprinkle in every corner or the house, and especially at all window sills and doorways. Say a prayer when you sprinkle. Another thing is NEVER EVER have two mirrors facing each other – this creates an entryway for demons.

  3. Mimie Says:

    I experience that before when I was in from 4 where i stayed in the hostel.. but i couldn’t open my eye at all.. I was totally freeze..
    After keep praying.. I’m back to normall..

  4. Xuan Says:

    I totally understand of what you went through. I got the same experience before and I am pretty sure its not sleep paralysis.

  5. Alaways Believed Says:

    Hey “Aunty Says” , the way you talk about Jesus and all that as it you have seen it with your own eyes. Even a Pastor also couldn’t elaborate this way. Not only Jesus is great, other Gods are also as powerful as Jesus and they shows. Especially Chinese & Indian Gods.

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