Spooked by Sticky Creature

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Contributed by Alsaeris

As promised, I will tell you something that unexplainable by thought, indescribable by words and delusional divine. This incident occurred when I was in my first semester at top famous university in Malaysia. To be precise, in Rose College.

It was 3am on a calm night. Ever since we checked in there, we’ve never let our curtain open at midnight since four of us were scared by seniors about Mak Cik Nasi Lemak on 3rd floor and any strange flying object that often occur on 4th and 3rd floor.

However, the horror night began, not by the window but the door.

It is common for me to stay up late at night, either completing assignments or Facebook-ing. Usually my roommates will accompany me but that night, I was the only one who still awake. So I just keep my headphone on the head and listening to some Anime/Japan songs. . . . . . .before I heard a drag sound.

No no no! It is like a dragging object from the end of the hallway!

The movement sound slows but loud. I felt strange that time so I keep the volume to the lowest. The drag sound seems like getting near to my room. So I close my table lamp and lie on the bed with blanket covered on my body. Since my bed is quite near with the door. . . .well, it is beside the door so it’s a tempting moment for me.

Suddenly, when the drag sound has come near to my room, I can hear a whimper or a voice that covered with pain and a sticky-like-sounds. All in my mind is a half body drag itself by using hands with blood covered the hallway. The voice is getting closer and I close my eyes tightly while chanting some Quran verses. And so , the voice disappear. Everything. Sounds. Lifeless. Silent.

I wish I can stand aside and wake my roommates but. . . . .something shaking my bed. I swear I can feel that !

In hesitant and freakishness, I close my eyes and still chanting the same verse until I fall asleep.

Next morning, my roommate woke me up and claimed that someone get spooked last night. By a sticky creature with sharp nails.

And that’s how I know the story of Green Lady.

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2 Responses to “Spooked by Sticky Creature”

  1. DaViDcHaN Says:

    So, whats the story behind the green lady?

    So, it wasnt smtg u saw, but all in ur mind?

  2. Twinkle Says:

    I’ve heard about green lady before. It is quite famous among girls who stayed in hostel.

    Some people said the green lady will usually appear to anyone who mention its name, and with sharp nails.
    Some people said it lives in bushes and eat tampoon. Well, I don’t know much until my mom told me her story.
    My mom was a boarding school student and she got scratched by the green lady in her dream after she said something about it.
    And her friend who agree with her, also got the same scratches on face.

    I think the GL in alsaeris’s story was headed to the room who got spooked.

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